A good beach ignites all the senses: the feel of the warm sun caressing your skin with the golden sand beneath your toes, the gentle lull of the waves serenading your ears, and – with any luck – some tanned eye candy lying nearby. Clothes – even your best speedos – can only get in the way. Not to mention, swimming in the ocean naked just feels right – if you can get over the irrational fear a big fish might take a bite of your tackle that is.

Just like bodies, naked gay beaches come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different levels of seclusion. We look at an eclectic mix of ten of the best around the world, where bodies of all persuasions are welcomed with open arms and bare chests.

Platja de la Balmins/Playa del Muerto – Sitges (Spain)

Sitges is a quaint Spanish town near Barcelona with a big personality. It’s also one of the gayest places on Mother tucking Earth, with more gay bars and sexy gay underwear shops than most cities twice its size. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it has not one, but three nudist beaches.

Platja de la Balmins is the biggest and most popular. In reality, Balmins is a “mixed nudist” beach nonetheless – just like Sitges – it’s gay men make up the majority of its visitors. To reach it from the town just take a fifteen minute walk from the church, down some stairs and into a cute men-filled cove. There you’ll find a beautiful view out to sea – there’s even a little bar/restaurant to enjoy some nachos with a mojito while enjoying the local talent.

Alternatively, for a more exclusively gay nude beach, with a little more sexual energy, one might take the hike in the opposite direction to Playa del Muerto. The beach is made up of fine pebbles instead of sand, but is more secluded, less busy and has a cheeky cruising area located by the train track behind it.

Cherry Grove Beach – Fire Island (New York) 

New York is a beautifully chaotic city to visit, but also has one of the best LGBTQ+ welcoming nudist beaches – just a short ferry/water taxi trip across to nearby Fire Island. With its charming wooden boardwalks, colorful beachfront cottages, and welcoming atmosphere, Cherry Grove Beach is a beloved destination for gay nudist travelers. The atmosphere is tranquil and worlds apart from nearby New York. It’s also super romantic and the ideal place to take a partner for a naked picnic. “The Meat Rack ” is the name affectionately bestowed upon the eastern side of the dunes – can’t think why! 

Es Cavallet – Ibiza (Spain)

Another Spanish offering, this time located on the party island of Ibiza. Es Cavallet is Ibiza’s official male nude beach and also its official gay beach. Nudity isn’t essential but is certainly popular on most parts of the beach – just seat yourself somewhere amongst the sausage fest.

Es Cavallet is pretty enough but when you go makes a vast difference on the experience you’ll have. In season it's like an extension of Ibiza's party life and you’ll find muscled men in speedos parading across the sands, hoping to entice you to Ibiza’s many gay or gay-friendly nightclubs the following night. The beach restaurant/bar, Chringay, pumps out house music and the discreet forested dune behind the beach has more men than trees. Alternatively, should you visit during the end of the party season the beach becomes more of a tranquil paradise – letting you lay back and enjoy an open view of the lengthy beach and take a dip in the gentle tides without the crowds. 

Notably, Es Cavallet isn’t the easiest to get to and requires either a car, taxi journey or catching an infrequent bus from Ibiza Town followed by a short walk – simply follow the gays.

Praia 19 – Lisbon (Portugal)

Nudism doesn’t all center around party gaycation sports; tucked away on the rugged coastline of Portugal's Costa de Caparica, Praia 19 is a short drive – or bus journey – from Lisbon and is beloved by locals and visitors in the know. With its golden sands, dramatic cliff faces, and crystal-clear waters, Praia 19 offers a secluded sanctuary where LGBTQ+ nudists can unwind, recharge, and reconnect with Mother Nature – and maybe “Daddy Portugal”. Whether you're soaking up the sun on the soft sands, exploring the nearby dunes and forests, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim in the cool Atlantic waters, Praia 19 is a little slice of naked paradise.

Kiosk 7 – Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)

What is it with Spain and having the best naked gay beaches? Clearly naked liberation courses though Spain’s “sangre”. The seaside town of Maspalomas down on Gran Canaria is a famous gaycation destination due to its wild parties centered around the iconic Yumbo Center – the world’s only gay shopping complex – and its infamous sand dunes.

However, it also has one of the best male nude beaches in the world in Kiosk 7. This legendary nudist hotspot offers miles of golden sands, sparkling waters, and endless opportunities for sun-soaked relaxation. Whether you're lounging beneath a swaying palm tree or frolicking in the gentle waves, Kiosk 7 is the perfect place to see and be seen while embracing the carefree spirit of nudist beach culture. Then, should you wish, you can take an exploratory journey into Maspalomas’ infamous sand dunes – probably the most famous cruising area in the world!

Haulover Beach – Fort Lauderdale (Florida) 

Fort Lauderdale is a well-known hub of LGBTQ+ action and surrounded by miles of gorgeous gay-friendly beaches. Haulover Beach is the most legendary and one of the few officially designated clothing-optional beaches in the United States. It’s not “off-the beaten track” but then it doesn’t need to be – it revels openly in its naked glory and has a community spirit easy to get behind – or your behind behind. Nudists of all persuasions can come together to soak up the sun, socialize with like-minded souls, stroll along the perfect shoreline, play beach volleyball – with or without clothes – and tuck into tasty cuisine from the local food trucks. In short, Haulover beach has a freelove community spirit which makes it one of the best gay nudist beaches in the world.

