A hotel can make or break a holiday! Having a good place to lay your head – or any number of heads for that matter – is fundamental after a hard day’s exploring an exciting new destination. A lot of hotels are gay-friendly these days (it’s just more profitable for them to be), but there’s something extra to be said for an actual officially gay hotel, resort or guesthouse that goes beyond mere tolerance to curate an authentic gay experience. Gay accommodations are also great places to meet other gay travelers, or to simply feel fully comfortable being as intimate as you like with your partner(s) without fear of judgment. 

So, whether you're dreaming of a romantic getaway, a clothing-optional paradise, a buzzing joint with rooftop pool parties, or a sleek chic gay urban retreat, we've scoured the globe to bring you the crème de la crème of gay hotels across the world, which are more than ready to roll out the rainbow carpet for you. 

Image Credit (and featured image): Axel Hotels

Axel Hotel Madrid (Spain)

Axel is the biggest name out there for gay hotels, or “hetero-friendly” as they rather inclusively call themselves. There are now a total of ten Axel hotels across the world – six in Spain alone – but the one in Madrid really leaves an impression. Located in the trendy “Barrio de las Letras” just a short walk away from the gayborhood of Chueca, Axel Hotel Madrid is the perfect combo of style, innovative design and comfort in a cosmopolitan environment.

The rooftop bar is as much a hangout spot as a hotel bar and there you’ll sometimes find locals as well as guests enjoying a cocktail while enjoying the view of the city all around. The pool is small but almost always full of – often very attractive – men looking to hang out and get to know other guests. Axel Madrid’s rooms all have a distinctive avant-garde interior inspired by the Madrid socio-cultural movement of the 1980’s and they feel authentically Spanish yet still with that trademark modernity of all Axel Hotels. And don’t be shy about making use of the “DO disturb” sign on your door if you’re looking for company from anyone who might be circling the corridors.

Telegrafo Axel Hotel – Havana (Cuba)

If your gay heart is in Havana, then Axel hotels have you covered with their brand new Telegrafo Axel Hotel La Havana. Cuba might seem a controversial choice for a gaycation given the temperamental politics of the country, but the Axel Hotel is well placed within a safe zone of the city. Located in the oldest and most iconic building in Cuba – once being the first telegraph center in the country – the hotel is a beautiful contrast of old and new. The stunningly classical blue and white building contains 63 rooms styled with the characteristic Axel modernity but with a touch of Cuban influence. There’s also a flashy looking restaurant, a cool lounge bar, rooftop terrace and pool for guests to take advantage of.

Casa Brisa Boutique Guest House – Sitges (Spain)

‘Mi casa es tu casa’, is an often-used expression in Spain, and Casa Brisa Boutique Guest House in Sitges really hones in on that sentiment. Casa Brisa is a tranquil boutique guesthouse located just on the outskirts of the gay favored seaside town of Sitges, perfectly situated to enjoy the pace of the Catalonian countryside, but close enough to get to the gay beach and the nighttime action of Sitges – it’s just 6 kilometers away from the center.

The guesthouse is pure sophistication with stylish rooms and a tranquil clothing-optional pool to relax around and its intimate size makes it easy to make friends, or simply spend some quality time with your better half. 

La Connexion – Peymeinade (France)

“Where do you think you’re sleeping tonight?” is the question you should ask yourself when looking for a romantic retreat into Southern France. La Connexion is a charming gay boutique holiday resort located in the picturesque town of Peymeinade in the French Riviera. Nestled in a serene environment, it offers a tranquil escape with stunning views of the surrounding hills, trademark French olive groves and rolling countryside. 

Peymeinade, known for its beautiful landscapes and close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation. Guests can explore the scenic countryside, visit nearby quaint villages, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Cannes, just a short drive away.

La Connexion combines the allure of the French Riviera with a warm, inclusive hospitality, making it a perfect retreat for the LGBTQ+ community. On site there's a lush garden, a refreshing clothing-optional pool and a huge jacuzzi. They have space for 16 guests in 5 apartments and studios. Four of them have a private entrance and their own terraces to unwind on and enjoy the pure perfection of the surrounding French countryside. 


