As one of the most popular and well known LGBTQ+ parties in Europe, La Demence attracts an international crowd looking to have a wild night out. This party is no joke as it can go until 12pm the next day, so expect a long night out. More than just your typical circuit party, the diverse gathering consists of fetish, latex, and leather lovers, bears, muscle queens, and the young and more mature. The dress code is whatever you want it to be. It’s held 12 times a year on Fridays usually hosted by Fuse, one of Belgium's best night clubs.

About La Demence

La Demence is one of the most important gay parties not just in Belgium, but in Europe as a whole. It started up 30 years ago (they just recently celebrated their 30th anniversary) as a weekly party on Sundays which eventually transformed into its current affair as a Friday night monthly party at Fuse in Brussels. Brussels is an ideal international location attracting visitors from all over, often from nearby France, Germany, and The Netherlands but Spanish, British, Italian, and even American guys attend the iconic party. Although Fuse is the main venue fitting 2,000 attendees, La Demence also occasionally expands to other locations. Twice a year the party takes over Palais 12, most recently with over 8,000 visitors. The eccentric crowd of all ages, looks, and nationalities go to dance, cruise, and meet new people. View website →

Why Attend La Demence

  1. the DJs- La Demence features some of the best DJs in Europe with an all night long party that allows at least eight DJs per night including Andrei Stan, Ben Manson, Bernard Gavilan, Chris Bekker, Dikky Vendetta, Elias, John Dixon, Jon Doe, Kenny Perry, Pagano, Paul Heron, Sebastien Triumph, and Steven Redant.
  2. the people – Gay circuit parties tend to attract one very particular group of gym-going muscle queens of a certain age and style which can be intimidating and exclusive. This is not the case for La Demence which has a much more varied community of people creating a welcoming and fun space where you’re sure to have a good time and find your own.
  3. the experience – the party brings in guests from 80 different countries to one location in one of Europe’s most exciting capital cities for an unforgettable night of dancing and mischief that’s a must-have experience. Many regions in North America and Europe have their own circuit parties, but none quite like this 14 hour one with such a long history and unique attendees dressed up and dressed down enjoying the scene, the themed shows, and the lively music.

What to Expect from a La Demence Party?

La Demence parties typically occur on Friday night once a month, with special parties taking place throughout the year on the night before bank holidays. Past party themes have included Wonderland, Happy Easter, Socks, Juicy Bear, and Army Boys. Tickets usually cost around 25€ and its held at Fuse in Brussels. There’s no dress code and no women.

  • Price – ticket prices start at around 25€ for a typical party and increase from there for special events, like the recent 30th anniversary party they held over four days. There’s also a special discount price for those under 26 years old.
  • Size – La Demence usually brings in 2,000+ attendees for the legendary party. However, their special event parties have swelled up to 8,000 party goers from all over the globe.
  • The crowd – the unique crowd is one of the best features of this monthly event. Gay men of all ages, styles, and nationalities attend the party regularly. You’re guaranteed to find your scene as well as discover new ones.
  • Location – the parties are mostly held at Fuse, a huge club in Brussels, but La Demance is its only gay party. The club has three different rooms, four bars, two dance floors, and a dark room.
  • Atmosphere – there’s a welcoming and inclusive ambiance to the parties which appreciate the diversity of the crowd just looking to have a good time at one of the largest and popular gay parties in Europe.
  • Music – expect an eclectic variety of music in various rooms that generally progress from techno to house. Eight international DJs keep the dancing going until noon the next day.

La Demence Reviews and Videos

La Demence has been producing gay parties in Brussels for over 30 years and has a reputation in Europe that can be compared to the White Party in the US, which originally started out of Palm Springs. They are also well known for their creative themes which you can incorporate into your outfit for the night if you so choose. We attended several of their festive parties when we went on The Cruise by La Demence. This is an annual week-long cruise in Europe with stops in various cities like Lisbon, Gran Canaria, Rome, and Dubrovnik depending on the year and route.

So of course one of the highlights of The Cruise were the awesomely themed and over-the-top parties. With more than a dozen DJs from around the world, each night hosted both indoor and poolside nighttime parties where guests dressed up in their most elaborate costumes. We’re not joking here….some people literally brought two suitcases just to fit their party costumes for the different themes throughout the week. We had a great time dressing up ourselves and attending as many of the day and night parties as we could handle. It was truly remarkable experience. You can also read comments on Facebook from many loyal La Demence fans.

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Image credit: La Demence