Taking some of the world's most amazing feats to a whole other level is the fascinating city of Dubai. A modern, luxurious mega-city with some of the most incredible sites, architectural feats, and stunning views, this city just might have it all and more. Dubai is an incredibly diverse city and the culture of Dubai is mixed with an infusion of different peoples' foods, traditions and celebrations. Here are some of Dubai's most impressive structures and world record breakers.

What does the ocean floor look like 66 feet underwater in the Persian Gulf? Do you actually think you need to go diving to find out? Of course not, you're in Dubai. The Hydroplis is the world's first underwater luxury resort and you can dine, sleep, and even brush your teeth with the fish.

Burj al Arab
Probably the most noticeable and iconic landmark of Dubai is the Burj al Arab Hotel. It boasts itself as being the only 7-star hotel on earth. The magnificent and unique building boats an underwater restaurant and a skyview bar. It's of course one of the most photographed structures on earth and the shape resembles a sail floating in to the Persian Gulf.

Palm Islands
When you this of architectural feats and amazing structures, rarely do you think of a manmade island. However, Dubai will prove your way of thinking wrong when you cast your eyes on the Palm Islands. An ambitious engineering feat, the Palm Islands are the largest artificial islands, and another world record for Dubai; naturally, they are in the shape of palms. The islands are covered in luxury resorts like the Palm Tree Court Dubai, beachside homes, water parks, entertainment and leisure centers, marinas and more.

Photo by Joi Ito / CC BY
Photo by Joi Ito / CC BY

Burj Khalifa
Did you think we were done with Dubai setting another world record? Not at all. This is perhaps the first thing you saw when you entered Dubai as it's hard to miss. Towering over 828 meters in the sky is the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. To literally top everything off, on the 158th floor of 160 floors there is the world highest mosque, the highest swimming pool at 76 floors up, and of course, the world's highest viewing platform on the 124th floor. The building is an epic masterpiece and 900 residences call this place home. Office suites and the Armani Hotel also are held in this fine building.

Dubai Marina
Don't get tired of hearing about the wonders and world records that Dubai shoots out of the park yet, here we have yet again, another world record for the largest manmade marina. There are three kilometers of waterfront property with bars, restaurants, yacht shelters, and pedestrian walkways.

Infinity Tower

For the world's tallest high-rise with a twist of 90 degrees, the Infinity Tower steals this title too. 305 meters from the ground, this impressive structure twists a full 90 degrees from base to the top and has some dynamite waterfront views from up high.