Since the times of the Ancient Rome, citizens already spent long hours in its popular thermas. The public baths were the Romans’ favorite social meeting point. Not in vain, it was the perfect place to chat and have fun (all sorts of fun), in a relaxing atmosphere. The tradition has been inherited by the gay community and, nowadays, gay saunas have become one of their favorite amusement places.

Honoring its Roman legacy, and boosted by the rise of gay tourism, the number of gay saunas in Barcelona has increased to the point that the city is an international reference in it. In fact, saunas are very popular among locals and tourists and you can even find some opening 24/7. Every inch of he place is design  by the best architects and interior designers, everything is done by professionals.

There are all sorts of gay saunas in Barcelona. Some of them are luxurious and modern, while others are smaller and cozier. Most of them are located rather centrally, especially around the Gaixample. Nevertheless, you can find them also in other neighborhoods.


Sauna Casanova is probably the busiest gay sauna in Barcelona. It is located in the heart of the Gaixample. There is a rush of activity when nightclubs close, and during the Circuit Festival, you even need to stand in line to get in! It has been recently renewed and extended throughout the basement. Its huge jacuzzi fits more than 20 people and is in the center of its very stylish bar. The perfect place to find muscled men, young guys, and tourists.


The biggest sauna in Spain is also in Barcelona: the Sauna Thermas. It is among the best ones in Barcelona especially due to its great facilities and the fact it opens 24/7. What else do you need? Cute guys! And there are plenty of them. However, some of them may expect to be paid in return for their company…


The Sauna Condal has a lot of tradition and character. The entrance can be found getting through a discreet cul de sac in the Gothic neighborhood. It counts 3 floors, with a huge dark room and a labyrinth. It also organizes theme parties (bear, leather, naked…) and it is the perfect space to attend if you are into bears, mature, and chubby men.

More info: Sauna Condal


Wellness Spa Barcelona is the newest sauna in the city, after being deeply refurbished. It claims to have the biggest gay hot tub in Europe and includes a massage room with aquatic hydro-massage tables. It has a themed event almost every day and becomes especially busy during the weekend after party, even offering DJ sessions, which makes it very popular among clubbers.

More info: Sauna Barcelona


Sauna Bruc is probably the most stylish gay sauna in Barcelona. It counts with a cute little bar where guest can enjoy a drink at really good prices. Their latest addition is a SPA hydromassage pool that uses pressurized jets for the cervical area and back, you will notice an incredible state of relaxation! Inside Sauna Bruc you will also find a Dark-Room or Passeig de la Vall Fosca, as they call it, a video room with 2 glory holes and a private room for those who want to enjoy a bit more of intimacy! All this for very affordable prices!

More info: Sauna Bruc

The gay saunas in Barcelona are the perfect place for tourists and locals to come together. It is more direct and real than apps like Grindr, and more comfortable and relaxing than cruising areas. Furthermore, you don’t even need any language skills to be understood…

With such a varied selection, you only need to find your favorite one!

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