In celebration of Gay Pride month, we're creating a special campaign for TwoBadTourists. We've been planning for months and have come up with a perfectly organized, in-depth and detailed, well thought-out  program…..OK, not really. In fact, we just came up with the idea yesterday but decided immediately to go with it. Yay for spontaneity!

So here's the scoop. To finish off the month of June, we want to attend a gay pride festival in Europe of your choice. That's right, we are asking our viewers to vote and decide where we should go as a final destination for the month of June. Coincidentally, there are four amazing European cities that have gay pride celebrations on the weekend of June 29th. We would love to attend all, but of course that is impossible.


We are asking for your help to decide. Where should we go? Where do you think we'll have the most fun. Which gay pride parade do you want to hear about? Once we're there we'll take plenty of video footage and will share our completely innocent adventures as TwoSoberTourists…..Ok, probably not. But hey, the videos will probably be more fun after a few drinks, right?! Your choices are between Lisbon, Barcelona, London and Paris. We've been to all four of these cities before so we know they are fantastic destinations, but we simply can't decide on our own.

The voting starts now and runs for until June 15th. We hope you'll participate and choose your favorite destination. Once we tally the results on June 15th, we'll quickly book our flight, bus or train to any of one these great cities.

Let the voting begin and be sure to sure to share your vote to Facebook and Twitter with the buttons above the poll!