I must admit that I tend to think of Orlando as simply a family destination. After all, this is my only experience when I visited as a kid as compared to our recent visit to Miami which often attracts a more mature and childless crown. Here's a post that was shared with us giving you ideas beyond just the typical family vacation.


Sure, when you think of a vacation in Orlando, Florida you might automatically let your mind drift to ideas of packs of families with little children running around screaming about wanting to see Mickey Mouse, while their parents struggle to keep sunscreen on their faces.  Banish these ideas from your head!  Orlando is not just a place to take your kids or grandparents, but somewhere you can enjoy at any age or maturity level.

The Not-Leaving-the-Resort Type

Maybe you would prefer to find a hotel or resort that has enough to keep you happy without ever having to leave the grounds in hopes of seeing less of the frantic families running all around. The Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort is one place where you can enjoy a little adult relaxation.  The resort is actually a perfect place to experience some seriously fine dining at the three signature restaurants. Watch out though, there is a pool for the kiddies, featuring a pirate ship, but that’s why there’s more than one pool.  Of course this resort isn’t the only place you feel comfortable staying.  One of the best aspects of vacationing in Florida is the simple idea that there are tons of Florida holiday packages available to you so you can save a buck or two or find the perfect adult trip in one adult friendly package.

Photo by Robert Linsdell / CC BY
Photo by Robert Linsdell / CC BY

The Partier

Universal City Walk is the place to be when the sun goes down.  There is a mixture of fantastic food, banging bars, crazy clubs, and of course some magical music (hey, Orlando is the home of a lot of magic!)  This is literally a huge complex – a whole 30 acres – devoted to being a place to keep the party going.  The best part about everything being so action packed into one area is that you can go get drinks at Red Coconut Club, then head over to see a concert at Hard Rock Live, and keep the musical mood going with some dancing at The Groove. If you live in the Tampa area, you can even rent a party bus from Clearwater and make it a big trip with friends.

The Live Show Lover

This one ties in with the partier, as there are tons of great places to see live music shows on Universal City Walk.  Not just at Hard Rock Live, but Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville often has great live bands playing music late into the night.  But we all know live shows aren’t just about the music. La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil is a breath taking show unlike anything you’ve seen before.  Watch in amazement as you can only dream of flying through the air along with the incredibly talented performers.  If something a little more live and a little less show is to your liking, check out the Richard Petty Driving Experience. No kids allowed, as you are behind the wheel of a race car and fulfilling a deep rooted dream of going speeds that would normally get you arrested.

When it comes down to it, there really is just so much to Orlando that doesn’t require have a bunch of age-challenged running around your legs.  Orlando is a great city that deserves the visit without the distractions.  You are never too old to have a terrific trip in sunny Orlando, Florida.