Why Advertise With Us?

Our engaged audience enjoys reading about travel and trusts the advice we provide. As leading LGBT travelers and bloggers, our followers look to us for personal recommendations and travel advice. Our highly concentrated LGBT following typically holds a passport and nearly 30% take at five trips or more per year. Our audience is highly affluent with an average salary of more than $45K USD per year and their top interests include travel, gay life, LGBT issues, art/culture, fashion and technology. You can download our media kit here for more detailed information on our audience and demographics.

How Does It Work?

Thanks for your interest in advertising with us.  We offer a variety of different sponsored articles to help promote your destination, brand or business. All campaigns can be customized to fit your needs, however, for convenience we have put together two different packages to choose from based on your budget and preferred advertising methods.

Please feel free to contact us for rates, questions or special requests.

Sponsored Blog Article

We can do a dedicated promotion of your destination, brand or business via our network. We generally create a blog article with rich content and then work the sponsor into the content without being overly commercial. This is best for our readers than doing a hard sell since we are a travel blog and not a commercial website. Then we’ll use our email and social channels to promote the piece, driving traffic to the article and mentioning the sponsor in the posts.

Below are two sample packages available. Please contact us for rates.

Option 1


Option 2