Having started our travels in Mexico City back in May 2012, we had gone a while without consuming really good Mexican food or margaritas. Needless to say, the time had come. And the fact that we happened to be in the Japanese city of Kyoto at the time was not going to hinder the duty we had to our stomachs and our desire to find a Mexican restaurant in Japan. But we understood we were asking a lot from the burrito-wrapping, picante-pouring, tequila-swigging Mexican food gods from above. Still, believing ourselves to be in their good taco-loving graces, we Googled: “Mexican food restaurant Kyoto”.

Success! We found a restaurant called El Latino that wasn't far from where were staying. It had one mediocre review and that was good enough for us. When we arrived there for dinner late that day, we giggled with excitement as we found a place to sit. Tacky Mexican souvenirs on the walls. Laminated menus. Only four tables in the darkly lit dining space. Could it be?! Had we actually found a Mexican restaurant dive bar in Kyoto?!

Indeed we did – commence margarita consumption!

The tacos were great and guacamole was even better. As for the margaritas. They were cheap. They were good. And they were strong. From there, what was supposed to be an evening meal turned into an all night gab fest with each other, with staff, with customers and with the owner. Turns out that he actually lived in Mexico City for twelve years and spoke Spanish. It was an all night experience filled with broken English/Spanish/Japanese mixed with drinks on the house and new friends. You can get more information on El Latino from TripAdvisor.

As for the following day, there wasn't enough ibuprofen in the world to save us and our existence during our last day in Kyoto was full of regret from the all-to-many margaritas we consumed the night before.