Two of the most liberating things in this world are travel and nudity. Clothing-optional trips make a perfect union of the two. A blissful state of relaxing as nature intended, aboard a boat or on the terrace of a luxurious villa, surrounded by non-judgemental like-minded men; partaking in activities, where the fun is only doubled by being naked – no, not that kind of activity, unless you want of course!

However, the Coral Triangle and Southeast Asia aren’t usually the first places that come to mind when booking such a trip, at least when compared to say Spain, France or the US. Which seems a shame, given the pure indisputable beauty of the likes of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. All of which seem like the perfect backdrop to a naked holiday. There are just relatively few trips and locations to choose between. Few, that is, but not none!

Everything to Sea are experts on being naked in the region. They know the best places to go, when to go and how to do it while respecting the local cultures – even though some indigenous cultures in Southeast Asia are naked themselves!

Join us – and them – as we craft the definitive guide to being in the nude in one of the most alluring parts of the world.

Masts to the Wind – Naked Sailing Trips in Southeast Asia

Clothing-optional sailing trips are one of the best ways to see the Coral Triangle and Southeast Asia, without infringing upon any rules or cultural norms of the mainland. After all, what happens at sea, stays at sea.

Aboard a spacious luxury vessel – like that of Everything to Sea’s – you’ll be far from prying eyes and when out of port, free to undress as you wish. Activities varying from swimming in the nude around the boat to a spot of morning naked yoga to even – for the dextrous – naked Twister, can all be taken part in without fear of judgment.

But what about on firm land? Officially public nudity – on beaches or anywhere – is completely prohibited in Southeast Asia. However, there are a few exceptions, often in private resorts or out of the way beaches. Knowing where these are takes a fair bit of local knowledge, like that of clothing-optional trip organizers. Some more private areas can be found in the lesser inhabited islands of The Coral Triangle. There are over 17,000 more islands in the Coral Triangle – many of these are uninhabited with secret coves, bays and caves galore. These are reachable by boat by those in the know, with only your fellow shipmates in sight. Once there you are free to enjoy outdoor pursuits without those pesky clothes, such as snorkeling with turtles and manta rays, cave swimming or just some good old-fashioned sunbathing.

As for when to go, sailing trips run throughout the year but summer – or rather “the dry season” – is when you’ll get the best weather for nudity, with temperatures in the 80s (28°C). Everything to Sea’s Spectacular Naked Sail takes place around this time on July 15 – 21.  For an even more upscale experience consider The Deluxe Naked Sail on August 2 – 8 to explore the Coral Triangle aboard a finely crafted luxury vessel.

Although trips like this are not exclusively gay, it’s a gay-friendly environment, where the men are every bit as diverse as the marine life around them. 

No Trouble in Paradise – Nudist Villas

Another good way to be naked in Southeast Asia is within a nudist villa. These tend to be tucked away from their neighbors in little pockets of paradise, leaving you free to hang out in peace – pun intended.

Everything to Sea’s Naked Paradise Villa is well-named because, well, it's paradisiacal. Its exact location is a well-kept secret until you book – to add a touch of mystery perhaps. Just a hint though, it’s idyllically perched atop a cliff over the Indian ocean. Situated to catch the sunset to the west.

The upscale villa blends luxury with a little Balinese style; a collection of multi-roofed buildings joined by criss-crossing paths between them. It has three pools, several outdoor living rooms, dining rooms, Jacuzzis and twelve guest rooms – hosting up to 28 guests over its multiple floors. Each room is unique and designed to capitalize on the amazing views out to sea.

Within the villa you are free to mingle and fraternize with your fellow guest to your heart’s content, but they also offer a range of exciting excursions to spice up the trip. These range from the cultural to the physical, such as visiting local ancient hindu temples, going through a cleansing ritual, walking under swinging monkeys in their natural habitat, paddling up a river in a rainforest and eating in a real underwater restaurant. Out of villa excursions require putting clothing back on of course, but that just makes returning and stripping off all the more satisfying.

Again, if you want the best of the weather, summer is the ideal time to visit and Everything to Sea is offering an ideal one-week stay in the heart of summer on July 24 – 30, 2024.

Naked Piggybacking

No, literally naked piggybacking isn’t an activity we recommend – although that sounds like a lot of fun. However, there’s no reason you can’t combine both a sailing trip and villa experience into one long holiday package – and who doesn’t love a long package.

The aforementioned July stay in the Paradise Villa actually matches up perfectly with a Spectacular Naked Sail Trip just three days later. Other date options to mix and match sailing trips with a stay in the villa are also possible, with a rather costeffective discount of $300 per person! The choice is, as always, in your hands! Southeast Asia and The Coral Triangle await your pleasure.

Everything to Sea

Everything to Sea are connoisseurs of male beauty in all its forms and welcome men of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life on their adventures in Southeast Asia and The Coral Triangle. As members of IGLTA (the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) you are guaranteed a non-judgemental, completely gay-friendly, environment. Be you a seasoned nudist wanting more or a nudism newbie looking to dip your toes in the proverbial waters, they have you covered…or rather, uncovered. True bliss comes from being your true self and Everything to Sea believes in unlocking the naked potential in everyone. Dare you discover yours!

This article is sponsored by Everything to Sea.