This past Friday and Saturday were our double yard sale days. Auston had his at his mom's house in Mesa and I had mine at my mom's in Gilbert.

Our nephew Draven was an excellent security guard too. You just never know what's going to go down at a garage sale.

Things I've learned from my garage selling guru sister (Tasia):

1. People won't buy what they can't see. So display clothes, put together items that need assembly, and be sure your feature products are visible.

2. Don't go too low on prices on day one. There's always the next day to slash them.

3. $3 and $5 are good prices for items, but for some unknown reason she doesn't like $4. I don't understand that rule.

4. Signs have to be large, bright, and legible. But don't let people mooch off your signs for their own yard sale! Someone did that to us on Saturday so we had to promptly add another sign.

5. At the end of it all, just get rid of your junk! We had a “Fill a Bag for a $1” deal. Anything that fits in the bag is yours!

And sometimes, you just have to treat yourself with some of your profits. This is my text to Auston trying to determine who made the most at their garage sale.


Thanks to our families for all the help. It was definitely a success and we managed to reach our goal. It will definitely help supplement our current lack of income.