Eating the East End: London Food Tour Video

While visiting my friend in London earlier this month we had the privilege to join in on a food tour of the city. The sister company of Rome’s Eating Italy, Eating London Food Tours kicked off this summer with a dive into London’s East End. I have done more drawn out, flavorless walking tours over the past two years than I’d ever care to do in my life. Some have been quite great. Others have been a three hour mind battle of pretending to pay attention. A food tour, however, sounded like just the thing to keep me interested because if my stomach is entertained, I’m entertained.

This wasn’t just food we were learning about though. I was pleasantly surprised by how much research when into the tour to give us a historical encounter of the East End of London that tied in perfectly with our foodie stops. These short bursts of information packed walks between the establishments were long enough to keep me intrigued and short enough to keep my mined from checking out.

I find that to be the main problem with three hour (non-food) walking tours. Nobody wants to listen to one person talk for three hours straight with only one 10 minute break. That’s what I loved about this food tour. Each establishment was given its time to shine simply by sampling its featured dishes. We stopped at eight restaurants (ignore the fact that I say 7 in the video) in all and you can watch me (with envy!) sample each delightful dish and find out which was my favorite.

Which dish would you want to try most?

6 Comments on “Eating the East End: London Food Tour Video”

  1. Nancy Cleland says:

    hmm…that last dessert looked good. I’d go for the bread pudding if it wasn’t banana.

    1. Haha. Just like Auston! He’s not a fan of my idea to bake banana bread. The banana flavor was really light in the bread pudding though so maybe you’d enjoy it!

  2. Sara says:

    Salted caramel chocolate pie! Yum!

    1. No surprise there! Chocolate is always your winner.

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