Elia Beach/Agrari Beach – Mykonos (Greece) 

Mykonos is another legendary gaycation spot, often boldly referred to as the “Gay Capital of Greece” and it certainly puts itself out there to earn that name in the summer. The gay action centers around Elia Beach where unsurprisingly nudism is embraced. The beach is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, soft white sands, crystal-clear waters, and pulsating nightlife of its beachside clubs, although the bottom half of clothes tend to come back on as the sun sets and the clubs open. The beach isn’t exclusively gay, but you’ll find the gays hanging to the right – hey hey – of the beach!

Elia gets busy but nearby – if your inhibitions have melted like the ice in your mojito – head to Agrari Beach for an undeniably more sexually charged nudist beach, where you’ll find coarser sands but a more secluded spot to make “friends” in.

Wreck Beach – Vancouver (Canada) 

The Northern Kingdom of Canada may seem an odd place to seek out the best gay nude beaches, but not far from the bustling city streets of Vancouver you’ll find Wreck Beach. It's the longest nudist beach in North America and a secluded oasis of rugged cliffs, silky soft sands, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and lots of naked people. Wreck Beach has “hippy, anything goes” vibes and its parts are separated by the ‘trails' you take to reach it, the beach around Trail 7 being the most popular with LGBTQ+ nudists. Here you’ll find less families and more naked gay folk. 

Praia do Abrico – Rio (Brazil)

Praia do Abrico is the naked gay beach to go to if you like a good view. And, yes, by that we mean both the perfect landscape and the gorgeous Brazilian men that frequent it. It’s also the only official nudist beach in Rio, but is well worth the drive – or uber – to get there. Praia do Abrico is surrounded by a natural park, separated from the city by dense forest to create a secluded environment perfect for nudism. It’s smaller than the beaches nearby, but extremely popular with LGBTQ+ locals with very few tourists – making it calm and perfect for gay couples looking to get their kit off together. The gay men tend to flock to one end while the straight locals go to the other. Despite it’s remote location there’s also a singular cafe – just be sure to pop those speedos or trunks back on when buying food and drinks 

Obelisk Beach/Cobblers Beach – Sydney (Australia) 

The land down under has plenty of gay nude beaches for those wanting to tan those bits down under. Obelisk beach is one such offering. It’s the closest officially gay beach to Sydney and also a firm favorite for nudists. Despite being close to the city, it still manages to feel somewhat remote in comparison to the bigger beaches like Bondi, although it can easily be reached via a half hour bus journey.

Obelisk boasts the turquoise ocean and floury white sands you’d expect in Aussieland. Although there’s admittedly not a lot of room on the sand, there’s also rocky ledges to perch on. If you find the beach a little too full for your liking, the good news is there’s yet another gay nudist beach, Cobblers Beach, just a ten minute walk away. Cobblers Beach is equally as pretty but you’ll find more of a mixed crowd – although still a healthy share of fellow gays with their buns up to the sun.

FAQ About Gay Nudist Beaches

Are gay nude beaches legal?

Of course! However, nudity on all beaches isn’t. In other words, find out the rules of the country and specific beach before you go. Some countries have rules against nudity but have remote beaches where the authorities look the other way – so to speak. Whereas, others have nudist beaches where it is officially legal – like all the ones mentioned here. One thing to bear in mind – joke intended – is nudity is usually limited to just on the beach itself. So don’t get too eager and strip off till you find your place on the sand and cover up your bottom bits when heading into cafes or bars for a top up. 

Are gay nude beaches exclusively for LGBTQ+ individuals?

Not at all! In fact most nudist beaches aren’t officially gay, they are just most popular with LGBTQ+ people. The bigger ones tend to have areas gay people have claimed as their favored spots, but that doesn’t stop anyone of any sexuality or gender identity parking their towel wherever they like. 

What amenities are available at gay nude beaches?

It depends on the beach! Some places might have all the bells and whistles – think beachside bars, luxe loungers, and maybe even a DJ spinning some tunes. Others might be more low-key, with just a sandy spot to plonk your peachy behind. Find out beforehand if you need to bring a packed lunch and or liquid sustenance.

Are there any specific etiquette or rules to follow at gay nude beaches?

As with a lot in life, nudist beaches are all about respect and good vibes. Simply let people be, don’t stare and most definitely don’t take photos without consent. Remember that nudism is not about being sexual – keep that for the cruising areas, which are often nearby and follow the same rules as any official cruising venue. Also, although gay nudist beaches might not be for everybody, they are for every body…type that is. So, there’s never any need to feel ashamed of your body type.

What safety precautions should be taken when visiting gay nude beaches?

Stay hydrated, slather on that sun lotion like it's your job – sunburn in delicate places can really put a damper on your hook-up later -, and keep an eye out for any beach hazards like riptides in more secluded beaches, as there may not be any sexy lifeguards nearby to live out your Baywatch fantasies with!