Culture begins in the kitchen. Or rather, a country’s cuisine develops alongside its culture, meaning that to really understand a country, you have to eat its food. Not exactly a problem by any means.

Europe encompasses a veritable melting pot of cultures awaiting your dining pleasure and the best way to get to the heat – or stomach – of the matter is through a food tour which takes you to the most authentic European restaurants under the guidance of a knowledgeable local.

If one of the best ways to understand a country’s culture is to eat its food, then the best way to know a city is to simply walk its streets. A walking tour takes you to parts of the city you might miss on your own and gives you fascinating insights into the history of both a city’s principal monuments and the people themselves.

We visit ten of the most popular LGBTQ+ friendly holiday locations around Europe to take to the streets – and restaurants – on their best walking and food tours. All the better to really sink our teeth into the diverse cultures which make up Europe.  


Madrid in a Day

Spain’s capital is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world and is known for its museums, grandiose buildings – like the royal palace – and its vivacious outdoor culture. Just walking through its center you’ll see Madrileños jovially drinking on terraces and experience a palpable energy that’s completely Spanish.

Walks – as the name suggests – believe in seeing things at the street level and that’s exactly what their half-day Madrid in a Day Tour does. You’ll follow your guide through the city between visits to Madrid’s two biggest attractions: The Royal Palace and Prado Museum – only stopping to sate your appetite with some churros con chocolate at one of the best “churrerías” in town.

Madrid Tapas & Wine

Spanish dishes are internationally famous, and any Tom, Dick or Enrique can reel off a list of its typical dishes: croquettes, tortilla and paella to name but three. And its wines also hold their own in the global market. So why not take a tour that gives you a healthy serving of both?

On Devour’s Madrid Tapas & Wine Tour you’ll explore the peaceful cobblestone streets of Madrid’s lesser known ‘Barrio de Las Letras’ – known for being the home of famous artists, actors, and authors like Cervantes himself. Away from the crowded center, you’ll eat and drink your way through all the best taverns and wineries, usually only accessible by those in the know, or those who know how to get around needing a reservation.


Complete Gaudi Tour with Sagrada Familia, House Visit & Park Güell

Barcelona is everyone’s favorite European city, but it couldn’t be more different from its rival Madrid. Catalans have their very own culture, which they’re fiercely proud of. And one thing they’re especially proud of is the works of Antoni Gaudi. On Walks’ Complete Gaudi Tour you’ll explore the city while visiting all the Catalan Architect’s works. You’ll visit his three famous “casas” to explore his impressive residential work before veering off the tourist trail to see Gaudi’s very first – and lesser known – house. Then you’ll head up into the hills to the iconic Park Güell and finally enter what has to be the world’s most unique cathedral, Sagrada Familia – avoiding all the lines and learning all about Gaudi’s life through a passionate guide.

Tapas & Wine Tour

Barcelona is more than just beaches, nightlife and Gaudi. It also has an exquisite foodie scene for those who know where to look The city is full of tourist traps, waiting to snap shut on the unwary – landing you with a big bill and a grumbling stomach – but on Devour’s Tapas & Wine Tour you’ll veer away from the rip off restaurants in favor of tapas bars hidden within Barcelona’s atmospheric Gothic Quarter.

As you navigate its winding streets under the imposing yet beautiful 14th century architecture, not only will you savor gourmet Catalan tapas, but also wash it down with the best Spanish wine pairings. All while receiving a crash course in a history as rich as the food itself.


Alone in the Alcazar

Seville, in the southern region of Andalusia, is undiluted Spain at its rawest. There really is no city in Spain that’s more quintessentially Spanish than Seville, where locals drink and dine on busy terraces while serenaded with flamenco from impassioned street guitarists.

Walks’ Alone in the Alcazar Tour takes you inside its most famous and grandiose building, the Alcazar. The palace complex is usually filled with tourists, but with Walks you are free to explore it alone with an intimate group – something previously only reserved for the Spanish Royal Family. On this early access tour, you’ll save hours not having to wait in line and your expert storyteller guide will regale you with tales of the palace’s centuries of history.  

Seville Tapas & Flamenco

On Devour's Seville Tapas & Flamenco Tour, you’ll get right to the core of Seville’s two cultural pillars – food and flamenco. The tour begins at an abacería (a part shop, part bar unique to Andalusia) to get a lowdown on all the local tapas over an aperitif.

