After 5 days of all-day bartending courses, I am now officially a “certified bartender,” whatever that means. I took a week of from work to complete this course and it was actually a lot of fun. I got a great deal from Groupon to pay for the course and I had the vacation time to use.

I'm hoping this will be an easier way into a new job once we finish our trip and move to San Diego. It's not exactly quick and easy to find a management job in engineering so I figured I could bartend until I find a job that I really want…assuming I even want to go back into engineering. This may also be a good way to meet people in a new city once we move. This would be a great social outlet since my typical job in engineering doesn't really lend itself to meeting people I would make my friends.

I'm not flipping bottles just yet but I can make a mean long island iced tea!