The day after our quick trip to Heidelberg we finally arrived in Nancy, France with Auston's family to visit their extended cousins. It had been about 4 years since we'd seen everyone (many I had just met for the first time). We had a great time at a couple family get togethers and the food was excellent. I admit that I sometimes thought the French appreciation for good wine and cheese was somewhat of a stereotype. But it was quickly confirmed for me. And we thoroughly enjoyed it!

After some sightseeing in Nancy, we went to Center Parcs, a sort of outdoor resort in the forests of France. They had numerous activities from paintball, horseback riding, bowling, biking, archery, swimming pools, etc. It was an overwhelming selection and we mostly opted for laying out poolside.

However, we did all partake in the zipline. Actually, it turned out to be more of an endurance balancing act amongst the trees than it was a zipline, but we managed (even with my trembling fear of heights). Center Parcs was an excellent and probably more uncommon way to spend time in France as an American tourist, but it is well worth it. Plus it was excellent family time. Just what we needed before we continue on our own for the next 6 months.

Photos here.

Boat tour of Strasbourg