It’s a place where cultures collide: Jews, Arabs, Christians, atheists, artists, scientists, locals, foreigners, young, old, gay and straight – they all share this rather secular city in such a religious country. But somehow this diversity and tolerance of one another has created an ambiance in Tel Aviv rarely found in other cities throughout the world. Tel Aviv has recently landed itself on the map as one of the top destinations for LGBT travelers. But more than just weather, Tel Aviv is vibrant, hip and artistic. It’s a city that doesn’t sleep and even in the heart of a highly religious country, it’s a place where you can find a huge gay population with a sense of openness and a thriving nightlife scene.

For Europeans, Tel Aviv is possible to visit on a long weekend city break since flights from most parts of the continent are under four hours. Visitors coming from North America or other parts of the world will probably visit Tel Aviv as part of a longer trip to Israel or another nearby destination.

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Table of Contents

1. Transportation & Airport Transfer
2. Gay Hotels in Tel Aviv
3. Sightseeing & Activities in Tel Aviv
4. Gay Tours in Tel Aviv
5. Restaurants & Cafes
6. Tel Aviv Gay Bars
7. Tel Aviv Gay Clubs & Parties
8. Gay Sauna in Tel Aviv
9. Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv
10. Gay Events in Tel Aviv
11. Day Trips from Tel Aviv

Transportation & Airport Transfer

Making your way around Tel Aviv isn’t too difficult but you won’t find a city metro or rail system like you might in Jerusalem or other European cities. Tel Aviv does have a developed public transport network but it’s geared more towards locals rather than for tourists. Buses are abundant but mostly all in Hebrew so navigation isn’t always simple. Besides the regional train that goes to the airport and other cities within Israel, your best bet is to take a taxi or go by bike.

Like many big cities around the world, Tel Aviv has recently implemented a bike sharing program where you can rent bikes all across the city at various different stations. Take the bike one way from one station and return it to another for simple commuting while also taking the opportunity to burn off all that hummus and falafel you’ve probably been eating. If you’re staying in a central neighborhood, then you shouldn’t have to travel too far or exert too much effort as Tel Aviv is compact, flat and easy to get around. The easiest way from the airport to the city is to take the train from Terminal 3 to the city. The ride takes about 20 minutes and costs about 3€. The train doesn’t operate during Shabbat (Friday afternoon until Saturday evening) or Jewish holidays so you’ll need to catch the bus or take a taxi. A taxi should run you about 30€.

Gay Hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is relatively small and compact so it’s best to stay in a neighborhood central to most of the places of interest. Neighborhoods like Florentine or Neve Tzedek are some of the best places to stay. Tel Aviv doesn’t specifically have a gay neighborhood but you can find lots of gays hanging around these areas drinking at cafes, riding bikes and walking dogs during the day and hitting up the bars and clubs by night. Just about any property is gay-friendly in Tel Aviv, but there are a few favorites that are well known for gay travelers.


Brown TLV Urban Hotel – Iconic gay favorite hotel in town. Great option if you have the budget. At a minimum, you should at least visit their outdoor bar and rooftop terrace to hang with a fashionable crowd while sipping top-notch cocktails. Address: Kalisher 25, Tel Aviv, 65165

Photo via Brown Hotel
Photo via Brown Hotel

Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv – probably one of the most popular gay hotels in town. After all, the gay beach where the hotel sits has been dubbed Hilton Beach and it’s where all the homo’s flock to take in the sun. Address: Independence Park, Tel Aviv, 63405


Melody Hotel – just across from the Hilton and minutes walking to the gay beach. We stayed several nights at both the Royal Beach and Melody and both were nice properties. Address: 220 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv, 63504

Royal Beach Hotel – relatively new hotel that caters towards LGBT travelers located on the beach. Address: Hayarkon 19, Tel Aviv, 68011

Photo via Royal Beach Hotel
Photo via Royal Beach Hotel

Alexander Hotel – a stylish and gay-friendly hotel and also a member of the IGLTA.


The New Port Hotel TLV – A great, comfortable and wallet friendly option in comparison to all those five-star hotels in Tel Aviv. LGBTQ+ friendly and just a short walk from the gay beach. It has amazing views from its rooftop terrace to rival that of the more expensive options in the area.


