Porto has been named one of the Top 10 European Destinations by Lonely Planet, European Consumer’s Choice and TripAdvisor. Located on the Douro River in the north of Portugal, it’s a city with great cultural and historical importance and is well known for its Port wine. Porto boasts beautiful natural landscapes, towering bridges, impressive architecture as well as great culture, gastronomy, and nightlife. It’s one of the up and coming cities to visit in Europe and the past few years has seen a huge upswing in gay and gay-friendly venues across the city. Portugal is probably one of the least expensive countries to visit in western Europe so your money will go far during a visit.

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Table of Contents

1. Transportation & Airport Transfer
2. Gay Hotels in Porto
3. Sightseeing & Activities in Porto
4. Porto Gay Tours
5. Restaurants & Cafes
6. Porto Gay Bars & Lounges
7. Porto Gay Clubs & Parties
8. Gay Saunas & Cruising Bars 
9. Gay Events in Porto
10. Day Trips from Porto

Transportation & Airport Transfer

Getting around Porto is pretty easy with both tram and buses available. If you stay in the city center you can probably walk to most places you want to visit, including Gaia, technically a separate city on the other side of the river where all the Port wine cellars are located. The tram system is relevantly new and is quick and clean. Though it goes underground in the city center, it’s really more of a tram system than a proper subway. Tickets worked based on zones so you pay for the distance travel. You buy you tickets from the automated machine and you must choose your zone based on your starting and ending stations. Tram line E (violet) connects the city center to the airport for 2€ and a 45 min ride.

Gay Hotels in Porto

There aren't currently any gay hotels in Porto, but there are many gay-friendly options.


Yeatman Hotel – referred to as a Luxury Wine Spa Hotel (which pretty much says it all). Each and every one of the 82 rooms offer some of the finest views of the surrounding area. A wine lover's haven. Even if you don’t stay at this property, it’s well worth visiting the outdoor bar and terrace as it gives you some of the best views of Porto. Drinks at the bar are expensive for Porto standards but still reasonable for European standards.


Hotel Teatro – perfectly located in the city center and a quick connection to the airport. It’s a good option and is walking distance to just about everything you want to see. It’s a relatively new design hotel located in a building that was formerly a theater. As you walk the walk halls and lobby, you can’t help but feel that you’re backstage of a performance with the walls lined with curtain and spotlight-style overhead lighting.

Hotel Teatro Junior Suite, Photo Credit: Hotel Teatro
Hotel Teatro Suite Room, Photo Credit: Hotel Teatro

Hotel Infante Sagres – still luxurious, this hotel is a tad on the smaller side of most luxury accommodations. The charming, boutique hotel, however, lacks absolutely nothing when it comes to comfort, allure, and spaciousness. Expect a glass of port upon arrival.


Gallery Hostel – this is a high end, design-focused hostel located in central Porto. You’ll be surrounded by a trendy and vibrant area with a never ending flow of activity. You can enjoy free city walking Tours and some of the best hostel facilities around. They even have their own art gallery with an exhibition of local artists that changes twice a month.

The White Box House – this is a typical house from the area dating back to the early 1900’s. The guest house has been refurbished and you’ll find a clean and model feel right in the center of town. Just down the street is Café Majestic, one of the most famous restaurants in town. This is a simple, yet modern and clean guesthouse that’s perfect for any traveler on a budget.

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Sightseeing & Activities in Porto

Porto Cruz – any Porto itinerary should definitely include a port wine experience. They’ve been producing Port wine for more than 100 years, but they offer a modern Port wine experience and tour at their property free of charge. You’ll also find one of the only rooftop terraces on the Gaia bank here and it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the view with a Porto Tonic – one of Porto’s most trendy cocktails.  Book tour →

Porto Cruz Wine Cellar, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR
Porto Cruz Wine Cellar, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND – Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR

Sao Bento Rail Station Another must visit site in the center is the Sao Bento train station who’s inner entrance showcase an impressive collection of tile art depicting Portugal’s 800 year history in a 360 degree massive display. 

