18 Reasons Why Should Travel Alone as a Gay Guy

Traveling is usually thought of as a group activity. After all, you probably spent your childhood on trips with your family or perhaps later hitting the beach on spring break with your college buddies. Though some may not agree, we think traveling alone can be one of the best, most fulfilling things you can do for yourself.

While traveling solo might seem a little daunting, the world is a much friendlier and more hospitable place than the headlines would have you believe. Gay solo travel has numerable benefits, from discovering something about yourself to going to that club your friends refuse to visit. If youve never thought about it, consider making your next trip drama-free and all about you with these 18 compelling reasons to give solo travel a try.

Its empowering

If youre used to traveling with others, or following plans you didnt make, the power of being in charge of yourself is amazing. When youre traveling alone, every good choice you make and every plan that goes right is all because of you, and that feeling of success if fantastic.

Fishing and Ceviche on Isla Holbox

Auston traveled to Mexico alone to visit Cancun and Isla Holbox.

Personal growth

From increasing your confidence and learning how to problem-solve, gay solo travel gives you the time, space and opportunity to develop as an individual and have a fantastic time while you’re doing it.

You’ll see a place in a different way

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to really see a place without the distraction of another person. You’ll have more time to watch the locals, soak up the atmosphere and get under the skin of a new and exciting destination.

Go to that club

You know that club that you wanted to go to in Berlin that your friend would be too scared to visit? Not a problem.

Planning is easier

Love traveling but hate planning? Travel alone. No one else can give you opinions about sleeping options, travel methods, destinations, or anything else. When you travel on your own, youre the only one you need to plan for. You can simply start your vacation from rent a Ferrari to traveling the place without having to worry about anyone else.

la foto 3

On our RTW trip, we split up for a week in India. David visited the Udaipur City Palace on his own while Auston' stayed behind in New Delhi.

You can travel however you want

Some people hate buses. Some hate flying. Luckily, when youre traveling alone, what other people think about travel means absolutely nothing. Whether you want to backpack or fly first class, the choice is yours and yours alone.

Save money

Finding that slim window when you and your friend or partner can travel together always seems to be when the flights to your chosen destination seem to be at their priciest. If you only have to work around your own schedule then you can normally source a much cheaper deal and save some money for the trip.

Stories to tell

One of the best facets of traveling is regaling your friends and family with the sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying stories, of your trip. Not only are solo stories more interesting but you can also throw in a few extra details for dramatic effect and nobody need ever know.

Meet cute boys

Gay solo travel permits you to do what you want when you want. If you happened to fall in love over a sangria in Spain and want to spend the rest of the trip cocooned in your holiday fling’s apartment – who’s stopping you?

It fosters independence

When you have another person around who can make choices for you, its easy to fall into a rut and let them do all the deciding. When youre traveling alone, youre forced to be independent and come to your own conclusions. After all, youre the only one in charge!

la foto

David visiting the Jagdish Temple in Udaipur – removing your shoes before entry was a requirement!

Be the enigmatic solo traveler

Traveling alone travel permits you to be that enigmatic character, sat alone in a cafe, looking calm, cool and collected – even if, in reality, you are nursing a biblical hangover wishing you were in bed. There is something utterly liberating about traveling alone and you increase your chances of meeting new people.

Make your own schedule

There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed with a hangover when all you want to do is sleep off last night’s mojitos. Traveling lets you curate your own itinerary and utilize your time as best fits your preferences. Want to see the Eiffel Tower instead of the Vatican? Done. Prefer a villa in Greece over a chain hotel in Portugal? No problem. When youre the only one traveling, youre the only one whose ideas matter. Without a companion, you can be sure you get a chance to see everything you want.

You can explore your own interests

Even your best friends or significant other may not share all of the same interests with you, and thats okay. When you travel alone, you can let your inner nerd out full force. If you want to spend three days in the catacombs in Paris because you think theyre incredible, theres no one to convince you to stand in the crowded lines at the Louvre instead.

la foto 1

Auston gazing from the window of a bus from Athens, Greece.

No judgment

Have that second piece of cake or that second bottle of wine – the only person there to judge you is you! Without another person to keep tabs on, you can indulge as much as you see fit, do what you want and visit the things that matter most to you. There's no need to fear criticism or snarky comments.

Improve your mental health

Studies have shown that traveling alone can actually improve your mental well-being. Having time to reflect and appreciate your own company and interact with new people can all increase your sense of fulfillment and happiness.

You can keep yourself company

Whether you know it or not, youre great company. The chance to explore some of the worlds wonders without any outside distractions allows you to explore your inner self in a way that is challenging in your busy day-to-day life. Without the need to entertain others, you can truly get to know yourself.


Auston visited Barcelona alone just before meeting David in Sitges for pride.

No drama

If theres no one with you to cause drama, youre guaranteed a relaxing trip. Instead of bickering over restaurant choices, seat assignments on the plane, or who gets the good side of the bed in the hotel, you can enjoy an experience free of drama.

