Prague Sightseeing

We were told that Prague is a beautiful city and I am pleased that I can confirm that. After skipping out on sightseeing in Berlin, we decided to be super tourists in Prague to make up for it. We checked out the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, the City of Prague Museum and enjoyed some beers at U Medvidku, a 550 year old brewery.

Pics here.

4 Comments on “Prague Sightseeing”

  1. sebrown57 says:

    Amazing pictures! Looks like you’re having a fabulous time!

    1. davidsbrown says:

      If by “fabulous” you mean “THE BEST ABSOLUTE FRICKIN TIME OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES NEVER TO BE SURPASSED BY ANY OTHER EXPERIENCE”, then yes. I suppose you could say we’re having a fabulous time. :)

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