Our travel journey has been full of exciting adventures, memorable experiences and gay stories, plus many lessons learned. We’ve spent the past 8 years abroad and couldn’t be happier with our decision. We’ve seen the world and the diversity of our experience has opened our eyes and taught us so much. We share a passion for travel and take many trips together. We created this blog to encourage you to explore the world and never be afraid of who you are. So, whether you travel alone, with a friend or a significant other, remember to be thankful for what you have and continue to seek out those new opportunities. We recognize that travel is a privilege but it’s also a way to learn about different cultures, open hearts and minds and most certainly, a way to build unforgettable memories. We've put together a collection of some of our most memorable gay stories from our travel adventures. You can explore a wide range of gay stories below from travels to Asia and Central Europe plus relationship woes and cool interviews.

Check Out These 20 Gay Travel Stories from Around the World

  • Top 5 Most Fashionable Cities Every Gay Shopaholic Must See
    by Auston Matta on August 29, 2020

    For some travelers, the best part about going on vacation is checking out the local gay fashion. Whether you’re looking out for new luxury labels or unique gay apparel, shopping for men’s trendy clothing can be especially rewarding if you’re touring a renowned fashion capital. Over the years, we’ve visited several famous destinations that lived up to their fashion-forward reputations from Read more →

  • The Evolution of Our (Unconventional) Relationship
    by Auston Matta on January 27, 2020

    Much like travel, life is a journey with exciting adventures, memorable experiences and many lessons learned. We’ve spent the past 8 years abroad and couldn’t be happier with our decision. We’ve seen the world and the diversity of our experience has opened our eyes and taught us so much. But as the years pass, any couple faces challenges and even the best relationships often arrive at a Read more →

  • 5 Things We Love About Gay-Friendly Manchester
    by Auston Matta on October 11, 2017

    From gin bars and art galleries to history museums and gay bars galore, Manchester is a great weekend getaway with a character all on its own. Head about 300km north of London and you’ll find the UK’s third largest city, a place that has had a tremendous impact on England’s history. Manchester has always been known as a working-class city ever since the start of the industrial revolution. Read more →

  • 10 Unforgettable Moments from The (Gay) Cruise by La Demence
    by Auston Matta on October 5, 2017

    From Lisbon and Madeira to Tenerife and Gran Canaria, The Cruise by La Demence took us on an unforgettable, weeklong adventure. Now in its 8th year, this cruise produced by the legendary group out of Brussels left us amazing memories and a yearning to return this coming July 2018. So, join us as we recall 10 unforgettable moments on this awesome European gay cruise. The post 10 Unforgettable Read more →

  • Moving to Madrid: How & Why We Chose This LGBT-friendly City
    by Auston Matta on July 26, 2017

    As cliche as it may sound, travel really changed our lives. However, it was never our intention to move abroad. Auston spent a decade working towards his profession as an engineer and David spent tens of thousands of dollars on his laboratory sciences degree to be able to work in a microbiology lab. We were happy living and working in Chicago with future plans to move to San Diego. So why did we Read more →

  • Gay Travel Interview: Ben the Nomad at Law & World Traveler
    by Auston Matta on February 16, 2017

    Over the past 5 years, we’ve traveled the world and met some amazing people on the road and online via social media. Some people’s stories have been so interesting and inspiring that we decided to interview them and learn more about their life. We love hearing travel stories and one blogger that’s caught our eye for the past couple years is Ben, who blogs over at High Society Hobo. Ben is a Read more →

  • 11 Things You Missed at Arosa Gay Ski Week in Switzerland
    by Auston Matta on January 30, 2017

    During the last week in January the Swiss Alps heated up as 500+ LGBTA people came together to celebrate Arosa Gay Ski Week. Now in its 13th year, the event creates a welcoming atmosphere for all LGBT people and allies in the gay friendly village of Arosa, Switzerland. The skiing and snowboarding might be the main draw for most attendees but second to that (or perhaps better) are the lineup of Read more →

  • Why Gay Travelers Should Start Heading to Slovenia
    by David | TwoBadTourists on August 23, 2016

