It’s not surprising that the Bahamas, out in the West Indies, is such a popular destination for tourists. This sovereign country has something for everyone and is the perfect getaway from the grind of life back home. The beaches are to die for, but venture below the surface with a snorkel or scuba diving outfit and you’ll discover the Bahamas is just as beautiful as it is on top. This is a place where you and your beau can make the most beautiful of memories.

Why do people love the Bahamas so much?

It’s hard not to love the Bahamas, but just to clear up any confusion as to why you’d want to visit the Bahamas, here are some solid reasons:

The climate

Just about the whole year round, the skies are sunny. In the middle of the year, the weather conditions might approach something close to overcast, but these don’t last long. Since the weather is so consistently glorious, there’s no perfect time to go to the Bahamas. You’ll enjoy outstanding weather whenever you go.

The dining

Dining in the Bahamas spoils your taste buds rotten. The gastronomic culture of the Bahamas treats you to a combination of spicy Caribbean flavour and South American cuisine. Seafood is a delicacy in the Bahamas and conch is the national food. You’ll find all kinds of dining establishments, from five-star restaurants to quaint cafes, in the Bahamas. Local dishes often consist mostly of fish and shellfish.

The beaches

Setting foot on the soft sand of the Bahamas beaches and entering their clear blue water is pure bliss. The Bahamas boasts some especially rare beaches, though, such as the pink beaches of Cat Island and Harbour Island. The tiny broken pieces of coral give the sand a pink hue, and the shells that are mixed into the sand emit a red hue when the water washes over them, which contributes further to the effect.

Understanding and exploring the Bahamas as a member of the LGBTQ community

The Caribbeans share a contrasting view on same-sex couples compared to western countries.

Gay couples should tread carefully when visiting the Bahamas because attitudes towards same-sex couples are generally conservative throughout the Caribbean.

In the Bahamas, sexual relationships between members of the same sex have been legal since 1991, with the age of consent being 18. However, you should be aware that conducting public displays of affection could attract unwanted attention or negative attention. It’s not common for couples of the same sex to hold hands or kiss in public.

The Bahamas has had a history of strict laws against homosexuality. There are people on the island who are trying to turn things around and make the Bahamas more receptive to the LGBTQ community. Although they’ve made progress, there’s still some way to go yet.

Most hotels are welcoming. Even the Sandals Royal Bahamian on Cable Beach has backed down from its heterosexuals-only policy, following lobbying from groups in Britain and Canada. The hotel had found it couldn’t advertise itself there or its discriminatory policies and, as a result, put an end to its policy.

Despite the progress the Bahamas is making, there are few LGBTQ events in the Bahamas, if any at all, because of the stigma that still exists slightly around homosexuality. So although the Bahamas is generally safe regarding LGBTQ visitors, it’s best to travel and move around them with discretion.

Chartering A Catamaran Or Yacht

When planning a trip to the Bahamas, you might wish to hire a boat or charter a yacht or catamaran with a company such as Borrowaboat. Few people would blame you, given the warm temperatures and calm waters of this stellar part of the world. Here are some of the best sailing destinations in the Bahamas:

Marsh Harbour and Hope Town (Abacos)

Some consider the Abacos one of the most perfect places in the world for sailing. This area is popular with yachters because of its plentiful anchorages, sheltered coves and generally abundant marine facilities. For some, Marsh Harbour is the boating capital of the Bahamas. You’ll discover silky white sandy beaches and comfortable anchorages on uninhabited cays. It’s an ideal place to spend some quality time together.

The Exumas

Most of the recreational boating here takes place in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The park itself is an area of sea gardens and rainbow-hued coral reef and stretches south from Wax Cay to Conch Cay.

Yachting fans will head to the Exumas to witness some of the most dramatic coastline in the Bahamas. Each year, the Family Island Regatta takes place over four days and brings together sailors from the different islands in the Bahamas, who all compete to take the title of best in the Bahamas. The competition is fierce and even though the race is the main attraction, visitors can see fashion shows, weightlifting competitions, volleyball tournaments, beauty pageants and more, not to mention get involved in seemingly endless parties.

Nassau Paradise Island

Nassau Paradise Island is a tremendous place to sail to and offers so many activities when you arrive. You can go on food and drink tours, indulge in a spot of golf, ride on horseback, take part in harbor safaris, or visit the Retreat Garden or Dolphin Cay. There’s never a dull moment when you sail to Nassau Paradise Island.

The Bahamas is an incredible destination and is gradually warming to the LGBTQ community, although it still has a little work to do. Stay discreet when visiting and you’ll feel safe and able to make the most of everything this fantastic country has to offer.