ArtHotel Connection – Berlin (Germany)

Berlin has quite the reputation as a party city, especially for LGBTQ+ lovers of techno and/or the kink scene. ArtHotel Connection provides a welcome retreat zone from the nightlife when the action gets a bit too much by being conveniently situated in the gay area, Schöneberg, next to the main bars and clubs but nicely tucked away in a beautiful tree-lined street – however, it’s with noting that there is actually still a club attached to the same building.

The hotel is small but cozy with only 16 rooms located on the 3rd floor of a Berlin residential house. The décor is quirky and bedecked with modern art and it has a very ‘bed and breakfast' feel to it – the breakfast buffet blessedly runs til late as well, to accommodate inevitable Berlin hangovers. The rooms are spacious, light and have nice, homely touches – such as comfy armchairs and modern art. The other guests there tend to be chatty as well, so it’s easy to make potential party friends. 

B&B First Floor – Rome (Italy)

B&B First Floor is a stylish gay hotel located in the heart of Rome, offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ travelers. Situated in the lively neighborhood of San Giovanni, it provides easy access to Rome's iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum – in fact you get a very clear view of the latter from some of the rooms’ windows.

It’s small but the hotel features modern, comfortable rooms with chic minimalist decor. The cozy atmosphere, personalized service, and friendly community vibe makes you feel at home. Plus its prime location makes it perfect for both exploring Rome and getting home easily from the gay nightlife found just around the corner under the Colosseum. 

Hotel Gaythering – Miami (USA)

“More than just a hotel” has become a cliche expression by this point, but Hotel Gaythering is very much something more. It’s a place where you can meet, socialize and enjoy a laid-back Miami vibe. It offers nice rooms with a modern yet vintage flair and a unique, artsy theme. They even have “crate style” rooms as an affordable, small but private space with shared bathrooms that’s budget friendly for all. The hotel bar is open to the public every night, and the locals come for drinks, trivia, and events throughout the week. The sauna is also available to the public for those looking to have a bit of fun

Island House – Key West (USA)

Key West is a little Caribbean free-spirited gaytopia, far removed from the politics of the rest of Florida. Island House Key West has the claim to fame of being one of the – if not THE – first gay guesthouses in the world, so they have had time to perfect it. And perfect it they have! Its laidback welcoming to all vibes has made it the must stay at resort in Key West.

Inside the resort – besides a lot of naked male guests – you’ll find a gym with a sauna, multiple jacuzzis, a clothing-optional sundeck and a large pool with a poolside cafe/bar with smoking hot barman. The rooms have large comfy beds, queer art decorating the walls, mood light settings on the mirrors, ceiling fans, light up headboards and snazzy shade control blinds. Island House is also known for its legendary pool parties and events during festivals.

Coqui del Mar Guest House – San Juan (Puerto Rico)

The only gay-owned guest house in Puerto Rico is as much about nurturing a sense of community, inclusion and all-round fun as a place to stay. The welcoming, community-based atmosphere of Coqui del Mar simply can’t be matched anywhere else in the Caribbean. Whether you come alone, with your partner or a big group of friends, it’s easy to meet and socialize with other guests while hanging out at their pool, sipping drinks in their spacious jacuzzi or attending their cheeky clothing-optional Saturday barbecues. It’s also very budget friendly and offers different room types to suit all budgets – from large apartments with full kitchens to shared, hostel-style rooms for solo travelers. The beach is literally in front of the door and it's an easy walk to the other gay-friendly beaches and the gays bars of the exciting San Juan gay scene. 

Trixie Motel – Palm Springs (USA)

So good she put her name on it, Trixie Motel was opened by the one and only Drag Race legend Trixie Mattel and her partner. Palm Springs has perhaps the most gay accommodations in the world sandwiched into the little desert retreat, but Trixie Motel stands out for its fantastically kitschy take on a traditional motel. Its decor is inspired by her very pink and very camp drag style making it a fun, over-the-top place to stay in Palm Springs. It’s not cheap but the rooms are unique with wacky themes like ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘Atomic Bombshell’. And you’re sure to make friends around the pool while reclining on their fabulous pink sun loungers.

