If we made a list with the main gay cities in Europe, we would probably include the biggest metropolis, as London, Berlin, Madrid or Barcelona. This town has not even 30.000 inhabitants but its gay life is comparable to the on in the largest cities.

Just 40 minutes away from Barcelona, Sitges is one of the most famous gay places in Spain. Picturesque streets, gay beaches and an area full of clubs, restaurants or shops make this town one of the most popular gay destinations in the world.

This small town has not even 30.000 inhabitants but its gay life is comparable to the on in the largest cities.

At the same time, the Gay Beaches in Sitges are an asset that any of the other major cities can compete against. Even Barcelona and its gay beaches are a different concept, somehow more urban. Sitges has 26 beaches, framed by the Garraf’s mountains. Among them, three beaches have consolidated as the Gay Beaches of Sitges.


The Bassa Rodona is the main gay beach in Sitges and the most central. A short 10 minutes walk from the train station and only a few meters far from the Carrer del Pecat, the main hostpot of gay life in the town. Bassa Rodona’s sand is thin and clean, the water is warm and is no depth at all, so you will need to walk for a while if you want to be covered by the water above your knee! Bassa Rodona is the paradise of muscled bodies and tight speedos. There is also a surf camp, so the surfer wannabes add the perfect views to the bargain!

More Info: Bassa Rodona


To arrive to Balmins you’ll have to walk for about 15 minutes (if you come from the train station). It is the other main Gay Beach in Sitges’ town centre. Balmins is a nudist and gay beach conveniently located between the romantic old town and the Aiguadolç port (where Sweet Pachá Sitges is). This beach is probably the liveliest one in the town. Meeting new people is pretty easy, almost unavoidable! The only handicap is that it’s so popular that, if you don’t go early, it is hard to find half a square meter where to fit your towel!

More Info: Balmins


For those who prefer to rest and prefer somewhere quiet, the best option is the Cala de l’Home Mort. It is the favorite gay beach in Sitges among nudists, peaceful places seekers and gay cruisers. Cala de l’Home Mort is a bit far from the town centre, around a 40 minutes walk.

However, it is really worth it: the route is pleasant, the views are beautiful and the peaceful vibe of these beach can’t be found in the most central ones. Besides, t is surronded by a forest, very popular among gay cruisers.

More Info: Cala d’Home Mort


Next to Cala de l’Home Mort, there is another beach: the platja Desenrocada. It has many things in common with Cala del Mort. Nudism is allowed, it has pebbles instead of sand, and the views are breathtaking.

More Info: Desenrocada

In practice, any beach could be considered another Gay Beach of Sitges. Not in vain, Sitges is one of the main epicentres of the International gay tourism. The visitors don’t just go to Bassa Rodona, Balmins or Cala de l’Home Mort. Sometimes they go to any of the beaches along Sitges 18km coast. In fact, in Sitges you just need a towel, tight swimming trunks (sometimes not even it) and choosing your favourite spot to enjoy laying over its thin sand and swimming.

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