We've heard so many great things about Mauritius though we haven't made it there ourselves yet. We love island destinations like our time in Mykonos or Belize. Here's a post that was shared with talking about some great sights and activities in Mauritius.


An island beauty in the Indian Ocean, far from the large mainland and teeming with natural beauty and wonder, is the lively island of Mauritius. The country is rich in culture with many ethnic influences apparent on the island. The island has plenty to entertain or relax any visitor that arrives on its beautiful sunny coasts.

Photo by Tim Parkinson / CC BY
Photo by Tim Parkinson / CC BY

Mountain Mansion
For a look around an old colonial mansion and some spectacular views, take yourself to Maison Eureka. A well preserved wooden mansion made in colonial times stands above on a high mountain in the middle of the island. Here you will see the stunning Moka mountain range in the distance, lounge in the tea room, and gander at the photos and antiques that adorn the house.

Trill seeker
So you have plenty of things to do on your list, but one you might not have thought about is getting a birds-eye view of the island. Take it up to the sky and skydive down above lush green forests, spectacular blue waters and beaches galore. It will be an experience not to forget, and views that you will never get the chance to see again.

A Walk in the Park
You could walk, but you might also need to hike, the Black River Gorges National Park is another impressive site to see on Mauritius. This park is home to over 300 species of flowering plants and tons of wildlife and natural beauty. The over 6,500 hectares of forest and greenery provide a wonderful atmosphere for a day of hiking. In the park there are gorges, waterfalls, and fantastic peaks and panoramic vistas of the island.

Beachy Keen
Of course you want to go the beach while on the beautiful island of Mauritius, and there is no shortage of them here. If you are a water adventure junkie, try Le Morne for some kite-surfing opportunities. For a bit of a hidden gem, try the northern beach of Cuette. There are plenty of places to choose from for your Mauritius holiday deals. Choose your favorite beach, grab your towel, and order a cocktail. You deserve to relax for a while.

Make it Fall
Speaking of natural beauty and waterfalls, Chamarel Waterfalls is a the highest waterfall on island reaching 100 meters. A sight like no other, and one to make everyone back home jealous, is the staggering beauty of the water hitting the cool blue water below. There are stairs to climb to the very top to get another view of the falls.

There are some nearby sand dunes called the Seven Colored Earth that is worth checking out. There are multicolored dunes ranging from reds, browns, and purples. The reason for the coloring is the volcanic rocks that have cooled off at varying temperatures throughout time and then got crushed. It's a beautiful and unique site to visit.