Apartments - misterb&b

We’ve partnered with misterb&b to help curate the most LGBT+ friendly homestays. misterb&b is not a hotel or chain, but rather a booking platform for rooms, apartments and homes and it allows you to book from gay and gay-friendly hosts around the world. They have hosts in more than 200 countries and territories with more than 1 million total listings. Understanding the gay scene is much more easily done with the help of a local and home-sharing is one of the best ways to meet someone living in the city who knows how things work, where and when are the best nights to go out, and what places to eat at and which to avoid. misterb&b is our top choice if your priority is exploring the local gay scene.

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Sightseeing & Activities in Tel Aviv

Jaffa Old Town – Most sites and attractions here are modern but head just ten minutes south to the old town of Jaffa and you can explore the oldest Israeli port city that dates back to more than 5,000 years. This area maintains its historic appeal and has been reclaimed with countless restaurants, hip bars and more art galleries than you can count.

Jaffa Old Town
Jaffa Old Town

Jaffa Flee Market – head up to the Jaffa flee market to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of a bustling street marketplace. Browse the offerings and enjoy a freshly made falafel or sabich for lunch and later buy yourself a cool and freshly squeezed orange or pomegranate juice from one of the many street vendors.

Rothschild Boulevard – When you’ve had enough sun for the day head up to Rothschild Boulevard to relax at a cafe. As day turns to night, you’ll see why Tel Aviv is world famous for its nightlife scene, especially in this and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Carmel Market – arts, crafts, vegetables, local fruits and spices are found at this efficiently located gathering of vendors and artists. Of all Tel Aviv's shuks, this is the most famous, most centrally located, and the largest.

Old Train Station – If you're feeling like a snack or a full meal combined with shopping and frivolity, take a stroll through the historically designed stores, fashion boutiques, restaurants, galleries and art exhibits. Do take the extra time to pause just long enough to take in a performance by the street circus.

Gay Tours in Tel Aviv

TLV Nights PubCrawl – though the website doesn’t say they provide gay tours, one of their guides is gay and knows the Tel Aviv gay scene very well.

LGBTQ Free Walking Tours – like many major cities around the world, they offer these tours 100% free. At the end of the tour, you decide how much you enjoyed it, and you can feel free to tip the guide with any amount you feel the experience was worth for you.

Gay Tour of Tel Aviv & Jaffa – enjoy a 4-hour walking tour with OUTstanding Travel. Explore the highlights of the magnificent city and its amazing gay vibe. You'll kick-off this tour on Rothschild Boulevard, one of Tel Aviv’s most important and iconic streets. Following you'll visit the lovely Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, built-in 1887, The Old Train Station, the Flee Market, and the historical sites of Old City Jaffa, one of the oldest port cities in the world. Book tour →

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Photo via OUTstanding Travel
Photo via OUTstanding Travel

Restaurants & Cafes

Tony Vespa – An abundance of oh so happy and gay souls sitting and sipping outside… and non-kosher pizza sold by weight (not by the slice) inside. And they're open late!

CafeLix – Located at 15 Sgula Street, this first of its kind cafe helped to propel the market on slow-roast coffee.

Levinsky 41 – Stop in to watch former chef Benny Soda whip up his signature sparkling waters combined with organic fruit syrups (using apricots, almond, roses, strawberries and peaches) resulting in a refreshing, subtly sweet beverage.

Alla Rampa – Seated in Tel Aviv's industrial strip, this local musicians' hangout features cocktails at its new open-air tapas bar and some innovative options for vegetarians.

Pua– Tel Aviv can be intense, and this cute little cafe/restaurant offers a welcome respite from the action. Found within a flea market just outside the center. it has a chic, bohemian cafe vibe and serves breakfast and lunch – including the best hummus you´ll ever taste.

Photo via OUTstanding Travel
Photo via OUTstanding Travel

Tel Aviv Gay Bars

Tel Aviv is full of cafes, bars and clubs that cater to the local Israeli gay residents and LGBT travelers with many of the popular gay venues actually places with mixed crowds.

Brown Hotel Bar – The Brown is a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv and is a gay favorite place to stay near Rothschild Boulevard. But more than that, it’s a meeting place for visitors and locals who come to enjoy the patio-style bar, the rooftop terrace, fashionable crowd…and amazing cocktails. I’m an advocate of quality and attention to detail when it comes to making drinks and the Brown does it perfectly. The aroma of freshly fired rosemary piercing out the top of my fruity yet sour cocktail was more than enough to impress me and reason to go back for seconds.

