Professional wrestler Mike Parrow has revealed in an interview that he is gay. The sportsman admitted that he always knew he was homosexual but has tried conversion therapies in the past.

He told Gay Star News ‘I’ve always known I’m gay… That was never a question in my mind.’ Parrow also admitted that he found it difficult because he didn’t recognise anybody who was like him growing up. ‘The only exposure I saw of any gay culture was extremely effeminate and that was what was on TV. I’m not like Jack on Will and Grace, so I’m not gay.’

The wrestler said that he tried to hide his sexuality for years and tried to focus on doing ‘manly things’ instead. He said that he gravitated towards sports and ‘competitive stuff’ in order to mask his true identity.

After having a string of bad experiences in his late twenties, Parrow said he felt suicidal and even tried conversion therapy – he has since described the practice as an ‘absolute joke.’ He added that cruel taunts from inside the gay community made it more difficult for him to come out.