Ferreira Port Wine Cellar – a traditional experience where you can tour the wine making process and sample several Port wines with cheese. 

Casa da Música – with a restaurant and two main auditoriums, this place rivals even Walt Disney's Concert Hall. Sometimes referred to as ‘the temple of music' due to the sheer reverence and worship worthy concert venue, it is considered an acoustic marvel. The innovative design featured curved glass throughout the concert halls which gives the interior spaces natural light and an incredibly open feeling. You can also find a cool monthly here where they convert it into the largest nightclub in the country.

Casa de Musica, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR
Casa de Musica, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND – Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR

Livraria Lello – if you love books, one of Portugal's oldest bookstores is a must see. Curvaceous staircases, ornate, geometric designs, stained glass, and wood carvings give it the feel of a resplendent old church! The ideal blend of art and science. Voted one of the top three most beautiful bookstores in the world. 

Livraria Lello Bookstore, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR
Livraria Lello Bookstore, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND – Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR

Tramway – Though typically found in Portugal's older cities, this combination transportation system/tourist attraction is highly reminiscent of San Francisco's trolley system. Line 1 (Coast Line) goes from Passeio Alegre, along the river and into the City Centre. The trolleys are more touristic than practical but still worth a trip.

Bolhao Outdoor Market – the perfect quick stop for cake, coffee, and other assorted examples of beloved local favorites. It's a little bit hidden, so keep your eyes peeled for a mysterious staircase.

Hop on Hop off Bus Tours – bus tours aren’t always our favorite but admittedly, they are sometimes a good way to get a good overview of the city if you only have a single day for sightseeing. You can easily get to know the city quickly (plus visit a Port wine cellar) and jump on and off throughout the day to visit various sites of interest. You can buy online in advance for and find stops throughout the city center. This is easily helpful in Porto since the city has so many hills. Book tour →

Beaches – Porto has many beaches just a short walk from the center. Alternatively you can catch the tram or 500 bus. Along the sandy coast you'll find everyone from surfers to sunbathers.

Porto Gay Tours

Gaily Tours in PortoIf you’re looking for a gay tour in Porto, then check out these guys. They offer city tours with local gay guides that can answer any possible question about gay Porto you could ever think of. Book tour →

Restaurants & Cafes

DOP Restaurant – the renowned Portuguese chef Rui Paula (not Ru Paul) recreates traditional Portuguese flavors into dishes that take on a more modern and artistic feel. For the budget conscious, you can enjoy a multi-course lunch at DOP for just 20€.

Café Majestic – an old favorite of politicians and artists, this glorious, historical coffeehouse uses a stunning combination of wood, marble, chandeliers, cherubs, and mirrors to show off. From coffee or Sangria to superb seafood dishes and cheesecake, the ambiance isn't the only attraction here.

Fish Fish – the view here from the outdoor dining area is just the start of your seafood filled dining pleasure. In addition to seafood, the wines, excellent service, and deserts keep both tourists and locals coming back.

DeCastro Gaia Restaurant – friendly service, elegant wines, and a charming atmosphere can all be used to describe this epicurean experience. Try this celebrated combo: “bochecha de porco” as a main dish with “Toucinho do Céu” as desert.

Tia Tia – If wine is your focus – and that´s a great focus to have – then Tia Tia is a great place to sample the very best of local Portuguese wines alongside authentically delicious Portuguese food. The menu mostly consists of imaginatively crafted vegetarian dishes, which will satisfy even the most finnicky eaters.

Dona Mira – If you like a little culture with your coffee, then this quaint cafe is utter perfection. The atmosphere is as warm as the premier coffee they serve and you´ll find a photo gallery, stacked bookshelf and even a verdant garden to explore between cuppas. As well as the obvious hot beverages they offer a range of craft beers, salads and sandwiches.

