There are two kinds of vacations that attract two kinds of people. First, there’s the “lay on the beach and tan while sipping a cocktail” vacationer. Then there’s the active “grab a backpack and climb a mountain” type of traveler – of course, you could also always be versatile though! Relaxing vacations are nice, but the great thing about an active adventure is that it's good for the mind, body and soul. Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise, the ascent up a mountain is a rewarding experience. Getting drunk on the beach is fun, but it really can’t compare to testing the limits of your body and to the comradery of hiking with a group up a difficult path. There are many group tours you can join to do various hikes around the world, and for the LGBTQ+ traveler there are some great group tours and gay treks. Here are five incredible options for gay adventure seekers.


Summit Africa’s Tallest Peak

If you’re up to the challenge of summiting the seemingly unsurmountable, then Out Adventure's Kilimanjaro Gay Climb is for you. Africa’s tallest mountain can be found in Tanzania, a country known for it’s diverse people speaking more than 100 different languages as well as its varied landscape with tall mountains, deep lakes, lush forests, vast plains and several islands including one of our favorites, Zanzibar. This climb will take you through the scenic route which also allows you more time to acclimate, guaranteeing a higher rate of success. This nine day adventure can also be accompanied with a Tanzania Luxury Safari for those who want to take advantage of being in one of Africa’s most bio-diverse countries.

Gay Hikes Out Adventures Mount Kilimanjaro

Hike Through The Jungles in Costa Rica  

If it's a challenging adventure hike through an exotic location you seek, Costa Rica is calling your name. Out Adventures runs a Gay Costa Rica Adventure Tour that sets out from the Capital San Jose for seven days of adventures out in the wilds of Costa Rica. Your hikes will take you over lava fields, through humid rainforests and around active volcanoes. It seems a shame just to walk in such an exotic location and thus you’ll also zipline across canyons, sail and snorkel off the coast of Costa Rica and even make time to do some deep jungle meditation and take a cooking class. 

Brave the Rugged Landscapes of Patagonia

Patagonia in Chile is one of the world’s most sought after hiking destinations due to its rugged beauty – and who doesn’t like a bit of rugged beauty. On Out Adventures Gay Chile Tour you’ll spend four days in Torres del Paine National Park hiking from campsite to campsite along the same trails used by guanacos and prowling pumas before finally reaching Grey Lake, famous for its massive glaciers. The trip also includes a visit to Chile’s Atacama Desert – the driest place on Earth. Make sure you bring your water bottle! 

Follow the Inca Trail to Peru’s Most Famous Ruins

One of our personal favorite trips we’ve done was visiting Cusco in Peru on our way to see the infamous ruins of Machu Picchu. The city is a quaint Peruvian town with a colonial charm and a popular stop on the way to the Incan ruins. The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu hike is not quite like the previously mentioned two as this is an easier task with more of a “glamping” experience. Before the four-day hike, you’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy gay nightlife at a gay bar in Lima. For a gastronomy adventure, you’ll want to try cuy, fried or roasted guinea pig. We found this Peruvian dish tastes better than it looks. This nine day trip exploring the Andes Mountains while developing camaraderie with your group is sure to be a memorable experience.

Gay Hikes Out Adventures

Seek Out Gorillas and Golden Monkeys in Rwanda

Hiking doesn’t need a purpose to be fruitful, but seeking out the gorillas in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda is certainly a fun purpose. With Out Adventure's Gorilla Tour in Rwanda you can take a trip including a day in the capital city of Kigali before venturing out for a trek into the forested slopes of the Virunga Mountains to seek out these endangered gentle giants. Then you’ll trek to seek out Rwanda’s endangered golden monkeys, also known as Blue Monkeys in Volcanoes National Park Kigali). There are only 5,000 believed to remain in the world, and they are easily differentiated by the bright orange fur spread out over their bodies.

Discover Portugal’s ‘Best Kept Secret’

Looking for some insider travel info? There’s more to Europe to be discovered and The Azores are Portugal’s best-kept secret. Condé Nast Traveller recently touted the archipelago as “the secret gardens of the Atlantic – lush and green, thick with temperate forests which feel almost like a rainforest, alive with birds and a rich wildlife.” Meanwhile, Lonely Planet recently wrote an article titled “This other Eden: The Azores, Europe’s secret islands of adventure”. The Azores are considered a hikers paradise and one of the easiest ways to take in the island’s verdant countryside is with a good old fashion hike. The islands feature plenty of well-marked paths including an epic ascent up Portugal’s tallest mountain, Mount Pico. 

Complete The Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain

Spain has incredible attractions that draw many visitors to places all over the peninsular country and its islands. Of course being one of the most gay-friendly nations in Europe and the world, it’s no surprise that the country has plenty of year-round activities to offer the LGBTQ+ community. With plenty of warm and sunny days you could spend months exploring the big cities and Spanish countryside, but given you probably have just a short time to visit you’ve got to pick the best and most exciting. For adventure travelers looking for a gay hiking trip, you should definitely consider joining a gay group tour and hike one of the most famous journeys in Europe: The Camino de Santiago. Start off in Madrid, one of the world's most gay-friendly destinations and enjoy the vibrant city before heading north where you’ll hike the final leg of the Camino de Santiago. This world-famous pilgrimage takes you through beautiful landscapes of the region of Galicia, well known for delicious wines, cheeses and seafood. Finish the journey in Santiago de Compostela, where you can visit the world-renowned cathedral of Saint James. By ending your trek here, you’ll qualify for the Pilgrim’s Compostela, a certificate of completion of the exhilarating excursion.

Pick Your Adventure

If an active vacation is right up your alley then you’ve got three great gay tours to choose from. As a gay traveler, you have to be aware of your safety when traveling abroad, especially to developing countries where LGBTQ+ laws have not caught up with the western world. 

So what do you think? Which gay hiking tour interests you the most? Have you done any of these treks? Let us know in the comments below!