Planning your next backpacking adventure? Check out these destinations shared with us for recommended spots this year.

Backpacking is a wonderful way to explore the world on a low budget. If you’re looking for an original backpacking experience this year, take a look at these alternative backpacking hotspots.


As a holiday destination, Scotland is often underrated, but there is a wealth of undiscovered beauty in this diverse country. The contrasting cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are vibrant cultural centres with a contemporary European feel and beautiful historic architecture.

Beyond the southern cities lies a vast expanse of untainted wilderness begging to be explored. Discover the lochs and hills of Fort William, traverse the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye, or venture across the water to the Hebridean Islands or secluded Stromness. From whiskey-tasting to sea kayaking, there’s so much to do that you’re sure to be engrossed by Scotland.



Portugal offers all the majesty and culture of Spain and Italy at a fraction of the price. Its excellent public transport system makes travelling cheap, efficient and comfortable. It has a number of national parks and preserved coastlines which contrast nicely with its energetic main cities, Lisbon and Porto, and the luxurious resorts of the Algarve.

The Algarve has a beautiful Mediterranean climate, delicious cuisine, fine wine and a festive population; it’s the ideal backpacking location. For a wide selection of flights and good quality accommodation, try Algarve holidays with Expedia.


This central European country is an increasingly popular destination for backpackers. Although it still bears the scars of recent conflicts, it is host to a variety of natural beauty and city life. With its vast mountainous regions and hot, humid summers, Serbia is a great destination for winter sports and summer holidays alike.

The capital city of Belgrade is one of central Europe’s largest cities and home to a host of beautiful architecture, museums and an infamously vibrant nightlife. Alternatively, the former island of Ada Ciganlija on the Sava River offers a huge variety of recreation and sporting activities.



The Taj Mahal is the obvious must-see for a backpacking holiday in Rajasthan, but this Indian province has far more to offer beyond the typical tourist attractions. For example, the small town of Pushkar is built around a sacred lake, and is home to ancient temples, Yoga masters and relaxing rooftop restaurants. Or there’s the astonishing blue city of Jodhpur to visit, with its impressive fort built on a massive rocky outcrop.

There are a huge number of temples, museums and ruins scattered across this arid landscape. Coupled with the exciting cuisine, rich colours and startling wildlife, this makes Rajasthan a veritable backpacker’s paradise. If you're thinking about a visit, check out these things to know about India to help you plan your trip so you're not caught off guard.

As far as backpacking goes, these four destinations are great alternatives to the conventional and well-trodden paths, and can offer a truly original travelling experience. Taking your trip to these places will make you the envy of your friends and family, and will make it a backpacking trip to be remembered.