From there you’ll go to a bona fide Flamenco show in a 15th century building sequestered in the beautiful Jewish Quarter. Despite what the tourist trap Flamenco shows might have you believe, true Flamenco is all about improvised passion, and this show is completely authentic and improvised. Finally, you’ll head to a modern family-run local bar to discuss the experience as you tuck into a creative range of tapas and fine Seville wine.

San Sebastian

Basque Culture and Traditions: Small Group Walking Tour of San Sebastian with Boat Ride & Food Tasting

As any Spaniard will happily tell you: ‘Spain is different’. What’s also true though, is that each region of Spain is also equally different from any other. The Basque Country has its own distinctive style, worlds apart from flamenco and paella. The Basque Culture and Traditions Tour with Walks aims to show you exactly how singular the region is through a range of experiences across San Sebastian, a picturesque town on the Northern coast.

On the tour you’ll begin in the city port to learn about San Sebastian’s seafaring heritage before hopping aboard a private boat for fantastic views of the bay. Back on dry land you’ll head into the labyrinth-like Old Town to deep dive into Basque culture, with visits to the oldest museum in the region, the romantic area known as “Little Paris” and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

San Sebastian Ultimate Pintxos & Wine Tour

The Basque Country replaces tapas with ‘pintxos’ – essentially small slices of bread with any exciting combination you could possibly imagine piled on top – and every Basque restaurant tries to outdo the others in originality.

Devour’s San Sebastian Ultimate Pintxos & Wine Tour is easily the best way to navigate the gastronomical paradise like a local while braving the crowded – yet atmospheric – pintxos bars. On the tour you’ll visit family-run businesses devouring pintxos made from local ingredients and drinking wine and cider from the region. Finally, your “dessert second stomach” will be sated with San Sebastian’s legendary burnt cheesecake – without a doubt the best cheesecake you’ll ever eat.

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Athens in a Day Tour with Early Acropolis Tour, Greek Agora, Presidential Guard Change & Lunch

Can the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of democracy really be done justice in just a day? Well, you can certainly give it a good go on Walks’ Athens in a Day Tour.

The tour begins on Athens’ legendary Acropolis with early morning – or early evening – line jumps avoiding the crowds and giving your small group the luxury of both time and space to absorb the myths imparted from your guide about the Parthenon. From their you’ll follow your guide back down the hill to enjoy the other attractions on the Acropolis, including the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Theater of Dionysus (the oldest theater in the world) and the Theater of Herodes Atticus with stunning views over the incredible Greek Agora.

Ultimate Athens Food Tours

Greek food is exquisite – from sizzling souvlaki pita bread to creamy Greek yogurt drizzled in honey, no one leaves Athens without a satisfied palate. The Ultimate Athens Food Tour from Devour really delves deep into why Greek cuisine is worthy of its reputation by visiting a whopping nine local establishments across the city. You’ll circle the Acropolis visiting the full array of Greek eateries from the bustling central food market to a family-owned cheese shop to a legendary bakery to a distillery at the base of the Acropolis.


Rome in a Day Tour with Vatican, Colosseum & Historic Center

Rome may not have been built in a day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t endeavor to see it in one. Walks will take you on an epic journey that crams thousands of years of history into just seven-hours on their Rome in a Day Tour. Ambitious as that sounds, the tour does an excellent job of showing off the best parts of the city. Wasting no time you’ll begin in the historic center to see the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. Then after lunch you’ll be whisked away to the Colosseum and finally enter into the vast halls of the Vatican, line jumping all the way and learning the highlights of Rome’s history from an expert guide who’ll lead your intimate group for the full day.

Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour

When in Rome, eat like the Romans. And why not drink like them while you’re at it on the Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour? Trastevere is Rome’s trendiest area and the favored hangout of artists and creatives. It’s also home to some of the best restaurants in the city and the Devour tour will help weave you through the area’s backstreets to an eclectic range of eateries. You’ll drink the best wines in Italy, learn your enotecas from your osterias and of course eat lots of delicious pasta.

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Best of Lisbon Walking Tour with River Cruise, Jeronimos Monastery & Alfama

Lisbon has to be the most underrated capital city in Europe. The Portuguese capital has a lot to offer visitors, spread out across the seven hills it rests upon. With Walks' Best of Lisbon Walking Tour you can see the city in just a few hours. You’ll take a comprehensive walking tour through the city center, enter the Jeronimos Monastery, ride the famous city tram, take a boat trip along Lisbon’s adjacent river and explore Lisbon’s trendiest area, Belem.