Brown TLV June 2014 (14)
Photo via Brown Hotel

Lima Lima – Shake your booty, or other significant asset, all night long, then relax in the waterfall courtyard. Super cool place with surprisingly personable service.

Kuli Alma – a new and trendy underground bar with outdoor lounging, indoor dancing and even a changing art gallery. Our top pick!

Shpagat – a stadium-like tiered bar located on Nahalat Binyamin Street where you can enjoy a drink with friends and people watch from many of the different levels as nighttime crowds cruise up and down the street.

Tel Aviv Gay Clubs & Parties

Tel Aviv doesn’t really have permanent gay clubs but instead they have over-the-top gay parties that change venues. These parties bring an attractive and energetic crowd of mostly men – with both locals and foreign visitors. Popular parties in town include the FFF Party and Forever Tel Aviv just to name a few. The locations change but they are often held at Ha-oman, Tel Aviv’s mega club located south of Florentine neighborhood, a 15-minute drive from City Center.

Photo via FFF Shirazi
Photo via FFF Group

Gay Sauna in Tel Aviv

Paradise – Current the only gay sauna in Tel Aviv. In the heart of the city, just a walk away from the city center’s entertainment spotsis, Open to all, chubby, thin, bears and chasers, sauna paradise is safe, clean, intimate and cozy place to enjoy and have fun together.

Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv

Though Tel Aviv is gay-friendly all around, the beach just in front of the Hilton Hotel is considered the official Tel Aviv gay beach and is appropriately named Hilton Beach.

Tel aviv 4 Outstanding
Photo via OUTstanding Travel

Mezizim Beach – a cooler atmosphere than the next 2 beaches, probably due to its further north (and resulting longer trek) location. Still, well worth the walk.

Hilton Beach – looking for some tanned and steamy muscles? This is “The Gay Beach”, conveniently located near the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel. The close-by Frishman Beach is a hangout for the younger crowd.

Gordon Beach – is where all the beautiful people gather to have some fun in the sun. Definitely a 20-something crowd.

Photo via OUTstanding Travel
Photo via OUTstanding Travel

Gay Events in Tel Aviv

The locals of Tel Aviv have even embraced the annual Tel Aviv Gay Pride festival held in June each year. It’s one of the largest events in Tel Aviv and one that the entire city has grown to accept and appreciate. Tel Aviv is without a doubt the gay capital of Israel. Though Israel is a religious country at heart, Tel Aviv has a mix of foreigners and locals with a strange secular and liberal vibe. Naturally, the gay pride festival in Tel Aviv is one of the top events to attend and it’s become famous in recent years. Now with more than 180,000 attendees, the gay pride has become an important part of Tel Aviv’s annual events reaching beyond just the LGBT community.

Photo by Liat Mandel via Visit Tel Aviv
Photo by Liat Mandel via Visit Tel Aviv

Day Trips from Tel Aviv

OUTstanding Travel – this gay-owned company offers private and group tours to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada and Petra. We traveled with them all over Israel and highly recommend them! Click here to view all available tours. Click here for more info plus exclusive discounts.

Jerusalem – One of the best things about Israel from a travel perspective is the small size of the country and its diversity of offerings for a tourist. In less than a few hours, you could make a quick visit to Jerusalem and be back in Tel Aviv for dinner. While you could easily spend 2 days in Jerusalem, it’s still possible to see the highlights in a small amount of time. There is no other city like Jerusalem in the world. It’s a holy site for three major world religions, full of history, culture and conflict. While Tel Aviv is urban, hip and never sleeps – Jerusalem is tranquil, historic and religious and couldn’t be more different. Visiting the sites that date back thousands of years is a fascinating way to learn about the history and culture, both past and present. Book tour →

Photo via OUTstanding Travel
Photo via OUTstanding Travel

Caesera – take a tour of the ancient Roman city of Caesera, just under an hour away and north of the city.  Book tour →

Dead Sea – floating in the Dead Sea was unlike anything. With a salt concentration of 34%, your body floats completely in the water without effort. It’s actually difficult to swim and the sensation you get being in the Dead Sea is so strange and unexplainable. It’s like floating in… (what? can you try to describe it?) You really have to be there yourself to fully understand. Book tour →

Floating in the Dead Sea
Floating in the Dead Sea

Haifa – you can head north to Haifa to visit the Baha’i Temple Gardens with 19 stunning terraces built alongside Mount Carmel. Book tour →

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