A Guide to the Best Gay Clubs in Barcelona

The Mediterranean Sea brings to Barcelona luck and fortune. All the ships coming to and leaving from Barcelona made the Catalan city a wealthy commercial port. We can still appreciate it with the stone palaces, Gothic churches and narrow streets, acting as a reminder of its extraordinary legacy from the Middle Ages.

The industrial revolution gave us the Poblenou, a neighborhood by the sea that many have called a little Manchester because of its many factories. All the Modernist wonders scattered throughout Barcelona were built during this industrial resurgence. And the last time Barcelona reinvented itself, during the 90s, the city looked at the sea to achieve it. The Olympic Games reopened the city to its coastline. During the last years, the port has become an alternative way of entering Barcelona. Thousands of visitors arrive by ship, making the central neighborhoods a mix of cultures and people.

Barcelona has emerged as one of the main tourist destinations, particularly among the gay community.  It makes the Catalan city’s gay life quite interesting. The local gay community is pretty active and many gay tourists join them and made the gay community even bigger. They might buy at different shops and eat in different restaurants. However, both of them, gay locals and tourists, go to the same gay clubs in Barcelona when the night falls. Here you can find some of the best gay clubs in Barcelona.


This may be the most popular gay club in Barcelona, although, it’s not actually just one, rather three separate clubs, each one catering to a different group within the LGBTQ community. The Sala VIP, which changed its location at the beginning of 2016, can be found just a few blocks from the Gayxample area of Barcelona. It continues to be the preferred gay club among young people who flock there in search of good music, a great atmosphere, and the possibility of meeting their very own Prince Charming.

Sala Madre (Main Club) found in the center of Gayxample attracts the most eclectic group of people among the three clubs. It is the only club in the Arena group which opens its doors seven days a week and has a busy darkroom (keep an eye on your belongings!). Just five minutes away from the Sala Madre, we find Arena Classic, a small oasis of great hits from the past and a more relaxed vibe perfect for the mature party-goer.

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Besides Arena, Metro is the other main gay club in Barcelona. It has two different atmospheres, with the first one playing electronic music. The other one is a temple of mainstream hits, diva songs, and gay anthems (forgotten or otherwise). It is always filled with tourists and very frequented by middle age guys.

Metro opens every day, and hosts shows and performances during the working days. One of the busiest areas in this club is just next to the restroom: the dark room. It gets so busy during the weekend that it is even difficult to get in. Not a shocker if your friend disappears into the loo and returns an hour later… It’s bound to happen.


The Matinee group has always played an important role in Barcelona’s gay nightlife. With the Pervert Club, it has created once again the perfect gay party in Barcelona for clubbers, lovers of techno music and gym-enthusiasts. Poble Espanyol, one of the most charming tourist attractions in the city, houses this incredibly fun club that emanates good vibes and has the benefit of allowing you to take a walk around the unique recreation of a traditional Spanish town. Taking advantage of this is an absolute must! It is definitely the party for you if you like muscly men and feel more comfortable without a shirt on.

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Poble Espanyol


Apolo is not strictly a gay club in Barcelona, but we could say it’s more than just gay-friendly. Apolo has a reputation in the city because of its indie music and the good vibe of the club. It attracts a lot of gay guys which mix with all kind of people in this alternative venue. Lately, in Barcelona, some of its parties have become very popular. One of them, the Churros con Chocolate, happens in Apolo once a month on a Sunday. Every style of music is played in this club while the place gets packed and people from all the ages try to get the best from the very end of the week. Without a doubt, Churros con Chocolate is currently one of the best gay parties in Barcelona.

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The Tanga Party is another one of Barcelona’s gay parties that has been taking off lately. It normally takes place in Safari Disco Club on Tarragona Street 141, although it may vary depending on the party. Popular among both locals and visitors, each of this monthly party’s celebrations has a different theme. They often have famous music artist guests, resident DJs, and new surprises every month.

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