Tastes & Traditions of Lisbon Food Tour

Portuguese food is perfect within its simplicity. The Tastes & Traditions of Lisbon Food Tour by Devour will take you around the historic neighborhoods of the city and guide you to an eclectic range of Portuguese eateries, ranging from the oldest traditional grocery store to famous watering holes to Lisbon’s legendary pastry stores. On the tour your guide will tell you the – sometimes dark – history of the city and the complex traditions surrounding Portuguese food, learning how to eat – and drink – like a local.


Dublin in a Day: Book of Kells, Guinness Brewery, Distillery & Castle

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to see Dublin in just one day on Walks’ Dublin in a Day Tour – the only tour in the city that shows you the whole city in such a short time.

Your morning begins in the revered Trinity College, where you’ll enjoy early access to see the ornate Book of Kells – Dublin’s ancient illuminated religious manuscript from medieval times. From there you’ll take a guided tour through the city center to learn the history of the city and explore the grounds of Dublin Castle. Drinking is a local sport in Dublin and thus you’ll also visit a craft whiskey distillery and head to the Guinness storehouse to try Ireland’s most popular heady beer.  

Pubs, Pints and History: Beer & Whiskey Tasting in Dublin’s Historic Pubs

Could there be any better combo than a little history over a pint? Temple Bar is most people’s go to in Dublin for a good old pint of Guinness, but Devour’s Pubs, Pints and History Tour takes you to six watering holes beloved by locals looking to avoid the tourist crowds. A local in the know will guide you through Merrion Row and Baggot Street to try two beers, two whiskeys and a local speciality cocktail at a range of establishments – just be sure to book that taxi home afterwards.

Image credit: Walks


Ultimate Combo: Fully-Guided Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Canal Boar Crusie

Amsterdam is a city so beautiful that it needs to be seen from two angles to fully appreciate it: by land and by water. Walks’ Ultimate Combo Tour does exactly that over a one-day tour.

The tour takes you to the three bucket list worthy attractions of the city. Beginning in the Rijksmuseum under the guidance of an expert guide you’ll learn about all the renowned artworks from Amsterdam's golden age of creativity. You’ll also get to see Rembrandt’s the Night Watch – the crown jewel of the entire museum – without the crowds around.

After lunch you’ll enter the Van Gogh Museum to discover the secrets of the inspiring artist through his work before boarding a canal boat to set sail on a picturesque voyage through Amsterdam's iconic waterways.

Ultimate Amsterdam Food & History Tour

Dutch cuisine has an air of mystery surrounding it and the Ultimate Amsterdam Food & History Tour seeks to unravel it. Sure, every sweet-toothed foodie knows stroopwaffels, but on the tour you’ll also sample lesser-known Dutch delicacies such as bitterballen and stamppot – you’ll have to take the tour to find out what those are. Visiting six family-run businesses across the city, you’ll pass the monument and canals of the city with your guide imparting the history of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities with every step.


Best of Florence Walking Tour with David & The Duomo

Florence is often overlooked in favor of its bigger Italian brothers: Rome, Milan and Naples. However, the culturally rich city is also home to its own wonders including Renaissance art-filled galleries and museums. On the Best of Florence Walking Tour with David & The Duomo by Walks you’ll be guided around all the city’s key sights, including the open-air sculpture gallery at Piazza della Signoria, the medieval bridge Ponte Vecchio and Accademia Gallery – to admire the chiseled form of Michelangelo’s David. All the while you'll learn about Florence’s fascinating history of artists, kings and crime families.

Tastes & Traditions of Florence: Food Tour with Sant’Ambrogio Market Visit

Italians are very proud of their food and Florentines are no exception. On a Devour Tastes & Traditions of Florence Food Tour, you’ll find out exactly why as your local guide takes you into the maze-like side streets away from the tourist traps. There you’ll explore markets where expert butchers masterfully carve juicy steaks, revel in the enormous wine selection at an authentic enoteca, have the best espresso in town and devour Florence’s favorite dessert, gelato.

All European cultures are about igniting the senses. So, feel free to stroll the streets of its cities, fill your bellies with their food and wash it all down with a generous amount of whatever the local alcoholic beverage may be. It’s all in the name of culture, after all.