Planning your next big trip but still not sure which activities you’ll do once you arrive? From museum and monument visits to eating at the best restaurants or joining a guided tour, there are countless things to do to keep you busy on your vacation. And if you happen to be visiting one of these popular destinations below, you can even add a gay guided tour to your list of fun activities.

You can find gay guided tours in over a hundred cities around the world on nearly every continent. The type of tour may vary in format, size and theme. But one thing they all have in common is that they’re all hosted by LGBT+ guides who are extremely knowledgeable about the destination. And the special bonus that makes these tours great is that you can join one and feel completely comfortable being out and proud while learning about some of the unique gay aspects of the city you’re visiting.

Don’t miss your chance to book one of these tours in some of the coolest and most gay-friendly cities on the planet.

Table of Contents

1. Los Angeles Gay Tour
2. New York City Gay Tour
3. Athens Gay Tour
4. Berlin Gay Tour
5. Puerto Vallarta Gay Tour
6. Tokyo Gay Tour
7. Lisbon Gay Tour
8. London Gay Tour
9. Amsterdam Gay Tour
10. Gran Canaria Gay Tour
11. Iceland Gay Tour
12. Bangkok Gay Tour
13. Las Vegas Gay Tour
14. Santiago Gay Tour
15. Madrid Gay Tour
16. San Francisco Gay Tour
17. Gay Buenos Aires Gay Tour
18. Budapest Gay Tour
19. Bogota Gay Tour
20. Havana Gay Tour
21. Barcelona Gay Tour
22. Montreal Gay Tour
23. Mexico City Gay Tour
24. São Paulo Gay Tour
25. Sydney Gay Tour

Los Angeles Gay Tour

Exploring LGBT+ Nightlife in L.A. – For this experience, you'll meet on a Friday or Saturday night – one of the best nights to explore the LGBT+ community in the West Hollywood/Los Angeles area. You’ll start at a bar that is known for cheaper, but stronger drinks to get in the mood for a fun night out. Afterwards, head to a country music bar, and then end the night with one last bar where we can you can dance through the night like there’s no tomorrow.

New York City Gay Tour

LGBT+ History and Culture of Greenwich Village – Uncover the history of NYC’s LGBT+ community during this walking tour of Greenwich Village. Pause at historical sites that might be tricky to find yourself, such as the city's oldest gay bar, a cafe where Broadway stars visit to sing, and the Stonewall Inn—where the gay civil rights movement began in 1969.

Athens Gay Tour

Athens LGBT+ Culture & Hangout Spots Private Tour – This one is a rather interesting tour. Let’s just call it what it is…a gay cruising and nightlife tour. But don’t judge too quickly. Your guide will take you around the city to show you some of the real cruising spots, both past, and present and also describe the local gay culture in the city pointing out local gay hotspots and meeting points. If you hang out until the end, the tour ends up at the famous Alexander Sauna, though entrance isn’t required.

Berlin Gay Tour

Queer Berlin Walking Tour – Explore Berlin’s LGBT+ history on a unique queer Berlin tour of its gay neighborhoods and locations. See the poignant Holocaust memorial, visit one of the city’s oldest gay and transvestite bars and end at the gay museum. Berlin is one of Europe’s most LGBT+ friendly capital cities and this tour will help you get a succinct snapshot of the city during your visit.

Puerto Vallarta Gay Tour

Puerto Vallarta Gay Bar Hopping TourPuerto Vallarta is Mexico’s most popular gay tourist destination. Enjoy an exciting night out in Puerto Vallarta on a gay bar-hopping tour. Explore some of the resort town's liveliest gay bars, clubs and cantinas on a ‘men-only' outing in the Romantic Zone.

Tokyo Gay Tour

Tokyo Gay Night Tour – Join this guided nighttime tour to discover Tokyo’s gay bars in Shinjuku Nichome for karaoke, a complimentary drink in each bar and meet interesting people along the way. Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the gay nightlife scene in a city with perhaps the most gay bars in any city on the planet.

Lisbon Gay Tour

Sunday Drag Queen Brunch – This might not exactly be a tour, but doesn’t everyone love brunch? Of course, we’re quite sure you’ve never been to a brunch like this before! The incredible team of sensational drag chefs and catering queens welcome you to their fabulous home and cook up a brunch feast you will never forget. This is a must-do LGBT+ event in Lisbon for anyone visiting.

London Gay Tour

Discover London After Dark – Step away from the commercial hype of London as your guide welcomes you to the alternative parts of London nightlife. Expect a tailor-made LGBT+ evening filled with must-see live acts, racy cabaret, vogue balls, rich discussions, art exhibitions and hidden gems unknown to most locals. Learn about London’s LGBT+ history and community as you immerse yourself into the night. You’ll be chatting, walking and mixing with other revelers in vibrant events and underground after-parties. Anyone with an open mind and an appetite for a truly unforgettable night should join.