Easy to meet people

It’s easier to meet people when you’re alone. Traveling with a friend, significant other or a large group can be intimidating for locals and other travelers, but you’re more approachable alone. You also have more motivation to meet others in hopes of meeting a new friend, travel buddy or a local that can give you insider tips on their city.

Have you ever traveled alone? What was your experience? If not, would you consider doing it? Let us know in the comments below!

61 Comments on “18 Reasons Why Should Travel Alone as a Gay Guy”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I am always split- I love travelling by myself but then I love going with friends, family and BF as well. A good mix is what I like!

    1. Auston Matta says:

      we do both as well :-)

  2. Gilles Le Maire says:

    Hello from Mexico City,

    Congratulations on your web site…and choosing the 14th of February, St-Valentine, to write about travelling alone

    1. Auston Matta says:

      haha, true. It’s ironic with Valentines day ;-)

    2. stefanarestis says:

      Ha ha – I was about to say the same thing :)

  3. Len says:

    I have become a solo traveler for the most part and agree with you 100 per cent. For example I’m presently a house guest in Chandler AZ and I’m in able to make a move without my hosts inquiring as to what I’m doing. I’m under constant surveillance .

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Oh wow, that’s a strange situation. hopefully it gets better :-)

  4. Emma says:

    Definitely agree with all your points. I’m really glad I had the experience of travelling alone, I did all sorts of things while travelling that I would never have done at home so it made me more confident when I got him – if I can do it in a foreign country, I can do it here.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Exactly. that’s a good way to put it. thanks for reading!

  5. Zain Hasan says:

    I totally agree with you, I went to Barcelona Barcelona alone from Karachi last year and it was so learning yet exciting trip. I went to sitges, I went to clubs and bars without anyone being judgmental over my choices, at times I felt a little bit bore but it was just me all alone who had to face problems and enjoy moments.
    I spent afternoons without lunch and walked miles which couldn’t be possible if I had a companion.
    But this time I am planning with a straight colleague to Milan and Paris, I think I would come-out to him there :P
    Thanks for writing such an exciting essay.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Sounds like you had fun. Good luck with your trips to Milan and Paris. Hopefully it’s ok with your straight colleague :-)

  6. stefanarestis says:

    Good and bad.

    I agree with everything you’ve said here and most of all (when single) it’s so much easier to meet a cute local who can show you all (ALL!) the sights from his POV :)

    But when I travelled alone in S.America for half a year (10 yrs ago), there were moments when I got lonely and craved company or a travel partner of some sort.

  7. Nancy (Auston's mom) says:

    Best vacation I have ever had was when I went to France by myself 1 1/2 years ago. Sure I was staying with family but I told them not to worry about taking time off to do things with me, just go to work and I’ll entertain myself while you are gone. Weekends were spent at family gatherings but I got to explore the city my mom grew up on my one at my own pace and the small village my cousin lived in by walking and bike riding, it was awesome! Can’t wait to do that again!

  8. Rupert says:

    Great insights. Thanks. Nice excerpt of you guys on BBC btw. http://www.Rupertleong.com.au

  9. Sam says:

    We need to do this more! So far, Zab and I have only really travelled separately for work, not for pleasure. I like the idea of going somewhere together and then splitting up for a week or so then coming back together and comparing notes. Somehow, though we’ve not managed to do it yet!

  10. Alain says:

    11. You can sleep on a train/bus uninterrupted. :)) Most of the time. :))

    1. Auston Matta says:

      haha. true. well there’s always earplugs :-)

  11. Damon and Jo says:

    We agree that more than anything it’s empowering. Being alone gives you time to self-reflect, and in the end, it teaches you so much more about yourself. To put it simply, you do you, booboo!

  12. TY says:

    I want you to validate what I always feel! I travel 6 care caution to the wind weeks each year in a different place, new foods, unknown languages and off the trodden path and I absolutely love it! Friends think I’m crazy and daring but it is very fulfilling and envigorating.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Keep it up. I think your friends are just jealous!

  13. Gabe says:

    I’m used to traveling alone and it is indeed empowering. Though, the longest trip that I have had was way back in 2012 when I went backpack traveling for more than a month all over Australia.

    I did a couple of travellings in the past which were done mainly in Southeast Asia, and to validate your statements about the essence of travelling alone – yes, of course, it would always make soemone feel to breakfree and enjoy what is hidden out there and my favourite part of it is meeting new people who are mostly friendly than those who live in your hometown.

    Until today, I am still holding on to my dream that I will, someday, travel the world for an extended period of time and meet the people who can influence me to live happily. People that you can’t see in a world where bigotry and selfishness are patronised.

    To the writer, I wish you more adventures and I hope to meet a person like you too. :)

    Gabe from the Philippines :)

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Hi Gabe. Thanks for sharing. Glad you’ve had some great traveling experiences and wish you the best in your future adventures. Take care and we hope to keep you around :-)

  14. Paul says:

    I am due to travel solo to Barcelona in May for 5 days, but starting to worry that it will be too long by myself. Any tips guys?


