Paris is undeniably one of the most famous cities in the world and a true European capital of culture. Packed with some of the most well-known monuments, art, and history, it's a must-visit destination for any European traveler. This city of romance is a true symbol of France and one of Europe's best. Paris is a massive city and it might be overwhelming to some visitors. Where do you start? What do you see? There's so much available that you could spend weeks here and not even see half of what the city offers. Certainly, if it's your first visit to France, there are a few quintessential things to see and sample like the Effiel Tower and Notre Dame as well as some fine wines, cheeses and desserts. But even for the repeat visitor, Paris doesn't disappoint. The Marais is considered the gay neighborhood and it’s a great central location to stay. Check out these 100 tips for visiting Paris, with great info on Parisian culture and useful insights into the city.

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Table of Contents

1. General Tips
2. Transportation & Airport Transfer
3. Gay Hotels in Paris
4. Sightseeing & Activities in Paris
5. Gay Tours in Paris
6. Restaurants & Cafes
7. Paris Gay Bars and Clubs
8. Paris Gay Saunas & Cruising  Bars
9. Gay Events in Paris
10. Day Trips from Paris

General Tips

Paris has a great nightlife, but the party scene is constantly changing and there are many pop-up parties around town. Remember that soirées start around midnight and don’t get busy until 2 am. Check their websites for dates and details. Although we’ve been to Paris several times, we have not explored all the Paris gay bars as in depth as other cities. We’ve asked our friends Bryan and Craig from The Gay Locals to help us give you the best recommendations in the bars and clubs sections. We appreciate their intimate knowledge of the gay scene and hope their recommendations come in handy. Please visit them online, see their great reviews on TripAdvisor or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Transportation & Airport Transfer

Paris has a developed and user-friendly public transport system including subway, regional trains, buses and bike sharing. The subway or “metro” is probably the easiest method to get around town and it goes just about everywhere, so you can spend your days doing anything you like before returning to your pick of the French capital's finest short term rentals, for example. Tickets can be purchased at any metro station using the automated machines when paying by debit card or coins. Get a copy of the metro map or download the app on your phone to help navigate. Check out this guide for detailed information on how to use all of the public transportation options in Paris.


Paris has three main airports including Charles de Gaulle and Orly, which are the main international airports in the city. The Beauvais-Tillé Airport is located an hour outside of Paris and is served by budget airlines. The RER line B (regional train) links Paris and Charles de Gaulle (10€ and 30 minute ride) while Orly is best served by RER line B then connecting to the OrlyVal train. (12€ and a 35 min ride). Beauvais-Tillé Airport is served by express bus for 16€. There are several buses including Airport Express buses that also links both main airports.

Gay Hotels in Paris


Jules & Jim – located conveniently aside the Metro station between the Marais quarter and Place de la République, the hotel is renovated from an old 19th century house. It has 48 suites and rooms, a spa, a Michelin star gourmet restaurant with garden terrace, and a Library Bar – to name but a few of its facilities. Have the breakfast in bed if you really want to spoilt yourself!

st james
Photo via Hotel Saint James Paris


Hotel Original – this delightful boutique hotel is superbly located just 2km from the Notre Dame. Prepare to enter the world of poetry and fantasy. Also, head downstairs to enjoy their beautiful stone arched spa for an hour as part of your stay – replete with a salt water flotarium and sauna.

Cosy's Residence Cadet – if you're traveling with your pet, this could be the answer to your accommodation nightmare. Additionally this contemporary hotel receives high marks for location (200m from the Cadet Metro), service, cleanliness, and room quality. Guests can even prepare their own meals – should they choose – in a rather cute kitchenette.

Chambre d´Amis – this centrally located beautiful guesthouse is both well-located and LGBTQ+ friendly. It comes with a balcony, all the amenities of a guesthouse and even a handy shuttle option to and from the airport.


Hotel Amour – this hotel is perfect for lovers – as one would expect from the name. The rooms are beautifully decorated to enhance a romantic stay, including huge bathtubs to…do whatever you please with. It has its own bar, resaurant (serving a tasy breakfast or brunc), a glass-enclosed courtyard. a plant-filled back garden and a rooftop pool. Voted best Boutique Hotel in 2013 at the Qualitelis Client Contest.

Hotel Paris Saint Honore – gay owned hotel located at 21 rue de Penthievre – conveniently located just 300 metres from the Louvre Museum. It's a little bare-bones, but sometimes simplicity is best and prices include a buffet breakfast.

Apartments - misterb&b

We’ve partnered with misterb&b to help curate the most LGBT+ friendly homestays. misterb&b is not a hotel or chain, but rather a booking platform for rooms, apartments and homes and it allows you to book from gay and gay-friendly hosts around the world. They have hosts in more than 200 countries and territories with more than 1 million total listings. Understanding the gay scene is much more easily done with the help of a local and home-sharing is one of the best ways to meet someone living in the city who knows how things work, where and when are the best nights to go out, and what places to eat at and which to avoid. misterb&b is our top choice if your priority is exploring the local gay scene.