Casa Cúpula – Puerto Vallarta (México)

Puerto Vallarta is a gay favorite for those who want both a taste of Mexico and a lively gay party scene. Casa Cupula is one of the best gay clothing-optional resorts in town to use as a basecamp and it’s right in the center of the action while still feeling like its own self-contained resort. Its location couldn’t be more perfect – sat perfectly on the hills to take advantage of killer views of both the Pacific Ocean and tropical forest while handily being a short walk from Playa de Los Muertos Beach, Vallarta’s gay beach.  

They have not one but two swimming pools (one clothing-optional), a sizable hot tub, a spa, a gym and an on-site restaurant, serving Mexican-style dishes and American cuisine to a terrace made to capitalize on the view. Each guest room and suite at Casa Cupula has a unique interior design and original artwork, ranging from the lavish to the only slightly less lavish. It also hosts rather legendary parties. In short, Casa Cupula has the perfect blend of luxury and no-holds barred fun.  

Amistad – Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Amsterdam is another potentially wild city but also a beautiful one steeped in history. Whatever your reasons for visiting, be it a bachelor party or culture dive, Amistad is a solid choice with a great reputation. Amistad is located in the lively Jordaan district and it offers guests easy access to popular attractions like the Anne Frank House and the city's iconic canals. The hotel only has nine rooms and each is homely and stylish. 

Amistad is celebrated for its warm hospitality, creating a friendly and relaxed environment for LGBTQ+ travelers. They describe it as ‘giving you the feeling you’re staying with family’ and this is accurate due to the welcoming nature of the couple who run it and the fact the delicious breakfast they serve is around a “family table” with the other guests every morning.

Turtle Cove – Queensland (Australia)

Australia's “Sunshine State,” is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, tropical rainforests, and – of course – the Great Barrier Reef. Turtle Cove epitomizes all the region’s beauty and has that unbeatable chilled out Aussie vibe. It’s also Australia’s only LGBTQ+ adult-only resort (but allies are welcome too), sandwiched between Cairns (the home of the Great Barrier Reef) and Port Douglas. It’s right up on a private beach that comes replete with a cocktail mixing bar and hammocks. Then there’s a relaxing pool area and its own restaurant – which offers an amazing complimentary tropical breakfast – all surrounded by lush tropical plant life.

Turtle Cove offers rooms, apartments and suites, which are all luxurious with terraces made to show off the beautiful location. It’s a great place to take a loved one for some alone time or just have some alone time of your own. The resort also hosts a fun range of events catering to the LGBTQ+ community, like pool parties and drag shows.

MEN’s Resort & Spa – Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Siem Reap is a resort town, best known as the gateway to the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia, including the iconic Angkor Wat. It might not seem like the “gayest” location in the world, but MEN’s Resort & Spa sure adds the gay element to any holiday there and provides an ideal base for exploring the historic wonders nearby. 

The distinguished LGBTQ+ boutique hotel is nestled in a serene location and features elegant rooms, a saltwater swimming pool and a fully equipped gym. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar, which serve delectable local and international cuisine in a stylish setting.The fact it has a rather saucy sauna equipped with steam baths, dry labyrinths, a large jacuzzi and private cabins also adds an interesting contrast to your day tripping to the historic temples and other wonders nearby. 

Blue Cabin Gay Poshtel – Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is wild! There really is nowhere on this Earth that matches its energy. There are glorious temples, floating markets and a nightlife which more than lives up to its reputation forged in the Hangover 2 – the Silom District in particular in the LGBTQ+ area, in which you’re guaranteed a night out you’ll never forget or simply won’t remember.

Blue Cabin Gay Poshtel is right up in the action and yet removed enough to provide a respite when it all gets a bit much. It combines the comfort of a hostel with the elegance of a boutique hotel. Guests enjoy modern, well-appointed rooms (which are perfect in their simplicity), communal spaces for socializing, a sauna, a fitness center, its own bar and a rooftop terrace with a saltwater swimming pool and city views of the chaotically beautiful below. For so many facilities it is also incredibly cheap, and the breakfast is easily the best you’ll find in the city.  

So, wherever your wanderlust – or maybe just lust – takes you, you can never go wrong with one of these gay hotels to maximize your gaycation experience.