They say what you wear says a lot about you. And, in the case of the average gay beach or Pride/Circuit pool party, perhaps what you AREN’T wearing can say just as much. In other words, how much you want to show of yourself while showing off your best summer swimwear. 

Picking the right speedos, briefs, trunks or even thongs for the summer may seem like a trivial thing, but making the right choice can really provide a welcome boost to anyone’s self-confidence – insert the mandatory joke about also boosting your package here.

Gay focused swimwear isn’t just for the muscle hunks or athletic twinks either. The right swimwear can flatter any body type, shape or size – whatever you’re working with above and below the waist. We wade into the vast ocean of swimwear options to find fifteen of the best brands, with something to fit every type of man found within the beautiful plethora of men that make up the gay community. 

aussieBum: A Little Bump for the Junk

Beginning with the obvious, if you’ve ever been anywhere there’s both gays and water, you’ll have seen aussieBum. This Australian brand is the go-to for men who aren't afraid to show a little (or a lot) of skin while riding the waves of style. Their swimwear, often vibrant and unapologetically bold, screams confidence – or rather ‘look at my junk’ because with their patented ‘Wonderjock' technology, you'll be given a most welcome extra lift to your package. 

Image credit: Addicted

Addicted: Hooked on the Classics

Hailing from Spain, Addicted is also up there in the most popular swimwear options amongst gay men clientele. The brand crafts swimwear that balances classic cuts with modern flair. They are made for the man who likes his poolside attire infused with vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns. Addicted ensures that whether you're doing laps or just lounging, you’ll be catching glances – especially with their Molded Swim Briefs. 

Marco Marco: The Runway Showstopper

So good he named it twice, LA based Marco Marco is not just a brand; it’s a parade of extravagance on your derrière. Known for their electrifying runway shows, their swimwear collection is nothing short of a personal runway – as you would expect from a man who has designed costumes for the likes of Britney and RuPaul drag queens. Ideal for guys who really enjoy the spotlight, each piece – from their speedos to their trunks – is a testament to individuality, splashed with neon, metallics, and everything in-between. Marco Marco also makes a commitment in celebrating diversity, both within their models and in their products, so everyone is sure to find the best fit for their ASSets. 

Image credit. ES Collection

ES Collection: Putting the Ass in Class

For those who prefer a dash of elegance with their beach attire, ES Collection serves a strip of Spanish sophistication. Their pieces, often featuring innovative designs and luxurious fabrics, cater to the man who views his swimwear as an extension of his wardrobe – think of it as couture for the coast. Their Greek Art Trunks are a firm favorite, which might make you some “firm” friends too and somehow manage to look classy while leaving little to the imagination.

JJ Malibu: Pineapple Express

Bright and tight are the two words which spring to mind when thinking of JJ Malibu’s swimwear. With flashy colorful prints, Canada based JJ Malibu is for those who like their swimwear to have a cheeky edge. No trunks here, you’ll only find clinging briefs and thongs. Their pineapple logo is synonymous with fun, and their bright designs ensure you're the juiciest fruit in the bowl. It’s playful, it’s cheeky, and it's absolutely delicious.

Barcode Berlin: Sporty Spice

It seems apt that sunny Spain has some of the best swimwear brands out there attributed to them. Barcode Berlin is another offering from Barcelona – not Berlin interestingly – who brings the sexy athletic aesthetic to the poolside. Mesh details, sporty stripes, and a snug fit that says, “Yes, I work out,” their swimwear is for men who like their speedos as supportive as their gym buddies. They are also unapologetically gay with a Pride line, rainbows and all, and their ‘Versatile Briefs’, if you want to make your position clear to your fellow beach or pool attendees. 

Image credit: Meekos

Meekos: King of the King Sized

Meekos doesn't just have options for plus-size guys, they’re made especially for them. Zach Miko is himself a broad hottie, who was the first ever model for IMG Models. He believes bigger guys have had the bad end of the deal until now when it comes to swimwear. Working in conjunction with KingSize retailers, Meekos is a great option for all those bears, chubs and tall men out there. Big is, after all, beautiful.