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Sightseeing & Activities in Paris

Eiffel Tower – only the most visited monument worldwide, (7,000,000 plus annually) this structure is recognized by one and all. If it's open, check out the secret museum at the top! Book tour →

The Cataombs – your taxi driver may refer to this as Les Carrieres de Paris but whatever you call it, just make sure you see this exclusive Paris subterranean world. The lines can be massive so try arriving very early and avoid weekends or other popular times. Book tour →

The Louvre – the Eiffel Tower of museums (most visited) which holds some of the world's most famous works of art. Book tour →

Musee d'Orsay – here you will find impressionist paintings and other superb collections. Book tour →

Notre Dame Cathedral – the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral was badly damaged by a fire on April 15, 2019. Until then, it was still functioning as a Roman Catholic cathedral, it is still considered one of the most elegant representations of French Gothic architecture.

Luxembourg Gardens – on a sunny day, there's nowhere else to be. A stunning way to spend a few hours surrounded by sheer beauty. Bring a bottle of wine with some bread and cheese to enjoy.

Arc de Triomphe – a breathtaking tribute to the unknown soldier and others who fought for France. Book tour →

Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur) – the city's highest point, located at the summit of the butte Montmartre (Hill of Montmartre). Book tour →

Pont des Arts – a pedestrian-only bridge crossing the Seine River. It was built as the first metal bridge in Paris during the early 19th century though the current bridge was reconstructed in the 1980s. For couples, the romantic tradition goes that you lock a padlock on the railing of the bridge with your names and/or dates. Then you throw the key into the river as a symbol of your never-ending love. Though these love locks have been cut off in the past and city officials and even some Parisians are apparently not fond of the gesture, many people still partake in the tradition.


Gay Tours in Paris

The Gay Locals – Bryan and Craig are expats that have lived in Paris for years who know the ins and outs of everything. They’ve been working as guides for a number of years and have recently extended their offering to feature tours for LGBTQ+ visitors. More than just city guides, they have intimate knowledge of the gay scene like which bars and clubs are best and which places to avoid. They offer private gay tours and twice weekly group tours in Paris focusing on neighborhoods like the Marais, the Canal St. Martin, the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, or the old market neighborhood Les Halles. They’ll help you explore the city, local culture and gastronomy in a city that is packed with interesting history. Book tour →

Paris Highlights with an LGBTQ Perspective Private Tour – see the best of Paris through an LGBTQ+ lens with Queer Tours France. Compact into just two and a half hours, you'll pass through Paris' main sights such as the Concorde Square, the Champs-Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Gardens, the Opera House and much more while learning about the cast of queer characters who helped make Paris what it is today. Along the way you'll also uncover a few of Paris' secret spots most tourists miss, all with their own LGBTQ+ stories associated with them. Book tour →

Louvre Museum Highlights and LGBTQ+ History Tour – there's always queer art and history concealed within any gallery and the Louvre is no exception. Join Queer Tours France for a three hour exploration of the museum where an expert guide will unveil the queer identities of renowned artists and the subtle nuances hidden within their works – from the Sphinx of Tanis to the Venus of Milo to the Mona Lisa herself!  Book tour →

gaylocals.4.large small

Restaurants & Cafes

Titi Palacio – besides having a rather entertaining name, this restaurant is an urban greenhouse which serves modern cuisine with a French twist. It’s bright, trendy and a great place for a cocktail with your food. Titi Palacio also hosts a range of events from concerts and DJ sets to karaoke and drag shows – maybe that’s where the name comes from!

Hémicycle – this restaurant is a classy three-floor establishment. The bottom floor is the restaurant true, where they serve gourmet cuisine with Italian influences. Upstairs is a rather pretty wine room and on the top floor you’ll find a speakeasy style hidden bar with a romantic atmosphere – making the perfect nightcap after a good meal.

Le Lobby, The Peninsula Paris –  a famous Parisian location, where many celebrities – from Picaso to Igor Stravinsky – have frequented across the years. It’s easy to see why as the place oozes pure class with exquisite French cuisine, grandiose paintings, magnificent chandeliers and impeccably dressed waiters. Perhaps not cheap on the wallet, but it sure makes you feel like French aristocracy by dining there.

Restaurant 6 New York – if you really want to feel like you’re in the heart of Paris as you dine, then this chic yet homely restaurant has a view of the Eiffel Tower from its windows. The food is delicious French cuisine with a modern flair – created by famous local chef, Jérôme Gangneux.

Au Diable des Lombards – average prices and an awesome place – with a casual Parisian street vibe – to stop for lunch if you're ‘out' and about Les Halles. They serves burgers and tapas to enjoy with a sneaky midday drink.

The Little Red Door Paris – a playfully sassy cocktail bar, which also serves some nibbles. The bartenders are friendly and give great advice. We met a particular nice one in Piotr – a cute Polish guy with many interesting stories to tell.

