Getting sick while traveling abroad is bound to happen to even the most prepared traveler. Still, we were a little caught off guard when it happened so quickly during our time in Mexico City. We were cautious – making sure all the food we ate was thoroughly cooked and our water was sterilized. In the end, it just didn't matter.

Auston woke up one morning with his stomach feeling a bit queasy. Not thinking much of it, he proceeded with his normal morning routine before we left for our Spanish classes that we had enrolled in for two weeks. This is where it gets a little graphic. When he went to the toilet just to relieve a full bladder he discovered there was more in store for him. Expecting to just let out a little gas, he unintentionally shat himself.

I died with laughter. It's one thing to be sick, but can't a thirty year old man understand his own bowel movements and make it to the toilet? I couldn't resist teasing him all morning. Until it was my turn…

Auston still felt up for our Spanish class so we went as usual that morning. On a break from the lesson,  I needed to use the restroom. Thinking I just had a little gas, I did the EXACT SAME THING as Auston and SHAT MYSELF. I did not see it coming! After cleaning up as best I could, I told my teacher I had stomach pains and hightailed it back home, clenching my stomach the entire bus ride. Hoping. Praying. Pleading that my insides would stay inside (to my relief they did).

It was a rough day. Thankfully, it passed within 24 hours and we avoided having anymore unpleasant stomach issues. Until we were in Guatemala