Pride is as much a celebration as a protest. A celebration of progress achieved by the LGBTQ+ community, a celebration of unity, a celebration of self-expression and a celebration of the freedoms which allow us to boldly march in the first place. A good Pride outfit can epitomize all that, while still complimenting your ass-ets.

From loud and proud clothing displaying where you identify under the rainbow to cheeky slogan t-shirts that express your sassy personality to the right harness to show off those gym muscles, there’s a Pride outfit for everyone and a wealth of accessoires to compliment them. As the grand high queen of the gays, Madonna, once said: express yourself, don’t repress yourself. So here are just a few styles that’ll make your Pride outfit pop this year.  

Make it Rain…bow

The rainbow flag is the most recognisable symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and you really can’t go wrong with making it the focal point of any Pride ensemble. Created in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker, it embodies a message of diversity, inclusion, and hope, while bringing out that gay glean in your eyes. has a selection of rainbow bright t-shirts and tank tops which proudly display the flag in its many iterations. There's the Proud AF Men’s T-shirt, the Pride is Here Men’s T-shirt  (emblazoned with a cute rainbow love heart), the Pride & Peace Sign Men’s Tank Top (with its rainbow colored peace sign) or the Love is Love Men’s T-shirt (with a classic LGBTQ+ rainbow above a message we can all get behind). You can pick the color that best suits, from a smooth cobalt blue to a cheeky light pink – all easily paired with some well-fitted jeans.

Add the Progress High Tops for some flashy sneakers to complete the look. They look damn sharp – not to mention unique – with the updated Progress Flag prettily coating them, allowing you to celebrate progress and pride with every step you take…and every move you make…you get the picture! 

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

The LGBTQ+ community encapsulates a diverse mix of sexualities and gender identities. So why not get specific and wear the flag that represents your part of the community. At you can choose a t-shirt or tank top with any other flag for all the myriad of sexualities and gender identities – including agender, androphilia, aromatic, asexual, bisexual, bigender, intersex, lithromantic, lithsexual, nonbinary, pansexual, polyamorous, polysexual, skoliosexual, transgender, trigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, lesbian and neutrois. 

Sporty with A Bit of Spice

The stereotype that LGBTQ+ and sports don’t mix is a dated one. But irrespective of if you’re a sports fan or not, the sporty gay is a solid look – especially when gayafied just a touch. A sporty crop top from brands like Adidas or Nike paired with tracksuit bottoms, or some skimpy sports shorts, is a sure way to bring some boys to the yard this Pride.

Complete the ‘I just came from the gym’ look with some sexy tight sporty leggings. The Mouthful of Pride Leggings are just as at home at a pride celebration as they are at a workout session and combine sports and Pride into one nice…um package.  The rainbow-coloured tongued mouth illustration on the back gives it that pride flair and the stretchy fabric – it’s 82% polyester and 18% spandex – means the fit will keep you looking fit. And if you’re really feeling it, why bother with underwear!

Let’s Get Political

If you believe that every stride is a statement and every outfit a manifesto, then get political with your look by choosing a statement t-shirt, vest or hoodie. Pair it with some jeans – ripped ones if you don’t think grunge died with Kurt Cobain – and you’re ready to go. have a good selection of statement t-shirts and tank tops too, like the  If You Can’t Say Gay, You Can’t Say Faggot Tank Top, which shows you have a zero tolerance policy to homophobic bullying – or its lesbian equivant the If You Can’t Say Gay, You Can’t Say Dyke Women’s T-Shirt for the ladies. 

The Library is Always Open at Pride 

You don’t have to make a statement in what you wear however, other than to declare your fabulousness that is. After all, to have confidence in yourself is itself an act of revolution. Gay Pride tops can also showcase fun elements of your personality and/or make witty references to queer culture. has a wide selection here too like the Fluent in Sass T-Shirt  or the wonderfully stupid Into Blank Profiles with No Pics Tank Top.

Smart, Casual, Sexy

It’s become somewhat of a gay uniform, but hey, there’s a reason for that: it looks sharp. A striped shirt paired with shorts, so tight they act like a push up bra for your ass, is a solid look anytime of the year. A white t-shirt underneath is an optional addition, or simply unbutton the shirt to show off that hairy chest. Pricey brands are great of course, but whatever Ru Paul says, there’s no shame in cutting costs with this look by buying the shirt and shorts from H&M or some other high street retailer. Sometimes simplicity is key. 

Born Naked and the Rest is Drag 

Drag Queens are both the warriors and en-TER-tainers of our community. They are also very much in the trenches right now, with attempts to ban the fine art of drag in the US. Embrace the fem and show the queens some love with’s stunning selection of Men’s Drag Tank Tops. Their designs showcase the artistry and flamboyance of drag culture through captivating drag queen illustrations – like that of the gorgeous and iconic Uma Goodness, bedecked in pride makeup with rainbow coloured hair and a riot of pop art-esque colors in the backdrop. 

Alternatively, Pride is a wonderful opportunity to try out drag yourself. You can do this playfully all by yourself, but to really sissy that walk, befriend a queen and get yourself the expertise of a drag mother – even if it’s just for the day. If you’re marching in the parade though, be sure to get some practice walking – and dancing – in high heels prior to the day because, as any girl will emphatically tell you, it is not as effortless as the queens make it look! 

Hot Pants and Glitter

Sometimes less is really more, even at Pride. Well, less clothes that is! Thus there’s the option of simply squeezing into some hot pants, throwing on some glitter and calling it a fabulous day. If you’re lucky enough to be skilled – or know someone – who is skilled in body art, you can really up the ante on the look by making yourself into a walking work of art. Or…save yourself some time at the gym and simply paint on some muscle definition, that works too. 

Kinky and You Know It

The kink community has always been an integral part of Pride – I mean, let’s be real, you’d be hard pressed to find a queer person who doesn’t have even just a little bit of a kinky streak. 

There’s a wide range of styles to showcase whatever your kink might be: it could mean anything from being a leather clad daddy to a PVC lover to a mask wearing pup or submissive leash and all. Or it could be as simple as a harness with some sexy looking sporty shorts – you do you…and if you’re lucky, somebody else whose fetishes match your own. Kink clothes might enrage the “think of the children” crew, but don’t let that bother you. There’s no place at Pride for suppression and haters are gonna hate. 

Queer as Folk

Queer is an identity, but also a look which draws inspiration from many sources from the runways of Paris to the ballrooms of 90’s New York to the fetish scene of Berlin  Queer fashion is nebulous to define but it can be anything from fishnet tops and suspenders to dungarees or bright suits.  The linking factor is a love of experimentation with the way you present your body and a desire to play with gender. You can find garments to get you started from companies like the queer-focused suit makers Sharpe Suiting and the aforementioned with their non-gendered clothing, but really this look is all about your own creativity and tapping it what makes you unique! 

At Pride there is absolutely no golden rule about what you should wear, so take all advice – from this article or anywhere else – with a pinch of glitter. However, if there were to be one rule, it would be this piece of sage advice: be yourself, everyone else is taken! is an ethical online clothes, apparel and accessories store dedicated to the mission of helping the LGBTQIA+ community show the world who we are and how we stand together. It goes that step further by giving back to the community in the form of 10% of proceeds going to LGBTQ+ organizations. This assures that every purchase made from is used to further fuel the fires of progress. What’s more you get a little more bang for your pink buck with free shipping for all orders over $100 and there’s an easy 30-day return policy. Get your Pride 2024 outfits now!