Gay cruising is now a hugely popular way for the gay community to travel, But, for many people, the idea of a cruise is more like a holiday from hell than a trip from heaven.

Cruising was once the exclusive domain of the blue rinse brigade and the rich and famous who could afford to cruise in style on some of the world’s most magnificent and expensive vessels. These days a variety of cruises cater to every market and gay cruising is one the largest burgeoning markets.

Atlantic and Azamara are two of the most popular gay cruises but there are many companies which furnish the gay cruising market. The idea tends to split opinion with some advocating cruising as the only way to holiday with others rendering it their worst nightmare. One of biggest concerns that many have about gay cruising is not fitting the profile of a ripped Herculean god boasting a full hairline and 5% body fat. In reality, there is a range of gay men on board from young to old with a range of different body types.

It has to be said that gay cruises can be a little overwhelming. You’ll be surrounded by the same crowd for at least a week and most of them will be looking to party for a significant amount of time on board – those looking for total relaxation and serenity might not be best suited to the cruising environment. If you’re partial to the idea of a gay cruise but don’t aren’t particularly a party animal, don’t let this put you off. There are plenty of other additional activities which don’t involve booze and late nights.

Most cruises dock daily and give you the opportunity to explore a number of different port localities. While you will be privy to a number of destinations throughout the trip, you won’t really have the time to explore any of them in great depth. If you’re the kind of traveller seeking an authentic experience and prefer to get under the skin of a place then a cruise might not be the ideal holiday option. For those who are happy to enjoy the highlights then a
cruise is a wonderful way to see the world.

Cruises can also be expensive and even the cheaper end will undoubtedly be pricier than doing an independent trip. However, with cruising comes a stress-free experience and more often than not an all-inclusive package so you won’t have any additional costs.

Gay cruising has much to offer those who enjoy the shared experience and being around other LGBT travellers – it’s often appealing to single people providing a safe, friendly environment for them to meet new people. But the party atmosphere and enclosed environment might not be for everyone and for those who prefer to stay on terra firma then there are plenty of other opportunities to explore the world with the gay community.

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