    1. Auston Matta says:

      Definitely not too long. There are so many things to see in and around Barcelona. We are actually publishing a complete guide to Barcelona (like this Madrid one: https://www.twobadtourists.com/2015/03/13/gay-madrid-a-gay-travel-guide-to-spains-capital-city/) later this month so keep an eye out for that. Subscribe to our blog posts if you want to get an email when it’s published.

      In the meantime, you can read a couple other resources we’ve written for other websites for Barcelona attractions and day trips here:


      Good luck!

  15. I think number 10 is the best reason for travelling alone! Although the others make very valid points as well! :)

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Yes it’s really true. Definitely easier to meet people when you’re alone :-)

  16. Kathy says:

    Great 10 points, totally agree.

    I’ve had 3 main solo holidays – Caribbean (loved Bequia), Australia (mainly Perth and also a few days in Sydney – wish I had more time there) and The Philippines (Boracay – fantastic, Manila – yeuk!). Loved every one and would recommend it to anyone.
    The biggest plus is that it helps you ‘find’ yourself and learn more about yourself (good and bad!). And the friends met en route are always special – it taught me to appreciate the ‘now’ and always be in the present, attentive to everything around. A smile goes a long way!

    1. Auston Matta says:

      There are definitely good AND bad moments. But sounds like you enjoyed it :-)

  17. Kevin says:

    Travelling alone is my favourite because I prefer to spend time off the beaten path, and solo travel allows for that. Last year I spent a few months in Havana and loved every minute of it, even though my partner wasn’t with me. Sure, there were times that I wished my partner or friends were with me, but I made friends easily. Everyone should try at least one solo trip in their lifetime, as you learn a lot about yourself.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      We agree! everyone should do it at least once just to see what it’s like. totally different.

  18. Fantastic tips! Solo travel is quite different. I find it the most liberating feeling! I loved the go and travel however you want bits. That’s my favorite thing about being solo: no compromises! ;)

    1. Auston Matta says:

      great point! solo travel can be nice in that way.

  19. Rick says:

    I went to Vegas by myself a couple of years back… It was AWESOME! :D

    1. Auston Matta says:

      sounds like fun!!

  20. 2antinous says:

    I always travel alone for all of the reasons listed above. Plus I can get bumped up to First Class easier.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      That’s a great point!

  21. Mr Adam says:

    I’ve done most of my travelling alone. Generally it’s awesome, but it can also be challenging and lonely. Though, the tough times are when you learn the most about yourself and make the best stories!

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Yep there are definitely two sides to traveling alone. Sounds like you’ve had quite the adventure :-) Thanks for reading and your comments!

  22. Gios says:

    I always travel alone… I love it!!

    1. Auston Matta says:

      It’s great, right!?

  23. Such a good article and I totally agree with you. Though its hard for people like me who are extremely social. I think main thing is that you have to plan out everything so there is no way to get bored and lonely, which is what I worry about. I am going to New Orleans for a wedding and will be there by myself for a few days which will be a good test if I can do it :)

  24. Riane Wade Reyes says:

    Will have my first ever solo backpacking trip to Thailand this Nov 5-10! I’m so excited! Hope to meet new friends from other countries!

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Awesome. We hope you have a great time!

  25. Juana says:

    Nice article! It’s all true. I have travelled alone many times and it’s really giving me happiness and enjoyment.I’m the only one who makes decision for everything. Anybody should give it a try.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      Glad you feel the same :-)

  26. Yix says:

    Loves traveling alone! No drama.. And doing things I enjoy.. :)

  27. hubert says:

    I travelled all the world mostly alone . it s the best way to met people and to have further expériences. Travelling with an other you have to ne flexible to make things differents

  28. Anne Q. says:

    The BEST article ever. I am 46 years old and I have always loved to travel ALONE. There is absolutely no drama, and I can relax more and be carefree. I can decide what to do, where to eat, and have my own preference for transportation. Everything is my own decision, because I am a very independent person. I also love the privacy of staying in a hotel all by myself. I just LOVE traveling alone!

  29. John Bell says:

    It can get a bit boring traveling alone, I like to do sort of a hybrid where I’ll travel with people but do most of the exploring on my own (or with whoever wants to come along) then meet back up with the group for dinner and in the evenings, sort of a best of both worlds there.

    1. Auston Matta says:

      not a bad way to do it :-)

  30. eugene walker says:

    My best vacations were without witnesses!

  31. I’ve travel by my self and it’s the best experience I ever have it’s the best

  32. Kevin Twitty says:

    We have been talking about taking some time while on our backpacking trip around the world to split off for a few days or a week and do our own thing. This may inspire us to pull the trigger! Right now we have “me days” and go and do our own thing but never more than a day.

  33. Johnj says:

    More specifically: you can the same clothes over and over and not worry what anyone thinks!

    1. Auston Matta says:

      hahaha. not a bad thing to wash your clothes ;-)

  34. ROGER COLLINS says:

    I’m torn. I love traveling alone but then at times I wish I had a friend. I like the aspect of meeting people when alone though. I am going on the Vacaya cruise in 2022 alone and looking forward to traveling alone to meet other guys on the cruise.

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