A Guide to the Best Gay Bars, Clubs & Saunas in Lisbon

Lisbon has recently become one of Europe’s most revered destinations, and it’s easy to see why. The charming streets, cheap beer and fantastic weather make it instantly loveable and the there are plenty of gay bars, especially considering the size of the city. Here are 5 of our favourites Lisbon gay bars.

Gay Bars in Lisbon

TR3S Lisbon

This bar is a stalwart of the Lisbon gay scene and serves a good selection of beer and cocktails. The outdoor terrace is a popular draw for the post-work crowd and its location in the heart of the gay district makes it an excellent meeting spot before heading elsewhere

Secret Bar

Despite many Lisbon gay bars having echoes of the 90s about them, Secret Bar is a stylish, contemporary offering that attracts and an equally trendy crowd.

Portas Largas

This traditional bar was once a taverna and today still retains its former charm but with a gay crowd and cold beer. The translation of the name is ‘wide doors’, we’re not sure why but the friendly owner will probably fill you in if you ask them when you call in for a drink.

Woof LX Bar

What started out in 2010 with a community of bears seeking a space to socialize has now turned into one of the most popular gay bars in Lisbon. It gets especially busy on a Friday and Saturday night and is one of the few places with a more alternative edge.

Woof X

A smaller counterpart to Woof LX, Woof X has a small dark room in the back and friendly bar staff. While this place isn’t always busy it’s certainly worth a visit on the off chance that you run into your Portuguese Prince Charming.

Gay Clubs in Lisbon

Trumps – this is the largest gay club in Lisbon and one of the most popular. There are two separate dance floors – one plays house while the other pop. All ages and types go and are welcome but it tends to trend on the younger side. Trumps is the creator of Hot Season and the Hot Season Festival, the first international gay festival in Portugal. Entrance costs 10€ which includes one drink ticket. Open Fridays, Saturdays and any night before a bank holiday from 11:45pm until 6am.

Construction – a large club located in the Principe Real neighborhood. This space is very popular with bears, masculine guys and older crowds. You’ll find three different floors with the top floor occupied by a very cruisy dark room. It gets busy around 2 or 3am and plays house music. Open Friday and Saturdays – midnight to 06:00am.

Finalmente Club – one of the most popular and classic clubs in Lisbon and the only one open during the week. It’s a small dance club and institution in town open for more than 35 years featuring popular drag shows. Open every day starting at 12:30am until 6am with shows starting at 3am.

Gay Saunas in Lisbon

Trombeta Bath – this is by far the most popular sauna in Lisbon. It’s located in Bairro Alto near many of the other gay bars. Clean place, newly expanded and comes highly recommended by locals. Entrance costs 14€ and 9€ for students. Address: Rua do Trombeta, 1C, Bairro Alto, 1200-471

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