My grandma (aka: Nana Banana) on my dad's side is originally from Germany but was whisked away to the U.S. by my grandpa (aka: Papa, no associated fruit to the name) back in the days of yore. So I'm obviously part German and have always proudly stated so. But that never really meant anything more to me other than the fact that Nana and my dad could speak German and make excellent schnitzel and spaetzle.

However, now I'm feeling a little extra German these days as I was lucky enough to meet and stay with Nana's brother, Guenter, in Ludwigsberg while traveling through Germany. I like to refer to him as my grandpa once removed. Auston keeps insisting that there's no such thing and that he's my great-uncle. I, however, disagree. I know a grandpa once removed when I see one.

We stayed with him and his wife for two nights and couldn't have felt more at home. They felt like family right from the start even though we'd never met. He showed us around the city and took us to meet the rest of the family where I confirmed for myself that I definitely do not speak German. Luckily their English was great.

Thanks Nana for helping us get in touch with Guenter!

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