Los Angeles is one of the most iconic places not only in the United States but the world and boasts a vibrant LGBT scene.

Hollywood is the place to be if you want to make it big in the world of film and television and is also a welcoming hub of entertainment and exploration for millions of people from a variety of backgrounds every year.

With so many things to do in LA, this incredible part of America offers a host of thrilling activities and this article will focus on guiding LGBT travellers around this major and memorable Californian city.

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Things to do in LA

A place brimming with events and activities, Los Angeles offers the ultimate in having a good time and offers visitors a holiday they'll never forget. Here are some things you absolutely have to do during your vacation in LA.

The Hollywood Sign

If you’re in LA, then of course you will be keen to get a picture of the iconic Hollywood sign. Synonymous with stunning cinema and the most famous A-Listers on the planet, be sure to venture to the Hollywood & Highland Center for the optimum photo spot.

Situated here is the Dolby Theatre which hosts the Oscars every year and then outside you can explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame and spot the names of your favorite stars who shine on the big screen.

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Universal Studios

As Los Angeles is an entertainment hub any visit is going to incorporate thrills, drama and excitement. Universal Studios combines all these things. It's the ultimate immersive experience with a huge range of rides and experiences giving you an exclusive look into Hollywood’s film studios.

To make the most of the visit, be sure to get there early so that you have plenty of time to navigate the queues and pack as much into your day as possible. It’s a smart move to research Universal Studios so that you can plan and make an itinerary to ensure you absolutely have time to tick off your bucket list activities.

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Enjoy LA’s Gay Beach

Every holiday needs to feature some fun in the sun and Will Rogers State Beach, home to LA’s only gay beach, is a great place to hang out and chill.

Known as ‘Ginger Rogers’, it is a vast stretch of beach meaning there is plenty of sand to walk along as you look to meet fellow holiday makers in the sunshine. Whether you are a sunbather or fancy a dip, a day at LA’s gay beach is a great way to enjoy some downtime and catch some rays.

Go on the Ultimate Shopping Trip

Los Angeles boasts a unique and thriving shopping scene with a range of high end establishments and boutiques merging to offer a perfect retail therapy experience.

Downtown and Broadway features high-end shops offering great clothing rangers while you’ll be able to find special pieces in the Arts District from local brands to your more well-known names.

What’s more, there are amazing eateries and restaurants dotted all around and we know shopping until you drop can help work up quite the appetite.

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One National Gay & Lesbian Archives

Home to one of the largest LGBT communities in America, LA also boasts the greatest collection of LGBT archives. Showcasing LGBT history, this is a great way to spend some hours learning about the past and gaining perspective on the LGBT world and how it has evolved over the decades.

With various exhibits, this is an interesting and educational journey and a must-visit attraction during your time in California.

Head to LA’s Famous Gay Bar

On New Year's Eve 1967, The Black Cat was the scene of gay revellers being arrested by police and it was a moment in time which led to a series of peaceful demonstrations outside the watering hole. The powerful movement secured the establishment's place as a famous and important LGBT landmark. Nowadays it's a Silver Lake gastropub and a great place to visit for wholesome food and a boozy brunch if you so wish.

LA features a number of gay bars which you can frequent for a dance and laid-back socializing. So, head down for a good sing-song and boogie.

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Summing Up

It is no surprise Los Angeles attracts millions of visitors every year as it truly is a hive of fun and entertainment. With iconic landmarks every way you look, it's a seriously unforgettable place which is ideal for a picture-perfect getaway.

Welcoming and hospitable, there are a plethora of LGBT venues to enjoy and historic attractions to learn more about the city and its community.

Whether you want some sun, sea and sand or are keen to explore a city for shopping and eating, LA has it all and is one of the greatest places on earth.