Modus Vivendi: The Art of Swimwear

Greece is a timeless beauty and so is Modus Vivendi. The Greek brand translates the country's rich heritage into its swimwear line, with each piece resembling a work of art. For the culturally savvy man, this brand offers a narrative alongside impeccable design. Their Boudoir Brazil Cut Boxers and Boudoir Classic Briefs really epitomize what the brand is all about – with their lace up sides adding a fashionable quality to your swimwear. 

Nasty Pig: Down and Dirty 

Nasty Pig is about as subtle as having two nipple piercings. Hailing from New York, Nasty Pig is especially known for its kinky fetish inspired clothes and sexy sporty underwear. Their swimwear collection is equally as edgy, unconventional, and makes a bold statement as to the kinky nature of its wearer. For those who play by their own rules, these designs are as daring as they are distinctive. There’s even a Poppers Bikini if you really want to push the point. 

Andrew Christian: The Flirt

Andrew Christian's swimwear is the life of the pool party – flirtatious, fun, and looking for a good time. With enhancing features and promiscuous designs, they ensure you’re not just swimming in water, but also in compliments. Styles like their FUKR Zip Trunks make it clear the intention of the wearer, but they also have uniquely playful offerings like their Denim Trunks and Denim Swim Shorts. Yes, denim – now imagine those wet.

Garcon Model: Sleek and Chic

Garcon Model is a Canadian brand who believes in the power of simplicity with a twist. Their swimwear line is for the man who loves to look effortlessly sophisticated around the pool, with just the right personal touch. Clean lines, classic cuts, and a hint of allure make their pieces timeless yet modern. In short, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Garcon Model trunks. 

Olaf Benz: The Understated Luxury

German engineering isn’t just for cars. Olaf Benz brings precision and luxury to swimwear, focusing on minimalistic designs that emphasize quality and fit. It's understated elegance for the man who prefers to whisper rather than shout – hell, sometimes a whisper is all it takes. That said, their Beach Body Swimwear One-Piece certainty raises its voice. 

Image credit: Kafto

Kaftko: The Statement Maker

Kaftko takes the concept of swimwear beyond the water with their versatile kaftans that are bold, bright, and beautiful. The brand is the invention of the gay Iraqi-American, who only recently expanded in 2020 to include swimwear just as flashy as their kaftans. Kaftko is especially popular with larger guys for designs created with them in mind, modeled by steaming hot plus-size guys. Fashionable and unique, Kaftko is for those who view the beach as a runway, ensuring your fashion game is as strong as your swim game.

STUD: The Bold Adventurer

STUD swimwear from the US is for the man who's not afraid to explore new territories. With audacious designs and fearless prints, their swimwear is a declaration of confidence. It’s about being bold, being seen, maybe even a little audacious but never pretentious. They believe that if you’re a STUD, you should let it show. Their sexy Beachwear Camo Shorts do the opposite of camouflaging you, as do their sex incarnate Cannon Shorts. 


Image credit: UXH

UXH: The Trendsetter 

UXH may be the new guy on the scene, but they’re quickly making a splash with their innovative designs and inclusive sizing. They’re the ideal brand for those who really want to stand out amongst the sea of aussieBums. UXH swimwear is sure to be the ideal conversation starter with your beach crush, with curious guys wanting to know just where you got those colorful Carton Swim Shorts from or those fabulously gay speedos.  

From the daring to the divine, these fifteen swimwear brands offer something for every taste, style, and body type. Choosing the right brand is like selecting a summer fling – sometimes, you want it hot and heavy, and at other times, you crave something more refined and sophisticated. But, no matter what you wear, the best poolside accessory is confidence – and everyone’s confidence could always do with a little boost.