Amsterdam Gay Tour

LGBT+ History Tour of Amsterdam – Get an in-depth look at LGBT+ history in Amsterdam on this walking tour with a guide who lived through the beginnings of the movement. Listen to the history of the 1980s and 1990s, when Amsterdam was the gay capital of the world, and visit landmarks important to LGBT+ history. With a small group, you'll have plenty of chances to ask questions and enjoy an intimate group atmosphere.

Gran Canaria Gay Tour

Gay Boat Tour – Perhaps the best thing you can do to enjoy Gran Canaria is to take a private gay yacht tour to a secluded beach on the southern side of the island with a friendly, charming gay captain. This company offers an all-day trip on the boat, time spent on the beach and provides tapas and quality drinks. You can also snorkel, swim and even see dolphins or whales along the way. The trip leaves from Puerto de Mogan and heads to Guigui Beach, an often-empty black sand beach with the occasional hippie laying around.

Iceland Gay Tour

Pink South Shore Safari – The South Shore Safari will take you through the breadbasket of Iceland on your way to the gems of the south. You’ll see the villages and farms of the southern flatlands before arriving at the mountain ranges. In clear weather, you can see volcanos and glaciers that have erupted nine times in the last 50 years, the latest of which was the infamous Eyjafjallajökull eruption of 2010 that stranded millions of travelers all around the world.

Bangkok Gay Tour

Gay Night in Bangkok as a Local – The idea of ​​this tour is to immerse yourself in a typical night out in the gay area of ​​Bangkok, with the top queens of Drag Race Thailand, the popular Asian version of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Discover small bars and restaurants, drink while watching drag performances and enjoy the trendy nightclub complex. You’ll meet at a typical restaurant, frequented mainly by locals that offers some of the best gastronomy and curiosities of Thailand for you to sample. The dishes are well served and the beer is very cheap. After just a 10-minute walk, you’ll arrive to the gay district and head straight to the bars, with options for karaoke or drag performances. Then on the way to the nightclub street, explore the red-light district of Bangkok and also experience a typical night market.

Las Vegas Gay Tour

Ru Paul’s Drag Race LIVE! – though not exactly a gay tour per se, this activity definitely deserves to be on the list. Making its debut in 2020 at the Flamingo Las Vegas, this is your chance to see your favorite Drag Race queens in a performance based on the Emmy Award-winning reality show. Get ready as the all-star cast takes you on a journey through a live drama-filled season of Drag Race.

Santiago Gay Tour

Santiago City Walking Tour – Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile and it’s the most densely populated conurbation. Santiago is the cultural, political and financial center of the country and is home to the regional headquarters of many multinational corporations. Pride Tours Chile was founded in 2017 with the idea of promoting tourism in Chile for the LGBT+ community, by offering personalized tours and activities. Join them on this tour to see all the best spots in Santiago plus tips on where to experience the gay scene in the hip and unique South American capital city.

Madrid Gay Tour

LGBT+ Chueca Tapas Tour – Visit four of Chueca's best neighborhood bars to taste a variety of tapas and soak up its fascinating atmosphere. Get ready to see a variety of venues from the oldest in the district (103 years) to a secret modern bar that is so hidden, you’d most certainly not find it on your own.  Arrive hungry and sample classics like Spanish Omelet, croquettes, patatas bravas, cheese vegetarian options and also some surprises that you’ve never tried before. While bar hopping, you’ll learn tales from Chueca's history, the origins of its LGBT+ past and present, including some of its hidden secrets. Throughout the tour, you'll get the chance to demonstrate your Asturian cider poring skills. Cancel dinner, you will eat enough on this experience for the whole evening.

San Francisco Gay Tour

Cruisin’ the Castro – This tour of San Francisco’s famous Castro neighborhood has been around since 1989. You’ll explore the historical, diverse and colorful sites of the Castro neighborhood, which is one of the largest LGBT+ communities in the world. They even offer food and wine tours, plus an easy pace with no large hills to climb.

Gay Buenos Aires Gay Tour

Fun Gay Night with Fun Gay Guys – the tour will start at the station “Santa Fe” on line H, the first LGBT+ subway station, Carlos Jáuregui, a pioneer in the struggle for the rights of LGBT+ people in Argentina. Then walk through the neighborhood of Palermo to a multi-cultural LGBT+ space where you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner, show and games. After dinner, you’ll visit two bars in the city, to enjoy music, performances and drinks. Finish the night by dancing in one of Buenos Aires’ popular gay clubs.

