Maspalomas is sexy! There’s no sense in denying it.

The  less-than-modest Gran Canarian city exudes sexuality. From the bars, clubs and cruising clubs of the Yumbo Center – the world’s first gay commercial center – to the gay resort parties rammed full of tight speedo-wearing men, to Maspalomas’ infamous sand dunes – where a sexy encounter is always just a dune away…it’s not just the sun that makes you sweat in Maspalomas.

 All this can be just a bit intimidating, so choosing the best homebase for your trip is an important choice to help ease you into the action –  so to speak. And there’s no better way to start a Maspalomas adventure than staying in a villa full of naked men for a week, such as Everything to Sea’s Naked Canary Island Villa

 At the villa there’s everything to see, but no pressure to do. Your limits are your own. That said, we take a look at what’s on offer.

Naked Sanctuary

The Naked Canary Island Villa is the perfect setting for a week of self-indulgence. Naked men go about their business to the backdrop of a mansion which looks like you’ve been transported back to the sexy 1970’s –with just a touch of the characteristic Spanish flair. There are spacious terraces and living spaces, where you’ll find retro yet modernistic furniture laid out on pristine tiled floors or sleek wooden flooring. A Canarian patio acts as a central gathering point, and within the rest of the villa you’ll find innovative features which add to the atmosphere – including a spiral staircase, sculptures, a piano, a pool…the works.

It’s completely for you to choose where you feel more comfortable. Whether that be slipping into the outdoor Jacuzzi amongst your fellow guests, getting sweaty in the sauna with new friends, having some discreet fun in the Bavarian Wine Cellar, playing a ball game – of any type – in the games room, or being an exhibitionist in the foyer or garden.

It doesn't have to be all about sex though; there’s no pressure to do any more than you desire. Everything To Sea makes sure you can have fun in your own way – even if it means laying back and enjoying the views! There are plenty of places to relax… indoors or out… in lounges, multiple living rooms, or simply sunbathing by the pool. The villa’s limited to 20 travelers, and its luxurious bedrooms can be shared or private,  providing a respite or private time should you so wish. 

However, it is down in the basement where the villa’s most unique feature lies.

The Disco Dungeon

If you’ve never heard of a “Disco Dungeon” before, you’d be forgiven. It is, after all, the only one of its kind. A complete invention of Everything to Sea’s. The Disco Dungeon is exactly what it says on the tin: a dungeon and a disco rolled into one. The disco part coming equipped with a sound system, club-style lighting, mirrors, a dance floor, café tables, and pictures of iconic musicians plastered on the walls. Here you can dance and hang out while watching the action happening alongside – deciding if and when you want to join. 

On the dungeon side of things, you’ll find everything a kinky heart could desire, from a sling and rim chair to a Saint Andrew’s Cross, floggers and restraints. There may even be a glory hole set up at some points. All equipment is there to be used including masks, harnesses, and other toys – no judgment, just no-holds (or maybe holes) barred fun.

Hanging Out in Maspalomas

Your naked sanctuary secured, it’s time to head outside. Spain is a sexually-open country since it liberated itself from the claws of a dictator in the late 1970’s. As such, there are plenty of places in Maspalomas to explore one’s sexuality without the need for an outfit – well, other than maybe a good speedo for the beach.  

Everything to Sea offers naked hikes out into the lush jungles under the Canary mountains, where you can cool down in a waterfall after a sweaty trek. There are walkable trips from the villa to Maspalomas’ gay nudist beach and – of course – the dunes themselves.

Cruising is an age-old gay tradition, but the men who visit the Dunes of Maspalomas have honed it into an artform. Guys openly enjoy each other's company, either brazenly upon the sands or within secluded spots between dunes. But cruising can also be intimidating for the uninitiated. Finding men you like, picking up signals, giving the right ones yourself…all things to consider when exploring the world of cruising. Luckily, before venturing out, Everything to Sea offers a short “Cruising 101 course” to get you all set.

Yumbo, Camels, Culture and Submarines

No trip to Maspalomas is complete without a night out hitting the legendary Yumbo center- an orgy of bars, clubs, cruising areas and fetish clubs. Tops come off, inhibitions fade and fun undoubtedly ensues – with drag queens performing and ruling the roost. I mean, don’t they always!

And with Everything To Sea, there’s stuff to do even more to do in Maspalomas with your clothes on, too. Take a camel ride across the desert, drive through volcanic landscapes, visit local villages to savor delicious Canarian food, release your inner child at an amusement park and even take a submarine trip exploring shipwrecks and the hidden depths of the deep blue sea around Maspalomas. It’s an apt metaphor for a trip to Everything to Sea’s Naked Canary Island Villa, where you’ll explore new depths to your sexuality, test your limits and hoard treasured memories along the way.

This article was sponsored by Everything To Sea.