Two Bad Tourists is a blog and online resource for LGBT travelers focusing on international gay friendly destinations, festivals and events. We encourage and inspire LGBT travelers to explore the world wherever they might want to go, while offering travel tips and advice we've picked up after 8 years of continuous travel.  Besides sharing our account of each place we visit, one of our most popular resources includes our collection of gay travel guides. Check out these great insider guides featuring tips on dining, gay nightlife, hotels, gay tours, sightseeing and more.

How Did We Start?

The idea of our travel adventure started in 2009 with a decision to eventually leave our home in Chicago and relocate to California. Upon leaving, we knew we would have to find new jobs after arriving to the west coast. That’s what sparked the thought: what was the hurry to move and find new jobs immediately? Then in 2012 after three years of planning and saving, we set off on a one-year adventure that took us across five continents and to more than 35 countries. After the trip of a lifetime, we never returned to the US, but instead landed in Spain and never left.

Who Are We?

We met in 2006 at Arizona State University. In 2008, we got married while living in Chicago and in 2013 moved to Madrid after spending one year on a round-the-world trip. In 2018, we made the difficult decision to end our relationship as a couple but we continue to be best friends. After 12 years together, we formed an unbreakable bond and will continue to be a family, albeit unconventional. We still share a passion for travel and take many trips together, so Two Bad Tourists lives on and we continue to encourage others to explore the world and never be afraid of who you are.

Auston grew up in Phoenix before escaping to Chicago for a new job opportunity. He worked as an engineer for six years and claims it was his idea for him and David to quit their jobs and travel. David insists the contrary is true but who’s to say at this point? Auston currently works in marketing while traveling from his home base in Madrid.

David also grew up in Phoenix and moved to Chicago where he finished his bachelors degree at Rush University. He worked as a microbiologist for a two years before taking on the life of a vagabond. When he's not traveling, he's busy teaching English in Madrid. 

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