Are you looking for where next to take a tour? Then Hong Kong is the right choice. Hong Kong is regarded as a top choice for luxury and glamorous shopping. The city also has many cultural and historical attractions that first-time and regular travelers will find amusing.

Hong Kong has an energy that is interesting to describe. Every nook and cranny presents something unique and new. You will find a man walking the street with his bird in a cage, a shop selling the latest electronics, different ancient temples, beautiful beaches, hiking trails, traditional fishing villages, and many more. Hong Kong is indeed a remarkable city to visit.

How To Enter Hong Kong for a Visit

Travelers from India and Taiwan do not need a tourist visa. However, they must complete the Hong Kong PAR application online which allows them a transit entry and stays in Hong Kong for 14 days.

Visitors traveling from other countries must take the usual process. Visitors need to have a passport that is valid for not less than one month, a return ticket, and sufficient funds to support their visit.

Seven Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

As one of the most entertaining cities in the world, Hong Kong has many eye-catching sights to behold. Here are seven must-sees in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline

The skyline in this beautiful city is one of the most remarkable in the world. The skyscrapers in Kowloon and on the Island of Hong Kong combined with the surrounding harbor and forest-covered mountains make the city unique.

Star Ferry

The famous Star Ferry has been a link route between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island since 1988. The ride costs only a few Hong Kong Dollars, which is inexpensive compared to other purchases in Hong Kong. The ride schedule is also flexible. The journey takes place all day long and into the evening. If you're lucky enough to take it in the evening, you can see one of Hong Kong's Symphony of Lights shows.

The Big Buddha

This Buddha measures 34-meter-high and sits above Lantau Island's Po Lin monastery. The size of this Buddha is astonishing. It can be seen up close or from a distance. The best way to reach the Buddha is through the Ngong Ping cable car.

It takes you up 5.7 kilometers which is approximately a 25-minutes ride. The cable car will go over the forest, mountains, and waters. The ride ends at the small Ngong Village, and you then walk through before getting to the monastery and Big Buddha.

Victoria Peak (The Peak)

You are yet to see the best of Hong Kong until you take the skyline from Victoria Peak, mostly known as ‘The Peak’. You will ride the tram to the top of the Victoria peak in order to have a view of this iconic skyline, harbor, bustling city, and surrounding islands.

The tram station is near the entrance to Hong Kong Part by the Murray Building. You will find the Peak Tower and Peak Galleria, with restaurants, shops, and an observation deck at the top of the tram. The evening is the best time to enjoy the skyline viewpoint on The Peak.

Repulse Bay and Big Wave Bay

People don't usually think of beaches when they think of Hong Kong. However, there are some impressive stretches of soft sand. The Repulse Bay beach offers a beautiful view with warm water to swim. Moments spent here complement the style and luxury typical of the city itself.

You can also check out the Big Wave Bay. The water at this bay gently rolls into a large U-shaped cove. The atmosphere at the Big Wave Bay is calmer and casual than at Repulse Bay.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The Wong Tai Sin temple is one of Hong Kong's biggest and busiest temples. A lot of people go there to have their fortunes told and to pray for good fortune. The temple houses three religions; Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. This temple is the only one in the country licensed to carry out Taoist wedding ceremonies and issue marriage certificates.

The temple was constructed in honor of the Taoist God, Wong Tai Sin. He is regarded by locals as the healer of illness and giver of good luck in horse racing.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Situated on Lantau Island, the Hong Kong Disneyland is a fantastic sight to enjoy. This wonderful world is filled with fantasy and fun, populated with the characters and cast from different Disney movies. Many performances happen throughout the day and feature everything from musicals to parades to fireworks over the castle.

Visitors can expect more experiences and attractions as the park is planned for more expansion in the future. The planned expansion will include Marvel-themed and Frozen-themed sections. However, you can enjoy the Mystic Manor, the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, and a slight twist on the traditional Haunted House.


Packed with the teetering tower, nature reserves, and bustling markets, Hong Kong is as remarkable as it is diverse. Whether you are visiting for a few weeks or a few days, ensure not to miss the excitement of this city.