    Slovenia is certainly not as popular of a destination as the countries it borders being overshadowed by Italy to the west and Austria to the north. Still, with the country’s gorgeous green mountainsides, serene lakes and architecturally rich capital of Ljubljana, its under-appreciation as a destination for all travelers is perplexing. A quick look at their gay scene and LGBT rights also reveal Read more →

  • Atlantic City: Old Reputation or Up and Coming LGBT Destination?
    by Auston Matta on July 14, 2016

    Atlantic City is probably the most well known city along the Jersey Shore and its popularity started in the mid 30s and 40s as casinos started to roll in, the boardwalk was the place to be seen and the Miss America Pageant became a pop culture phenomena. But as the decades went on, the appeal of Atlantic City has changed and certainly its reputation as a trendy or LGBT destination is up for Read more →

  • Antwerp’s “To Russia With Love” Kiss In
    by David | TwoBadTourists on September 19, 2013

    Auston and I have never been huge gay rights activists though we have plenty of friends who take on that role and some who are even employed in that area of work. To them, and to all the countless others that we don’t know personally, we are of course eternally grateful for the work they do. We and the rest of the LGBT community directly benefit from their hard efforts. However, I’ve just Read more →

  • Travel Reflections: How Close Are We to Returning to the US?
    by David | TwoBadTourists on September 18, 2013

    A fellow travel blogger recently posted a link on Facebook to this page: The Travel Experience In 35 Gifs: From Quitting At Home To Shitting Abroad (take a look!). Auston and I about shit our pants laughing at them. For us, they were about 90% accurate and 200% hilarious. Nothing explains trying to get your travel visas sorted out better than Bruce Willis crawling through an air duct with a Read more →

  • The Gayest Weekend in Antwerp, Belgium
    by David | TwoBadTourists on August 21, 2013

    As we exited the central train station to step into the city of Antwerp for the first time, we felt immediately wrapped in the colorful embrace of a multitude of rainbow flags. We have been to a fair number of gay pride events over the past two years - four last year and five this year which we later learned was unimpressive compared to the ten plus pride events another American expat living in Read more →

  • Flying When Trans
    by David | TwoBadTourists on June 21, 2013

    Airport travel is hectic for anyone, but what is it like through the eyes of a transgender individual? What precautions can a trans traveler take at the airport? Everyone has an aspect about the airport and flying in general that gets to them. It's an involved process that we all have to experience at some point. But what is it like for the transgender community when traveling at the airport and Read more →

  • Meeting New People In A New City Offline And In Person
    by David | TwoBadTourists on May 5, 2013

    Meeting people in a new city can be difficult... if you let it. There are plenty of ways to make new friends so we explore ways to meet people without resorting to online social networks and relying on good old fashion face-to-face contact. This is the follow-up post to Part 1: meeting people through online social networks. There are great options for meeting people online, but let’s not forget Read more →

  • Meeting People In A New City with Online Social Networks
    by David | TwoBadTourists on May 2, 2013

    There’s no denying it. We’re new in town and we need friends. Remember the good ol’ days when you made friends simply by turning to the guy next to you in class and making a smart ass comment. Then bam. Friends. Nowadays as an adult, not so simple. Sure you can make friends at work, but if you’re job is at all like Auston and my former careers, that can vary. Most of the people we worked Read more →

  • Pet Peeve: Our Travels “Must Be Nice”
    by David | TwoBadTourists on May 1, 2013

    On one of the first nights we spent in Madrid, Auston’s cousin Taylor asked us if we had any travel pet peeves. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t really think of any, though there were surely many. I could only come up with a general pet peeve I have about elevator buttons. When you walk up to the elevator, you push the up or down button and it usually lights up. Why then, do so many people Read more →

  • How A Trip Around The World Threatened Our Relationship
    by David | TwoBadTourists on April 25, 2013

    Taking a trip around the world should be a romantic experience for any couple in love, shouldn’t it? Well we can’t speak for other couples, but it was no romantic getaway for us, at least some of the time - ok, many times. In fact, it was quite the opposite. We’d never fought so much in the seven years we’ve been together. It’s safe to say that by the end of our trip around the world Read more →