While we've been to Antigua in Guatemala, we still have plenty of traveling left to do in the Caribbean. Check out this article that was shared with us about visiting Antigua, a beautiful island with plenty of activities to enjoy!



Antigua is a gem among many other shining islands in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. While here, there are plenty of places to find yourself at and all proving an excellent experience. Here are just a few ways you can spend your time on this intriguing island.

 Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbera / CC BY

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbera / CC BY

Be Tarzan
No really, you can be just like him swinging passed tress and yelling whatever you want to. Just fly though trees on a zipline for an awesome experience while on the island. There are ziplines that last for just under an hour to over two hours depending on how much jungle jumping you are in the mood for.

See the Heights
See Shirley Heights that is. For some truly spectacular, jaw dropping beautiful views, this spot will captive you at first glance. The sunsets here make the views that much better. Every week there is a party in the area with a barbecue, drinks, and live local music playing with the fantastic views in the background.

Up to the Fort
Fort Berkeley was first erected as a necessity for Antigua's defense.  The rocky hike along the beautiful English Harbor is perfect from every angle. You will find a few old and antique items of interest to look at such a 200 year old bomb proof powered magazine and stone quarry.

The Naval Dockyard
You will be close this spot if you're coming from Fort Berkley, however you might want to leave the whole day for this attraction. Even then you still might not get to see all that it has. Nelsons Dockyard National Park is a naval dockyard. It was once used as the home to the British fleet during the Napoleonic Wars. While you are here, you need to check out the Dockyard museum, try to catch a special event, sightsee the marina, and take a break at a charming cafe or restaurant.

Hike Hercules Rock
The pillars of Hercules are quite magical and regal as they sit against the azure blue sea with the white crashing waves coming in intermittently. The beaches here are nothing short of spectacular as well as secluded. Don't forget your snorkel while you're here as the marine life down below is vibrant and spotting of rare fish can be had here. Diving down deep is an opportunity to take advantage of as well.

Swim with Ray
A stingray is something you might try to avoid while swimming around the ocean, but all they really want is some love. Apparently known for acting like the puppies of the sea the Southern Ray might change how you feel about them. So feel free to take a tour to the beautiful crystal waters in a coral reef where you can swim around, pet and hug these massive, yet almost lovable creatures.

Beach it
Beaches are an obvious and surely inevitable place you will find yourself while on Antigua. There are plenty to choose from so it all depends what beach experience you are looking for. For a secluded peninsula on Mamora Bay, St James Club Antigua is the spot to go to. The nearby Coco Beach is the place to bring your snorkel, and for some fun in the sun with waves, Half Moon Bay is a great beach to go to. If you have the kids, Galley Bay and Pigeon Bay are a favorite amongst families.