Madrid is an undeniably sexual city, perhaps second only to Berlin in Europe. In short, if you’re looking for a cocktail without the tail there is an abundance of establishments in Madrid happy to cater to your nightly needs.

Whether you be a BDSM enthusiast, a cruising aficionado or simply curious, Madrid has options beyond the saunas. In particular, the gay neighborhood of Chueca has several cruising bars opening their basements and dungeons day in day out. So put on your best jockstrap, harness or simply strip it all off as we present to you some of the main cruising bars and clubs of Spain’s sexually liberated capital.


Five minutes away from Chueca, Madrid’s most popular cruising bar/club has been (successfully) running for more than 25 years, every day of the year. This is Strong’s cover letter, and it’s a strong one. Some nights are kinkier than others, so check the website to see what you’re getting yourself into, but Friday and Saturday nights have a more open club style with no dress code required – just a willingness to have fun. Strong is the perfect venue to have a drink, enjoy some techno music and get lost in its massive dark room, where you’ll find a selection of cabins, dark rooms and slings at your disposal.

Strong pulls in a large crowd, particularly during the weekend, even when competing against other popular nightclubs. They host big nights, such as Into the Tank and ODarko boasting some of the best international DJs. On Sundays there’s Skin, a mixed queer night focusing on hard techno with kink areas to enjoy for those with more specific interests – including candle wax as just one example.  


Photo credit: Boyberry


The guys from Boyberry – who are also present in Barcelona – have opened one of the busiest gay cruising bars in Madrid. Boyberry is a small bar in Chueca, attended by hot bartenders and with a very affordable bar with open windows to the street and often has deals like 2-for-1 for under 30s. Boyberry has a wide range of clients, from mature guys to young lads who go to the venue not only to enjoy the music and a beer, but also to get lost within the large circular cruising area running the length of the basement below. It is open every day of the week, free to enter and there’s no dress code. Its laid back vibe makes Boyberry ideal for those new to cruising, or those just looking for a quick in and out. All that is required is to buy a minimum of one drink to whet the appetite.


Those willing to go a little bit out of the center to the more bohemian area of Lavapiés will find this dedicated and versatile sex bar – and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of versatility. Formerly known as Blue Bar, Attack is cleanly divided into four zones. At first there’s the bar to enjoy a drink and build up some Dutch courage – even having a happy hour – with free wi-fi and computers to use. Further in there’s a chill-out area with slings and cage to help you “chill”. Past that a “white room” replete with showers and wet areas and delving a little deeper takes you to “The Cave”, where the more hardcore action takes place in slings, booths, and beds. Attack is without doubt one of the best equipped cruising bars in Madrid and its open Tuesdays through to Sundays till 3am during the week and 5am Friday and Saturdays. Nights range in themes from simple jockstrap or naked night to their more unique masks and pendants night – where different colored luminous pendants mark what extremities you are into.

Image credit: The Ring

The Ring

Also found in Lavapiés, through a small easily missed blue door on a side street near the metro, is this seemingly unassuming fetish club. You have to be a member to enter but all that is required is ID and filling in a simple form on entrance. Its moniker comes from the giant wrestling ring in its center – with a smaller ring tucked away down a side tunnel. The wrestling isn’t mandatory of course – in fact it often isn’t in use except on specialized nights – so there’s also cruising mazes, cabins and slings to explore and utilize. The Ring is surprisingly big considering how it looks from the outside and there’s a quiet bar to retreat to and rest upstairs. On the weekends the dress code is…well no clothes at all, but they also run specific fetish nights during the week, such as masks and, of course, wrestling nights.    


One of the best gay cruising bars in Madrid is also one of the smallest and coziest bars, particularly popular with bears. Organic opens the bar early every day in the evening and, being in Chueca, it gets rather busy. It’s free to enter and the bar staff are famously friendly – especially to visitors – giving the place a more relaxed vibe. “The Cave ” – which seems to be a common name for play areas these days – is small but comes with the usual dark rooms, slings and cubicles. All kinds of fetishes are welcome, from nudist to leather or rubbers. When theme parties go on, a dress code is required, so check their website to avoid disappointment.

Image credit: The Cage

The Cage

Right in the heart of Chueca there is one of the smallest gay cruising bars in Madrid, but then size isn’t everything. It has also become the favorite meeting point for fans of BDSM, fetish, leather, or uniforms. The Cage is open every day of the week from as early as 5pm till either 1am during the week and Sundays or 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. It has an industrial feel to it and is well equipped for its size with crosses, cages, slings and cubicles. It is particularly busy on Sunday evening with those looking to finish the weekend with a bang or three.

The Meat Rack

The name gives you a good indication of what you are in for at this members-only fetish club. It’s sleazy, it’s kinky and it’s a lot of raunchy fun. Joining isn’t difficult but requires ID, a one-off payment, filling in of a form and they put a lot of emphasis on the masculine energy they are looking for. Once you are in, however, it’s a fully immersive underground experience in a huge basement with a range of rooms, corridors and spaces dedicated to different fetish environments. Found between San Bernardo and Noviciado metro stops, it’s open Wednesday through to Sundays – on Saturday it stays open until 6am! It’s a primarily naked club but clear fetish gear is also accepted. Dare you add your own meat to the rack?


Just outside of the center in the lively little area of La Latina – also a great spot for a drink on a terrace – sits this fetish/cruising bar that’s more popular with Spanish locals who like their sex a little harder. Being outside of the center means it attracts a different crowd and a wider variety in body types. It’s only open Wednesdays and Thursdays until midnight but down the road its partner bar, Firewood, can be found under the same ownership and open Friday, Saturday and Sunday with more or less the same vibe – but is slightly bigger. The dress code is…well naked but fetish gear and jockstraps are also permitted.

Shower and Bar

Shower and Bar is exactly as advertised. The bar has a great atmosphere and is as much a place to socialize as have sex – all naked or in underwear of course. Due to its location, it pulls in a big crowd on the weekend being right in the heart of Chueca amongst the many bars on Calle Pelayo. It also – unlike most sex clubs – has a shower area for some wet fun amongst its facilities making it the happy medium between a sauna and sex club – with towels provided. It only opens on the weekends but on Fridays and Saturdays it stays open all night until 10:30am.

Image credit: My Pleasure

My Pleasure

Technically a club night rather than a fixed venue, still no list of sex clubs would be complete without this iconic fetish themed techno night in Madrid. Simply because it is the best night out in Madrid for those with even a little bit of a kinky bone in their body. It takes place a few times per year – so check the calendar to time your visit around it – and is often for a few nights in a row pulling in men from around the world. Tickets sell like hot cakes as word has gotten out of just how raunchy My Pleasure is.  Expect sex shows, a sweaty harness filled dance floor and an even sweatier well-equipped darkroom and cruising area. If you want to really feel the sexual energy of Madrid in one place, My Pleasure is where you need to be.