Des Gars Dans La Cuisine – every course, a delectable, enjoyable surprise (especially the pavlova or the black rice with scallops). Beautiful atmosphere with chic decor, stone walls, and candlelight.

Who's Restaurant and Bar – the restaurant area welcomes you every night, featuring “homemade” and fresh products; dishes from 15 € to 28 €. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am.

TATA Burger – a kitschy burger place with surprisingly good food. Order the double cheeseburger and it might just come out on penis-shaped bun.


Paris Gay Bars and Clubs

Cox Café Bar – all you have to do is grow out a bit of facial hair to hang out with the guys over beers as the crowd spills onto the sidewalk. Friendly and open, it's a bar to try at least once while in Paris. Open daily 5pm-2am, Happy Hour: 6pm-10pm.

Duplex Bar – the oldest gay bar in the Marais where you can find affordable wine and beer served to expats and preps or bikers and hipsters. A truly eclectic mix! And…this place also hosts rotating art shows. That means you can count it as a cultural outing. So utilitarian. Open daily 8pm-2am, Friday & Saturday until 4am, Happy Hour: 8pm-10pm.

Les Souffleurs – a bit of a dive bar. Slightly hidden but hip and trendy, it's all about modernity, refinement, and relaxation. Have a drink upstairs before heading down to the small dance floor where the DJ spins all sorts of pop and techno music. Open daily 6pm-2am, Happy Hour: 6pm-9pm.

happy hour

FreedJ – the ground floor is more loungy than a dance floor. Head downstairs to the basement where the DJ plays the Gaga and Rihanna tracks that keep people moving A glassed-in smoking room caters to those who still indulge. Open daily 6pm-4am,

Le Cud – the party gets going around 2am at the gay club in Paris. This is the absolute late night stop for the gay Paris vacationer. The ground floor has a few seats and a bar, but the large vaulted cellar is the big draw. Expect to leave accompanied when the metro opens up at 5:30 am. Open daily midnight-6am, Friday & Saturday until 7:30 am.

La Boîte à Frissons – if you arrive too early and wouldn’t know it’s a gay club. But head here late and you’ll find one of the city’s friendly, most fun, and most laidback dance floors on weekends nights. All ages, all gay-friendly genders, and heteros, all styles of dance and all music types (except techno) until 5 am. The club is found in a building known as Le Tango. Watch for theme nights! Open Friday/Saturday midnight-6am.

Crazyvores / Folivores – this must-attend monthly party is held at the historic theatre called The Bataclan. A large dance floor is perfect for dancing with friends or looking for a cute boy. It’s a mixed crowd with some girls, but mostly a place for guys to let loose. Entrance includes a drink!

Doctor Love – this party is held at Club Haussmann near Paris grand boulevards. You can expect to have your photo taken by Dr. Mylène, the woman who organizes this monthly party. Dress down but look good since the crowd tends to be a little trendier than most. Opens at 11:30 pm.

Paris Gay Saunas & Cruising  Bars

L'Impact – 16€ entrance or 10€ if you’re under 30. The downstairs portion awaits you and, well, whatever you want to do. Check their website for special evenings, like 2×1 night or Tuesday’s “Horse Men” soirée.

Secteur X – free entrance and nice bartenders. Lots of surprises downstairs – condoms and lube are readily available. You can enter clothed, but you probably won’t stay that way.

Le Depot – this bar charges 15€ entrance. It may not be free, but it has Paris’s (and perhaps Europe’s) largest backroom. All sorts of naughty deeds happen in the rooms and halls of this labyrinth.

Sun City – very popular and huge 100% gay sauna in Paris. There's three floors of saunas, wet rooms and crusing areas. The decor is stunning, as are the men!

Gay Events in Paris

Marche des Fiertes LGBT (Paris gay pride) – One of the most exciting cities to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride is Paris. Liza Minnelli certainly thought so in 2009. The event takes place during the last week of June with a huge parade beginning at the Michel Bizot station and passing through the Place de la République, Avenue Daumesnil, Rue de Lyon, Boulevard Beaumarchais and Boulevard du Temple. After the whole city comes to life with wild street parties.

Day Trips from Paris

Versailles – A grandiose castle, yes, but don't miss the water shows and gardens. Easy to get to by train RER C and takes about 30 mins for €3.50 euros per ticket. Taxi: 45 minutes and expensive. Book tour →

Photo via David McSpadden Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Giverny – A true insight into Monet's lifestyle. Taxi: 1 hour 12 minutes; or by train to Vernon (45 minutes), then a local bus/shuttle or taxi (9 minutes) to Giverny. Local tip – rent a bike at the café in front of the train station to reach the gardens instead of taking the local bus. Book tour →

Mont Saint Michel – Perhaps not doable in a day but still worth the visit. Because there is no direct train service from Paris to Mont St. Michel, take the train to Pontorson and then a bus the rest of the way to Mont Saint Michel; Taxi: 4 hours. 15 minutes; though daunting, renting a car may be the cheapest way. Book tour →

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