Another wonderful year of traveling is quickly coming to an end. Ha! We wish that were true! Ok, so it’s been a really rough year for travel and let’s face it, for day to day life in general. However, let’s be optimistic for the year to come, the wonderful places to discover, and the memories to make. On that note, we’re excited to continue working with Everything To Sea, a clothing-optional, all-male relaxed sailing company offering trips to uninhabited islands, while enjoying a carefree experience in Indonesia. Their trips are for all orientations: gay, bi, straight, and curious. You can book two styles of private trips: Your Group/Our Ship for a private group of friends — perfect for couples, too! — or Your Private Journey for a solo traveler along with the founders, Max and Dave… three men traveling together.  These private options are a more popular way to travel for several reasons, especially given the pandemic.

A recent traveler, Dave and Max on a Your Private Journey experience

Enhanced Safety

With our current global situation, booking one of these private sailing trips is an option to get back to traveling while doing it safely with regards to COVID. These trips are all private, so you won’t be traveling with unknown guests. You’ll be on a boat enjoying a sailing adventure, avoiding any hotels – which means avoiding other travelers, too. The staff of Everything To Sea has implemented safety guidelines for reduced risk including pre-trip screening, a COVID-aware crew, and daily temperature checks. If your trip were to be canceled due to the pandemic, you have the option to postpone to a future date at no additional cost or request a full refund. Everything To Sea is excited to offer guests an escape while doing it in a well-planned and safe manner.

Open space, fresh air, and gorgeous views

Body Positivity

Not only is your health taken into consideration, but coming into a trip as you are, no matter your body shape or size, you will feel welcomed. Their goal is not only to create a safe environment to travel but also to foster a body-positive one. Expect a comfortable atmosphere where you can get away and have an incredible experience in Indonesian waters. This is not your typical gay cruise where some might feel ostracized. Instead, it’s relaxed and non-pretentious, which is really one of the best reasons to go.

All are welcome aboard their trips

Trip Customization

With these trips having a reduced capacity and being private, you get to customize the itinerary and activities even more, with the Everything To Sea staff. Do you prefer to go snorkeling in tranquil waters with manta rays? Would you like to sunbathe on one of only ten pink beaches on the entire planet? What about kicking back and reading a book, entirely naked, on a chaise lounge? Maybe a body shaving session by one of the guys sounds good to you.  Apart from the activities, you can also set the departure dates, trip length, specific locales – and even whether the trip is clothing optional or not. It’s all up to you… or maybe you and your partner… or maybe you and your special-interest group!  By the way, these trips are great for taking a bunch of friends and celebrating someone’s decade birthday…

Are you keen on nature? Perhaps you’d like to see the world’s largest lizards…

Clothing On or Off

Clothing optional sailing is one of the big draws of the experience. Though everyone has the right to decide what they prefer and what they’re comfortable with, getting to be sans clothes for a few days or a week is quite a pleasure. Have you ever enjoyed sunshine all over your body in a stimulating all-male environment? You get to appreciate your surroundings, the experience, and yourself completely in the buff. Again, this is totally optional so you’re also perfectly welcome to sport a tiny bathing suit or comfortable swimming shorts. Whatever suits you and your preferences.

Want to take it all off?

Your Escape

This past year has been a difficult one for all of us, some more than others. A private gay sailing trip in Indonesia can be just the escape you didn’t know you needed.  We’ve all made sacrifices, canceled plans, postponed trips, and waited… and waited… and waited. We may not be totally in the clear yet, but travel is slowly starting to resume with proper precautions being taken. And a great thing leading up to a travel experience is the actual anticipation of a trip.  Look over the COVID hump. How exciting would it be to have a trip planned now, for a date off in the future? Hey… what are you doing in March of 2022?

If you want to treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation while prioritizing COVID concerns, Everything To Sea’s Your Private Journey or Your Group/Our Ship may be the answer!

It is important to note that you must do your research about restrictions for traveling to Indonesia from your location. At this time, travel to Indonesia for foreigners is open in a limited way, although regulations (just like anywhere in the world these days) are expected to change. Everything To Sea is affiliated with visa specialists that can help you arrange a safe and legal visa.  They’ve resumed running their trips since September 2020.  These days, a special “B211” visa can get you into the archipelago.

Just let them know when you want to go and get planning!

The beautiful ship in the blue waters.