Budapest Gay Tour

Gay Nightlife in Budapest with a Local – begin the tour at one of the most beautiful bridges of Budapest, the Liberty Bridge where you’ll have a drink at the nearest gay bar. This is the first leg where you can marvel at the beautiful illuminated view of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After a friendly chat, make your way alongside the Danube River where you’ll learn about past and present gay history. When you reach the Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) you will continue to St. Stephan's Basilica, the biggest Roman Catholic church of the capital. Finish the tour in the biggest gay bar of Budapest, located in the city center and enjoy a karaoke night or a drag queen show.

Bogota Gay Tour

Gay Bar Crawling in Bogota – This is Bogota’s first and only professional gay bar crawl where you’ll see the best that the gay party scene has to offer. This includes visits to 4-5 different bars and clubs throughout the night with VIP entrance, entrance and drinks included. The night ends at Theatron, Latin America’s biggest gay club where you can explore one of 17 different rooms with different atmospheres, performances and styles of music. It’s a must-visit venue on any trip to Bogota.

Havana Gay Tour

Cuban Gay Culture – This tour will start at the Saratoga Hotel and walk to Fraternity Park, a reference point for the LGBT+ community. Next, you’ll walk to the central park and on the way, you’ll learn about the evolution of the LGBT+ representation in art and cinema in Cuba. Once in the central park, you’ll learn about the peaceful protests that took place in favor of same-sex marriage in 2019. The tour ends at the La Guarida bar-restaurant explaining the architectural and cultural relevance of an emblematic building in Havana and its relationship with LGBT+ culture through the multi-award-winning film Fresa y Chocolate.

Barcelona Gay Tour

LGBT+ Night in Barcelona – For this experience, you'll meet on a Friday or Saturday night – one of the best nights to explore the LGBT+ community in Barcelona. Start at a fancy bar in the gay hotel where you’ll be able to enjoy delicious cocktails with the best views in the Gaixample area – the LGBT+ neighborhood. Afterward, you’ll go to an authentic Barcelonian music gay-bar that welcomes anyone looking for a vibrant and exciting night on the town in one of Barcelona's most lively neighborhoods. Finish the tour with very glittery and lively dance bar, where you can dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Montreal Gay Tour

After Dark in the Gay Village – The Montreal gay village comes alive at night. You’ll explore the entertainment district of the very, very busy queer neighborhood. You’ll get the sex-positive low down on all the bars, cafés, drag clubs, adult venues, sex shops/theatres and saunas, plus an ultimate guide to all of the gay hot spots. No topic is off-limits on this sure-to-scandalize nighttime wander through the crowds. This is a great way to orient yourself to nighttime in one of North America's largest LGBT+ villages and maybe even meet new people before choosing where to spend the night.

Mexico City Gay Tour

Gay History at City Center Top Landmarks – In this tour you’ll first learn about ancient  LGBT+ traditions at the Aztec House of Legacy before these unspeakable sins were punished by the Spanish Inquisition. You will see the Inquisition's Palace, a prison for sodomites and its hidden homophobic messages. At St. Mary of the Instruction, you’ll learn about cloistered lesbians before a landmark place that’s called “Crossroads of Diversity,” where you’ll hear stories of the cross-dressing ball. Later in the tour learn about Mr. Ignacio Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta), Frida Kahlo and more.

São Paulo Gay Tour

LGBT Nightlife in São Paulo – São Paulo has a lot to offer on LGBT+ history, social life and leisure. You’ll start in República Square, where you’ll learn about some important and historical spots for the LGBT+ struggle in the city. Next, go through the main “pink zone”, where there are many LGBT+ oriented establishments and a very cool atmosphere. Pass by Roosevelt Square, the bohemian spot, where skaters and theatre fans both occupy the same bars and public stairs. Finally, head to the corner of Frei Caneca and Peixoto Gomide where you’ll find lots of cool spots like traditional nightclubs, well-frequented bars and a fun karaoke bar.

Sydney Gay Tour

Gay Sydney Walking Tours – Explore Sydney's LGBT+ past and present in this friendly, relaxed and informative walking tour. You'll hear the stories of prominent LGBT+ residents of the city, as well as important parts of the cultural scene, including the internationally renowned Mardi Gras parade. Your guide will introduce culinary and cultural activities plus anything else you're curious about. This tour is perfect for solo travelers, as you can easily connect with others, many of whom are traveling solo too. Of course, couples and groups will also fit in perfectly.  For the daytime tour, you’ll stop midway for coffee or tea and for the evening tour, enjoy an alcoholic drink at the end of the tour.