While visiting the Netherlands you might find yourself on a bike to get around the city. It's a popular mode of transportation used by tourist and locals alike and it's cheaper and sometimes even faster than public transport. With a vast network of superhighways that link major Dutch cities,  it's no wonder cycling is such a popular sport and everyday experience of many locals in the country. While cycling a bike-friendly country, you might want to consider escorted cycling holidays in the Netherlands. Here are a few tips and some awesome trails to try out during your time here.

Photo by kismihok / CC BY
Photo by kismihok / CC BY

“Het Groentje” or The Little Green One is the name of this trail and the name says it all. Along the path you will see green grass and go over a bright green bridge on this 16 kilometer bike ride. It a cycle path that goes from Nijmegen to Arnhem.

The De Bilt to Utrecht Cycle Route is a short 5 kilometers and is easy for anyone to complete. There is a 8 kilometer route from Tilburg to Oisterwijk for a high quality intercity route for avid cyclers.

The upgraded road from the old road from Vlijmen to ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a nice quite trail. There are no more cars on this road because of the new motorway so there is plenty of room for cyclist to enjoy the 4 kilometers of trails, 2 kilometers of which are in the Hertogenbosch territory.

Photo by Holly Hudson / CC BY
Photo by Holly Hudson / CC BY

For the ultimate biking trail, you might enjoy the F35 High-Speed Cycle Route Twente. There are nearly 60 kilometers of trails to cycle down that are mostly located in the eastern part of the country in a region called Twente. This cycling trail is bordering Germany and includes large cities in the region such Enschede and Hengelo.

The long fast urban route of Spoorbaanpad Almere is a 12 kilometer journey and one of the longest urban cycling routes in the country. From city bikes to road bikes, over 20,000 cyclists use this trail per day at it follows the rail road for the entire length.

Utrecht University is about 6 kilometers out of town and the 6 kilometer bike ride from the school to the city is a popular and easy route. Thousands bike this trail to work or school everyday.

Tip for Biking in the City:
1) Make sure you always lock your bike. It's well-known that more bikes than you can imagine get stolen all around the city. Don't be a part of that statistic.
2) Watch out for the tram!
3) When you are biking at night make sure you take the proper precautions and wear lights or reflective gear.
4) Obey the traffic route and signals like you are car. You are also a target for a ticket if you run a red-light so just don't do it.
5) Make sure you get off your bike and walk it through pedestrian areas. Don't be that guy!