The time had finally come for my two sisters and brother-in-law to join TwoBadTourists for a week abroad – making it a week with FiveBadTourists! We've been planning this trip for about six months and were so ready to be on our way! For my older sister and her husband, it'd been nearly ten years since they traveled abroad anywhere other than Mexico. And for my twin sister, it was her first time abroad other than a few spring breaks in Mexico as well.

Clearly, they all needed a special trip and Peru was the perfect choice. We even received a special Peruvian welcome. After we arrived in Lima, we crammed into a cab to head to our hostel in Miraflores. Traffic was heavy and our taxi wasn't making much progress. So we contented ourselves to staring out the window at our new locale. As we did so, we noticed a guy walking between cars on the freeway. Not an entirely unusual site during heavy traffic in Lima.


As the guy gets between our taxi and the car beside us, he quickly reaches his arm through the half rolled-up window of the other and snatches a smartphone out of the passenger's lap. Then he hauls ass down the street. The guy who just got his phone snatched yelled after him and started chasing him down the road. As this is happening the five of us are staring with our jaws dropped. Did we just see that?! What a way to start a trip.

We all held tightly to our belongings (iPhones especially since they were everyone's main camera) for the rest of the trip. In a way, it was kind of a good thing that we saw that occur. It reminded us to be cautious with our belongings. As for the guy with the stolen phone, we didn't see what happened. But as my sister puts it in her blog “We hope he was caught, reasoned with, discovered the err of his ways, and all was set right.” It could happen!