Our time in Europe is coming to a close. We fly to Ghana this Saturday and begin our volunteer placement on Monday. The details of our placement were just given to us recently as we asked to just be placed based on need at the time (although we did suggest some of the things we were interested in).

Well we will be working in the Child Development Center and Street Library Ghana for VPWA. I'm told that a standard day should look something like this…

7am-8am: Help prepare the children to their schools

9am-12pm: Help on the Green Ghana project site in the farming activities

3pm-6pm: Help on the street library program

Evening: Help the children complete their assignments from school (if not too tired…)

We're excited about the plan. Of course plans change, but it sounds like a good start!. Let's just hope we can start the day by 7am. I'm not sure my alarm clock has that setting.