At long last, the time has come to make one of the biggest changes leading up to our trip….quitting our jobs. This past week marked a big milestone since both David and I gave our resignation.

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this moment. It was a sigh of relief to unload our minds with this secret and it is very exciting to be leaving our jobs. Don’t get me wrong, we have both been very happy with our jobs and the experiences we have gained. I have spent the last 9 years with my company, and have had great opportunities and growth. After all, this job is what brought us to Chicago in the first place just three and a half years ago.

The conversations with our bosses went very well and they were happy for us and supportive. In fact, at least 15 co-workers have approached me over the past few days to express their excitement and to learn more about our plan.

The clock is counting down. With our last day fast approaching, there are just 4 weeks remaining before we break away to start our journey.