Europe’s largest sexual health clinic has seen an 80% reduction in HIV transmissions.

London’s 56 Dean Street saw monthly diagnoses in HIV fall from 72 a month to just 11 in September 2017. They are continuing to test the same number of people.

Doctors are now attempting to emulate the San Francisco model and are rolling out their ‘Getting To Zero’. They now believe it will be possible to reduce transmissions to zero within the next five years. It is thought that the reduction in transmissions is down to the drug PrEP.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis if taken regularly is thought to be highly effective at preventing the transmission of HIV. The drug has been offered free to residents of San Francisco while those in London still have to buy their medication privately or from an online supplier. NHS England is currently trialling the drug.

Doctors were still keen to stress the importance of regular testing and starting treatment as soon as possible. ‘It is crucial that those who do contract HIV are diagnosed and treated at the earliest opportunity to improve their health. Late diagnosis can cause significant and avoidable health complications.’