Cafe Santiago – Girl, please! Just throw your diet out the window. In a word… ‘Francesinha'. Enough said.

Porto Gay Bars & Lounges

The area around “Galaria de Paris,” called The Galleries, is where you’ll find the highest concentration of cafes, bars and lounges. By night, this area comes alive and becomes the pulsating nightlife spot for locals who love crowding onto the streets since drinking in public is actually still legal in Portugal. In many bars, you pay for your drinks in advance and receive tickets or you order from a card that you receive at the entrance and pay when you leave.

Nightlife at the Galleries, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR
Nightlife at Galleries, Photo Credit: Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau CC BY-NC-ND – Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR

Lusitano Café – great bar with a mixed crowd built in a former warehouse with incredibly high ceilings. It starts to get busy around midnight and has an open atmosphere with more of a socializing scene.

Conceição 35 – this is a new bar in town and is gay-owned. It’s a small but energetic place with a front bar and back dance floor. The crowd is also mixed but will likely be more gay than straight depending on the night. 

Syndikato – all old gay bar located outside of the center. In past years, Porto’s nightlife was not in the city center and this place has been around since then. It’s an gay institution in Porto and plenty of local bar goeres. It’s open on weekends and on Wednesday’s when they have a drag performance. It’s a bit of a dive bar and not nearly as hip as the mixed crowd bars in the center, but it could still be fun with the right crowd. 

Pride – this bar is a bit outside the center and has been around for a while. It’s a local favorite that’s been around before the nightlife starting moving to the Galleries. It’s known for its flamboyant drag shows and often attracts a slightly younger and alternative crowd. 

Porto Gay Clubs & Parties


Plano B – The place to end the night is definitely Plano B, but you won’t find a crowd here until after 1 am. The place looks small upon first entering but head downstairs and you’ll find two additional bars and two large dance floors playing either top 40 or house music, depending on your style. This place is gay-friendly and has a mixed crowd. 

Zoom – this is the only gay specific club in town. It’s extremely popular and can be especially crowded on Saturdays. It’s in the city center and like other places, is located in a former warehouse. You find cute go-go boys and an energetic crowd dancing to house music.

Gay Saunas & Cruising Bars

Sauna Thermas 205 – Porto’s main sauna is a little old fashioned, but certainly not bad for a city of its size. Plus the entrance fee is only ten euros and it comes equipped with a wet sauna, dry sauna, video room, lounge area, two darkrooms and a smoking area.

L'UOMO – a tucked away cruising bar that is open every day and has a classic sex club industrial look to it. It’s both a place to cruise and socialize with a dance floor and bar – sometimes they even have drag shows – to complement its swings, dungeon and dark rooms. The entrance fee varies between ten and fifteen euros and includes a drink.

Gay Events in Porto

Porto Pride – since 2006 Porto has hosted a gay pride march every July, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community of the city. The event centers around the parade on the Saturday, but over the weekend there’s also a healthy mix of big parties and political conferences on queer issues.  On both the Friday and Saturday a stage in Parque da Pasteleira hosts international music acts, DJs and drag queens.

Day Trips from Porto

Douro Valley – this is wine country! With river views, castles and breathtaking monasteries, forgetting your camera (or photo ready smart phone) would be a mortal sin. If you have time it's totally worth taking a day tour of the Douro Valley, which usually includes wine tasting and lunch. Book tour →

Braga – definitely a town of contradictions! By day, it is the epitome of Christianity with an ancient, Rome-like atmosphere. But after dark, this town turns upside down offering a nearly unrivaled nightlife! Book tour →

Guimarães – history buffs rejoice! From the airport, you can reach this destination by car/taxi, bus, or metro/train. Old manors, incredible panoramas, majestic castles, wine, and gardens make Guimarães well worth the trip. Book tour →

For more information about visiting Porto visit the official visitor’s website: www.visitportoandnorth.travel

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