Gay Travel Europe – The 9 Best Gay Tours in Europe

Europe is without a doubt one of the most amazing, dynamic and gay-friendly places in the world to visit. You could spend years or decades traveling across Europe and still not see it all. From the Circuit parties and beaches in Barcelona to the history and art of Rome, there’s so much to see, yet so little time.


Barcelona needs little introduction and it’s one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe. With year around mild temperatures, a sea side location and a welcoming atmosphere for LGBT people, it’s no wonder that gay travelers from around the world come here to indulge in the culture, nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Don’t forget the lively gay neighborhood called Eixample, which is centrally located in the city. One of the most famous gay hotels is the Axel Hotel Barcelona and even better is the rooftop terrace with a pool and bar. And if you’re looking to explore the nightlife, you can do a 2-hour bar hoping tour to introduce you to the best bars and clubs in Barcelona.

Barcelona is also an architectural marvel. Paris has its Eiffel Tower, New York the Statue of Liberty and for Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is without a doubt the most famous landmark of the city. Park Güell is another one of Gaudi’s creations and is definitely worth a visit.


It's hip, artistic, international and GAY! Berlin is easily one of the most gay-friendly cities in Germany and Europe with a huge offering to LGBT travelers. Popular neighborhoods like Schönenberg (the most well-known gay neighborhood) as well as Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Freidrichshain all have a strong LGBT population living in the communities as well as many gay oriented businesses, cafes, bars and clubs.

Yes, not only is Berlin gay-friendly, the number of gay businesses in the city is in the hundreds including popular places like the Axel Hotel Berlin or Schwuz and Berghain nightclubs. The city has a rocky, yet unique and inspiring history that is one-of-a-kind even for those not so into history. If you haven't been to Berlin, you're truly missing out. To get the most out of your Berlin trip join a tour and experience the city center, visit cool Berlin neighborhoods, see the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp or join a nightlife tour. Book tour →

Photo by Gonzalo Malpartida via Fickr / CC BY

Photo by Gonzalo Malpartida via Fickr / CC BY


London is one of the top tourist destinations in England and the world with more than 30 million visitors each year. There is so much to see and do in London that it can even become overwhelming. Whether you come for just a couple days or maybe even a week, you certainly don’t want to miss London’s top highlights like Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. There are countless museums and galleries like the British Museum or National Gallery and also great parks and outdoor spaces like St. James or Hyde Park. You can also check out some of our top nightlife picks in London which include cool places like Ku Bar, G-A-Y, Heaven and XXL. Book tour →


Iceland is easily one of the coolest countries we’ve ever visited and anyone who’s been will tell you the same. The island is awesome, unique and its natural landscapes and geothermal wonders will put you in awe. Iceland also happens to be one of the most gay-friendly country in the world.

The Golden Circle in Iceland is the most popular tour and day trip you can do from Reykjavik. It takes you to a few of the most popular and beautiful natural wonders in Iceland, within driving distance to the capital city. Pink Iceland is the only tour company in Iceland catering to the LGBT community and they offer a Bi-monthly Gay Golden Circle Tour. It's a fabulous day out with fellow LGBT people, a wonderful guide, spectacular landscapes followed by a couple of drinks to get to know your tour group, for those who want at the end of the tour. Book Tour →


The fact that Madrid is so gay-friendly is one of the many reasons why we chose to call the city home. Besides the art & culture and the seat of the Spanish royalty, Madrid is probably best known for its gay scene and nightlife. It hosts the largest gay pride in Europe with nearly a million and a half attendees. In all the cities we’ve been to around the world, it’s hard to find a place that competes with Madrid, its gay scene and complete openness to live and visit as an LGBT person. If you want to plan a trip, you should consider staying in the gay neighborhood called Chueca. The Oscar Hotel is another gay favorite located right in the center of everything and it’s walking distance to most attractions in the city. Axel Hotel Madrid is also near the gay neighborhood and is the most popular gay hotel in the city. For the best Madrid experience, considering joining a museum tour, visit the famous Retiro Park or even take a guided history tour. Book tour →

Photo by Sasha Charoensub

Photo by Sasha Charoensub


Athens may not be the most beautiful of European capitals on the outside but don’t let your eyes fool you. Sure, it doesn’t have the elegance and architectural appeal of other cites but Athens makes up for it with amazing and historic sites and a vibrant scene found in its bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes. Even though Athens’ gay scene has not yet gained the reputation of other major European cities, the city’s LGBT community is alive and kicking and all you need is a local to show you around. Join a tour to discover the true Athens gay nightlife scene. See it as it really is and exactly where it happens, in a city that caters for all tastes and styles.

Visit the most popular hidden and not so hidden spots in town, where all the Athenians get to connect, meet, socialize, have fun and party. Athens has proudly claimed back its ancient glory by transforming itself into a very open and cosmopolitan capital. Friendly, fun, colorful, vivid and exciting. Book tour →


Few cities in the world mesh modern with historical in the way that Rome can and it’s a destination that doesn’t disappoint. It’s a major metropolitan city with a large population of LGBT residents but we have to point out that Rome is hardly a “gay destination” and the Italian capital is still highly conservative (and homophobic) and influenced by the presence of the Catholic Church taking hold in Vatican City.

There is not really any gay neighborhood in Rome but there is a small gay street (literary called “Gay Street” which opened in 2007) just beside the Colosseum where you can find a few gay bars, restaurants and hotels, including First Floor and Second Floor – two gay boutique hotels worth checking out. Muccassassina is a mixed but very gay (and awesome!) party held every Friday night at a club called Qube Disco. The atmosphere is very friendly with three large and separate dance floors plus drag performances throughout the night. As for sightseeing, there is so much to see but be sure to check out Rome’s famous plazas and fountains, the archaeological zone or even do a sunset tour providing unique light and perspective in this magnificent city. On your visit to Rome, you’ll find hundreds of different tours to choose from, but if you want to explore the sights and connect with a gay local to really understand the gay scene, you should definitely take a tour. Try the popular gay Vatican tour from Quiiky or explore Rome's food scene with a gay friendly guide. Book tour →

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Many travelers seem to overlook that Portugal makes up a majority of southern Europe’s west coast. That’s too bad because this vibrant country has so much to offer that we find ourselves coming back often. Lisbon is easily the least expensive capital city in western Europe, offers mild year round weather and has plenty of activities for any LGBT traveler.

A few top sights include the Fashion and Design Museum, fabulous “miradouros” (lookout points), Mercado Ribeira (the gourmet market) and even the hilltop St. George Castle. Even with so much to do, be sure to make time for the gay beach or a day trip to Sintra and Cascais. After a long day of exploring the city center with a walking tour, consider resting your head at one of the only gay hotels The Late Birds Lisbon. Take a swim in the outdoor pool and relax while sipping a cocktail in the grassy backyard social space. Book tour →

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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a unique, gay-friendly and an adventurous place to visit. It’s a hot gay destination year round due to the warm climate and Maspalomas is its gay capital. Drag shows in Gran Canaria are like the residency shows of Las Vegas, with a slightly smaller budget and a lack of celebrity status. Still, they’re a hit and they’re a must. The Yumbo Centre in Maspalomas is the center of the gay nightlife with gay bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to enjoy Gran Canaria is to take a private gay yacht tour to a secluded beach on the southern side of the island with a friendly, charming gay captain. Canarias Gay offer an all-day trip on the boat, time spent on the beach and provides tapas and quality drinks. There are plenty of gay accommodations in and around Maspalomas but AxelBeach or Paso Chico, which is a great budget option for private bungalows, with a pool right across from all the gay nightlife. Book tour →


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