The Canary Islands is one of our top destinations to visit in Spain this summer. In order to get more inspiration for our trip, we've posted this article, which was shared with us highlighting some natural beauty of Tenerife.


The largest of the Canary Islands is Tenerife. With more land comes more opportunity for beautiful nature to surprise and impress its onlookers. Tenerife offers exactly that and more. The island is dotted with plenty of natural things to enjoy, but here is a taste of 5 naturally amazing attractions to get you started.

Teide National Park
Everyone's stay while on Tenerife would be incomplete without a visit to Teide National Park. This park is boasting the third largest volcano in the world and it catches your eye immediately. The volcanic crater spans 10 miles in width and the view of this majestic landscape is incredible.

Almost equally as amazing as the volcano is the view from the top. Take the cable cars up for a remarkable view of the neighboring islands.

Acantilado de Los Gigantes

Whether you want to admire these cliffs and coastal water from up high, or plunge down to the depths of the sea, you will be awestruck by the beautiful Acantilado de Los Gigantes. The cliffs tower around 600 meters and then continue below about 30 meters for a fantastic diving experience. The area is a playground for water sport junkies and is encompassed by a marina. There are plenty of places to grab a drink or a bite to eat as well.

Montana Amarilla
This fascinating place has been through a lot over time forming what it is today. Wind and water have forcefully taken it's toll on these rocks which has resulted in a dramatic rock formation that we can see today. There is a small path that leads to these rocks, and not as many choose to travel down this way. There is a trail to hike around the mountain as well. It's an interesting and peaceful place on the island.

Anaga Rural Park

Located on the northeast of the island the Anaga Rural Park takes up nearly 14,000 hectares of land. The exceptional lush greenery and natural biodiversity of this park offers an exhilarating natural experience. This is home to over 120 local endemic species, some of which are rare to find and endangered. There is an extreme difference in climate depending on the area you are in, from rainy and damp to sunny and dry. It's a breathtaking attraction that anyone coming to Tenerife needs to see, so get your flights to Tenerife sorted to experience nature at it's best.

Photo by colros / CC BY
Photo by colros / CC BY

Roque Cinchado
For some unique and bizarre landscape, Roque Cinchado is the place. Like Montana Amarilla, mother nature has transformed the earth here to create something very unusual. The lava pinnacles that are sprinkled across the land have formed this erosion. The winds and rain have have took their time on wearing away the rocks and at Roque Cinchado, they are strangely eroding in an odd way. The rocks are fading more towards the bottom of the rock to form a larger top which will inevitably fall over one day. It's a surreal landscape that nature lovers would be happy to experience.