Taking a road trip is a great outdoor adventure for any family or group or friends. Our road trip across the US was an interesting experience where we visited cities we never would have stopped at before on our own. Check out this post that was shared with us highlighting some awesome and crazy destinations to explore with a campervan.


Sometimes the perfect vacation is where you’re outside getting dirty, breaking a sweat, and enjoying nature at its finest.  Get your campervan ready, here is a list of the best places to go exploring outdoors depending on your favorite thrilling outdoor activities.

The Hiker

If you’re all about hiking then one place you need to check out is the Garden of Gods in Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest.  This landscape is believed to be more than 320 million years old. There are two hiking trails here: one is all about the fantastic views of unique rock formations and the other is much longer and alongside the rivers. At Cinque Terre in Italy there are beautiful coastal paths where you are sandwiched between the Mediterranean and awe-inspiring mountains. These paths can be pretty mild so no worry about having much hiking experience, just bring a camera!

The River Rafter

Chattooga is the ideal place for people who love a rush of adrenaline… and water.  Chattooga is protected by the government so it can’t get overdeveloped.  This river spans across three states in the US and has sections that are suitable for beginners to experts.  White water rafting can make you a little nervous but at least you don’t have to worry about your campervan if you have Comfort Insurance.  Another spot you need to try is Rio Upano in Ecuador.  This river in cozied into the rain forest while animals and birds fly over your head while the waters rush you through a whole different world.

The Sand Surfer

Sand surfing or sand boarding has been becoming a new popular thing to do for people looking for a different type of thrill, or maybe just for those who just don’t like getting wet. In Siwa, Egypt is most likely the perfect place for sand surfing and possibly even where the sport was born.  The Dunes that can be found there reach heights of 500ft with slopes of 70 degrees and higher, perfect to catch some speed.  In Australia the place to go is The Bowl. Here you can enjoy the fantastic views of the shoreline while getting your heart racing.

Photo by Geoffrey Levey / CC BY
Photo by Geoffrey Levey / CC BY

The Cave Explorer

If you aren’t so afraid of being surrounded by rock, cave exploring is something you need to try. The Cango Caves in South Africa stretch for around two and a half miles are thought to be by many people one of the natural wonders of the world.  In one of the tours you even crawl through passageways and climb up rock formations.  In Arkansas there is the Cosmic Cavern which truly is a hidden treasure.  There are guided tours that bring you to see two bottomless cave lakes, where no end has been found.  Don’t fall in!

There are many more different outdoor activities for the adrenaline junkies out there. Remember the world is a giant playground and it is never time to stop exploring and living life to the fullest.